FIFA 22 – FUT 23 Pre-season

FUT 23 Pre-season in FIFA 22

FUT 23 Pre-season event will start from Friday, August 19, 2022 in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Throughout Pre-Season event, you will have the opportunity to earn rewards in FUT 23 including packs and consumables by completing select SBCs and Objectives in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

All FUT 23 Pre-Season rewards are untradeable. FUT 23 rewards earned during Pre-Season will be granted
by 13 October 2022. FUT 23 rewards must be redeemed by logging in to FUT 23 by 14 November 2022. FUT 23 Pre-Season rewards only carry over on the same platform family.

FUT 23 Pre-season Rewards

Redeeming FUT 23 Pre-Season rewards requires the purchase of FIFA 23 on the applicable platform (sold separately) and the do not carry over from one console vendor to another.

FUT 23 Pre-season Batch 1

Best Of Pack Content

Throughout this campaign, you have the opportunity to get some of FUT 22’s top campaign Special Players by opening FIFA 22 packs.

The first batch of top campaign special player cards were released on 19 Aug 2022. The second batch to be available on 26 Aug.


During the halftime break of select Champions and Europa League matches, limited-time puzzle Squad Building Challenges will be made available in FUT 22.

SBC Expiry Reward
82+ Player Pick2022-09-23
85+ x10 Upgrade2022-09-23
Pre-Season Batch 2 Player Pick2022-09-23
Year In Review Player Pick2022-09-16
87+ Player Pick2022-09-16
85+ x10 Upgrade2022-09-11
Sadio Mané2022-09-10
82+ Player Pick2022-09-10
Year In Review Player Pick2022-09-09
Pre-Season Batch 2 Player Pick2022-09-09
FUT 23 Warm-Up III2022-09-09
Transfer Deadline Flash Challenge 12022-09-02
95+ Shapeshifters Player Pick2022-09-06
87+ Player Pick2022-09-06
85+ x10 Upgrade2022-09-05
82+ Player Pick2022-09-03
Common Gold Triple Upgrade2022-09-03
Pre-Season Batch 1 Player Pick2022-09-02
FUT 23 Warm-Up 22022-09-02
Campaign Bag Player Pick2022-09-14
Common Gold Triple Upgrade2022-08-26
Shapeshifters Player Pick2022-08-26
85+ x10 Upgrade2022-08-28
Pre-Season Batch 1 Player Pick1970-01-01
82+ Player Pick1970-01-01
FUT 23 Warm-Up2022-08-26

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