FIFA 22 Division Rivals (FUT Rivals)

Division Rivals FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FUT 22 Division Rivals has a new seasonal advancement structure, as well as the Elite Division, a new competition venue for the finest FIFA Ultimate Team players in the world.

The new FUT Rivals system’s aim is to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Provide a more transparent progression system so you know where you stand in a Division and what you need to do to earn promotion and rewards.
  • Reduce the number of weekly matches required and introduce new methods to earn incentives for playing at your preferred level.
  • With the new Elite Division and leaderboard, you can create a competitive environment for elite players.
  • Seasons have been added to keep the Division Rivals experience new throughout the year.

Progression System

The way you progress through the Divisions and earn rewards in FIFA 22 has changed. Division Rivals is transitioning to a new ladder system, with each Division consisting of the following elements:

  • Ranks that track your progress within a Division and grant you access to greater Weekly Rewards.
  • The various steps between Ranks are referred to as Stages.
  • Checkpoints that protect players from losing progress and keep them at the appropriate skill level.

How far you go on the ladder is determined by the outcome of each match.

  • When you win a match, you advance one Stage.
  • Unless you’re on a Checkpoint, losing a match puts you back one Stage.
  • You’ll be able to stay in your current position if you draw.

A win streak begins when you win two consecutive games in a succession. A flame icon will appear while you’re on a winning run. For each consecutive triumph, you’ll advance one stage farther. You’ve won your last two Rivals bouts, then played a third and won it as well. This will move you up two Stages. Win Streaks will continue until you draw or lose a match.

Elite Division

The Elite Division, which follows Division 1, is a new level of play. The Elite Division is where the top FIFA Ultimate Team players from across the world compete. In the Elite Division, progression is based on a Skill Rating system, which players may be familiar with from FUT 21.

All Elite Division players are ranked according to their Skill Rating, with the top 200 players showing on the Global Leaderboard.
Once you’ve reached the Elite Division, you’ll stay there for the remainder of the current Season.

Weekly Rewards

Weekly Rewards in Division Rivals are earned by winning a set number of matches before the end of the week. When the week closes out, you’ll receive your reward based on the Rank you’re currently in. The higher you climb in Divisions and Ranks, the better your Weekly Rewards will be. If you start the week in Div 5, but make it to Div 4, you’ll receive the rewards for finishing in Div 4. You can increase your current Weekly Rewards by winning more matches each week in addition to the regular Weekly Rewards.

Seasons & Milestone Rewards

Division Rivals is now a 6-week-long seasonal competition linked to the main FUT Season. Season Milestones are a new opportunity to gain extra rewards in Division Rivals by just participating in Rivals matches. Whether you win or lose, you’ll continue to work toward your Seasonal Rewards. Depending on the Division you finish in, you can earn up to three Milestone Rewards per Division.

To see the complete list of Division Rivals, Check out the FUT Rivals Rewards

Season Refresh

At the start of each Season, all players’ progression is reset to a lower Division. The Division a player returns to is determined by where they ended the previous Season.


10 divisions are available in Division Rivals mode. There are two ranks in division 10 & 9 and three ranks from division 8 to 1. The highest division is called Elite and is above Division 1. Elite Division has no rank. The higher rank you reach, the better reward you get in the end. To climb up the ranking list in your division and promote to higher divisions, you need to get more wins.

DIV 10

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  1. If im in Division 10 with a Top Squad, will I play teams from higher divisions? Or if im in 10 will I play teams as close to division 10 as possible?

  2. Hello everyone! I am new here, so don’t attack right away. 🙂 I started division rivals from Div 10, ending season at Div 4. At the beginning of new season i was returned to Div 6. Is that standard, or…? Thanks!

  3. put back relegations because this is not fun anymore everybody is complaining after you put 2-0 the other side is leaving why should i play a whole match if i cant relegate f this system

  4. Any way to check how many games you have left, i didnt play all of mine the first week and now i dont know how many is left this week.

  5. Is there a way to get relegated? I am in div 5 now and every team is amazing and not fun anymore. I want to play for fun not lose every game

    1. No relegation, the only thing to do is wait for those from lower ranks to come up then as people who are in you div progress to higher divs the player base will stabilise meaning the games will get easier as lower league opponents progress to your level… this first month will be very sweaty but when the reset happens and everyone is put in there recognised div you’ll be good to go

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