Vote for FIFA 20 Leagues

FIFA 20 Leagues

Which leagues should be playable in FIFA 20?

Vote now for the leagues you would like to have in the next FIFA franchise game, FIFA 20. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed for the upcoming FIFA game.

Cast your vote here at this page show your support for your favourite football league!

Is your favorite league not in the vote list? No problem! You can ask us to add it to the list by either contacting us directly or writing it on our Facebook page.

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Which Leagues Should be Licensed for FIFA 20?

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Note : FIFPlay is not related to EA Sports. We will only submit the results of this survey to FIFA PR and developers at Electronic Arts.

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2,210 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 20 Leagues

  1. Seria bueno todas las ligas de gran bretaña ( 5 liga de inglaterra, liga galesa, liga norirlandesa,2 escosesa) porque la verdad no me llama mucho la atencion las ligas asiaticas ni oceanica

    Porque no mejor agregan todas ligas del mundo para que queden contentos todos.
    Aunque la verdad me llama mas la atencion las ligas de la gran bretaña como la 2 de escocia, la de irlanda del norte, liga galesa, y pondria hasta la novena liga de inglaterra porque son muy disfrutables

    Y las ligas peruanas y uruguaya, por mis hermanos latinos, saludos de un chileno

  2. Finnish league is the only league worth adding. We have a lot of rich people who want to give EA more money by buying packs.

  3. please EA add Bulgarian league in FIFA 20! You added CSL but not Bulgarian.Please give us a chance , in Bulgaria many of us are playing fifa.I have fifa 19 and i will buy fifa 20 i promise, but you have to promise me to add Bulgarian league

  4. Omfg. What is wrong with u ea? You add Romanian league for nominee but not the Bulgarian first league? Bulgaria is much better than Romania.

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