How to Win FUT Champions (Weekend League) Matches – FIFA 20

FUT Champions Tips and Tricks

FUT Champions competition is a weekend league for Division Rivals players who qualified for this competition by playing Rivals matches and collecting 2,000 FUT Champ points. By playing a FUT Champions tournament and winning its matches you will be able to move up FUT Champs tiers and redeem FUT Champions rewards.

A FUT Champions tournament has only 30 games to play. A FUT Champions cannot be tied up and there must be a winner in the end. A win is very important for FUT Champs player. The more win you get, the higher the ranking table you go up. That is why you need to get the most of a FUT Champions competition.

Here are some useful tips and tutorials to help you get more wins at a FUT Champs tournament:

Form your Best Team

Build the best team you can from the best available players in your club. Remember that chemistry is important in a FUT game. It is also important to have a squad with high team rating, but what more important is, is your gameplay skill.

Your goalie, defenders, midfielders and forwards should be the best of your club and have most chemistry rating when they are in your starting 11. Make sure they are complimentary to each other and supporting your gameplay style. For example, if your gameplay is more towards to dribbling and shooting, select attackers who are good at dribbling, ball control, shooting and finishing. As for your midfielders, choose the one who can complement your forwards by having good passing, dribbling and physical attributes.

Make sure all of players are fully fit to play and preferably their fitness is 99. This will prevent injuries and fatigue specially in the last minutes. You can apply squad training card to your team or fitness cards to your players individually before playing a match.

Apply appropriate Chemistry Style to all of your starting XI players to improve their performance on the pitch.

FUT Champions Tips and Tricks

Watch the FUT Champions Channel

FUT Champions Channel is a useful feature in FUT which allow you to watch replays from the best FUT Champions players in the world. By doing so, you can learn their gameplay style, skills, tactics and strategies.

You can also see which controls and buttons they use when defending, scoring and controlling the ball. Watch FUT Champions replays and pay attentions to the gameplay styles and especially the controls that users use when attacking and defending.

Master your Gameplay

Besides your players, your gameplay skill is the main subject you need to focus on. You must be good at defending, dribbling and attacking in order to win your FUT Champs games. People who qualified for the FUT Champions Weekend League have won a lot of Division Rival games, this means your gameplay should be further than world class. There are some guides and tutorials for FIFA 20 gameplay basics which could help you improve your skills:

Don’t forget that in football, the winner is the team that scoring the greater number of goals. This means you need to score more goals and prevent conceding goals. Here are some more gameplay tips for you to consider when playing a FUT Champions match:

  • Possess the ball and dominate the game
  • Turn the ball possession into opportunities
  • Try to score any scoring opportunity
  • Prevent losing the ball and try to get it back if you did
  • Avoid any silly mistakes

FUT Champions

Mentally Prepare Yourself for a Win

It all begins in your head, you’re going to a game to win it not to lose it. So, you should see yourself being capable to win any matches. On the loading screen before going to a FUT Champs match you can see your opponents squad and their formation. This might make you disappointed or confident as you can see their Team Rating and their players are better than yours, but again, having the best players does not guarantee a win.

Do a short analysis by scanning your opponent’s team. Take it in the way that you are going to beat them and consider what you need to do. For example, if your opponent’s forward is Sadio ManĂ© with 94 pace, his marker needs to run fast and do short tackles on him. This will help you get prepared mentally before you start the match.

Be always hopeful and don’t lose your hope even when you are behind. Remember it’s just a game and you are playing it for fun. Losing a match is not the end of the world. You can learn from a loss a lot. Even when you are being thrashed by your opponent and there is no hope, just concentrate on learning and what you could do next time to prevent such mistakes. This makes you mentally stronger.

Do not rush. Keep this in mind that similar to chess, playing football is more about strategies and tactics. You get 90 minutes to play and perform your tactics. A goal happens within a few seconds so you don’t really need to rush and lose your mind.

Learn from your Opponent

Try to learn from your opponent, no matter how good or bad their gameplay. Your opponent reacts to your moves and tactics, analyse how they react and how they try to break through your defence. Your opponent will show you how vulnerable your tactics are.

If your opponent is better than you, learn from them by scanning their gameplay and guessing which button and moves they are using to beat you. Pay attention to their tactics and strategies.


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