FIFA 19 Winter Refresh

FIFA 19 Winter Refresh

FIFA 19 Winter Refresh (Ratings Refresh) is live now in FIFA Ultimate Team featuring new versions of ICONS, new Ones to Watch players, upgraded ratings for over 130 players, new players in League SBC rewards plus repeatable and non-repeatable SBCs, new player SBCs, Themed Daily and Weekly Objectives.

Ratings Refresh

The new OVR refresh is featured the ratings refresh for the current FIFA 19 players who had a good performance during the current season and deserved an upgrade on their overall ratings. Only new base player items found in packs will have updated ratings, but certain existing in-form items will have their ratings automatically updated.

The complete list of FIFA 19 Ratings Refresh is available here.

Ones to Watch – Winter Edition

The Winter Transfer Window’s top transfers will be released in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team as dynamic items. The Ones to Watch items will automatically update whenever the player gets a qualifying In-Form item (Team of the Week, Man of the Match, Team of the Tournament, Hero and Record Breaker).

Here is the list of Ones to Watch Winter Edition players.

Prime ICON Moments

A brand new item that celebrates a special moment in an ICON’s career which propelled them to the top of the footballing world. 34 select ICONS will have a special Prime ICON Moments version released during Winter Refresh, with more select Prime ICON Moments to follow during the course of FUT 19.

The Prime ICON Moment item represents the highest rated version of an ICON in FIFA 19 with ratings upgrades inspired by their Prime ICON moment.

League SBCs Update

During the Winter Refresh event (15 to 24 Feb) every League SBC will be updated with the addition of a new player to the Player Pick reward granted for completing the group SBC. The Premier League and the EFL Championship will get the first update on Feb 15, with Manuel Lanzini (PL) and Leroy Fer (EFL) added as rewards. Other leagues will follow throughout Winter Refresh. Additional new player pick rewards will be added to select League SBCs after Winter Refresh through the course of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

New Players plus Weak Foot & Skill Move Updates

Getting upgraded to 5* Skill Moves or Weak Foot is a big deal and as part of Winter Refresh over 500 players have had one or both attributes updated. In addition to this, just over 100 players have been added to FUT, some transferring back from leagues or clubs not available in FIFA and some making their first appearance in the game.

Winter Refresh Objectives Rewards

During Winter Refresh, you will be able to play through objectives to get unique pack rewards including a Guaranteed Ones To Watch Player (Untradeable), a Prime ICON Moment Player (7-game Loan) and League specific Packs (Untradeable).

Brand New Player SBCs

During the Winter Refresh program, new UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League Player SBCs will debut inspired by memorable moments and performances during the respective competitions. One UCL Moments player and One UEL Moments player will be released during the course of Winter Refresh. In addition, there will be two new Flashback Player SBCs released during the course of Winter Refresh.


Here you can find the frequently asked questions regarding the Winter Refresh. If your questions are not answered here, you can ask us anything using the comments form below.

Prime ICON Moments

Does every ICON get a Prime ICON Moment version?

No, only select ICONS will receive a Prime ICON Moment version.

Are there going to be SBCs for Prime ICON Moments?

Yes, these SBCs will be made available throughout FUT 19.

Will every Prime ICON Moment receive a Prime ICON Moment SBC?

No, only select Prime ICONS Moment’s will receive a Prime ICON Moment SBC.

I have a Prime ICON and now that ICON has been given a Prime ICON Moment SBC. Will i be able to use my Prime ICON in the Prime ICON’s Moment SBC?

You will be able to submit your Prime ICON in that Prime ICON’s Moment SBC as part of the requirements to help you in your path to completing the Prime ICON Moment SBC.

Now that Prime ICON Moments have been introduced, will there be any more Prime ICON SBCs?

There are currently no plans to introduce any further individual Prime ICON SBCs.

Ratings Refresh

How do Ratings Refresh upgrades work?

Upgrades apply to new basic (not in-form) player items found in packs. Non-IF players in your Club will not receive an upgrade.

If a Ratings Refresh upgraded play has an In-Form, how is it affected?

If an upgraded player’s new OVR rating does not equal or surpass his existing in-form’s rating, his IFs will not get an upgrade. If an upgraded player’s new OVR rating equals or surpasses his existing first in-form’s rating, his IFs will get an upgrade:

An exception is made for lower-rated player items with significant upgrades. This does not apply to Ultimate Scream items.

Will the UCL base items be upgraded?

UCL base items for the upgraded player’s will be upgraded following the IF rule.

Ones To Watch Winter Edition

What happens if a Ones To Watch Winter Player’s in-form is in a different position to their Ones To Watch Winter item?

The player’s position on his Ones To Watch item type will not change. He will however continue to receive any attribute upgrades from that and future applicable in-forms.

How long will a Ones To Watch Player take to get updated if they make TOTW?

Dynamic Player Items can take a few hours to update in-game after the TOTW is live in packs.


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