FIFA 19 Tournament Mode

FIFA 19 Tournament

Using the Tournament Mode in FIFA 19 you can play single player tournaments from different countries such as FA Cup, Premier League, FA Cup, Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and LaLiga or create your own custom tournaments.

How to Play FIFA 19 Tournament Mode

The Tournament Mode (shown as Tournaments) is available in FIFA 19 under PLAY tab menu. After selecting this mode you’ll see the tournament modes you can choose.

Load and Save Options

In the Tournament Mode, you can save your tournament progress anytime, so you can load your saved tournament later.

Tournament Modes

Tournament List (New Tournament)

FIFA 18 Tournament Mode contains 60 tournaments from 28 countries. Below is the complete list.

  • SAF
  • Hyundai A-League
  • Ö. Bundesliga
  • Österreich-Pokal
  • Pro League
  • Crocky Cup
  • Liga do Brasil
  • Camp. Scotiabank
  • CSL
  • Liga Dimayor-I
  • Liga Dimayor-II
  • Superliga
  • Sydbank Pokalen
  • Premier League
  • EFL Championship
  • EFL League One
  • EFL League Two
  • The Emirates FA Cup
  • Caraboa Cup
  • Checkatrade Trophy
  • Ligue 1 Conforama
  • Domino’s Ligue 2
  • Coupe Nationale
  • Coupe de la Ligue
  • Bundesliga
  • Bundesliga 2
  • 3. Liga
  • DFB Pokal
  • Supercup
  • Serie A TIM
  • Calcio B
  • Coppa Nazionale
  • Meiji Yasuda J1
  • Levain Cup
Korea Republic
  • K-League 1
  • LIGA MX Apertura
  • LIGA MX Clausura
  • Erdivisie
  • Oranje Beker
  • Eliteserien
  • NM Cupen
  • Ekstraklasa
  • Puchar Kraju
  • Liga NOS
  • Taça Portugesa
Republic of Ireland
  • SSE Airtricity Lge
  • EA Sports Cup
Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Professional League
  • Scottish Cup
  • Scottish Prem
  • LaLiga Santander
  • Liga 1|2|3
  • Copa de España
  • Allsvenskan
  • Sveriges Cup
  • RSL
  • Schweizer Pokal
  • Süper Lig
  • Türk Kupasi
United States
  • MLS
  • U.S. Open Cup
FIFA 19 Tournament Mode

FIFA 19 Custom Tournament

In FIFA 19 you can create your own custom tournament. Here are the types of tournaments you can choose yo create your own tournament.

  • League (Maximum number of teams: 24)
  • Knockout (Maximum number of teams: 64)
  • Group and Knockout (Maximum number of teams: 64)

Women’s International Cup

FIFA 19 Tournament Mode has Women’s International Cup. Below is the list of countries you can choose.

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Sweden

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23 thoughts on “FIFA 19 Tournament Mode

  1. I’m playing a FIFA19 on pc but before the match(kickoff) it always display PS4 on the kickoff scoreboard I can’t remove the penalty arrow and also I can’t dive a goalkeeper during penalty shootouts. I don’t know also which button to press in order to create custom tournaments, it only display new tournament I can’t switch to create new custom tournament, please help.

  2. Can understand people’s frustration, but custom tournaments can still be fun, I’ve come up with a great one, almost a eureka moment haha. Qualifying for the European championships. There’s 28 European countries so you pick four teams at random from the kick off menu that you want to put straight into the tournament proper. Then pick 6 more at random for the first group, repeat this 3 more times for 4 groups of 6 in total. Once you’ve played all the games, qualify the top 3 from each group to qualify ( remembering that you can only save two groups at time (as they are separate tournaments) and you’ve eventually got yourself real intense qualifying and a 16 team tournament afterwards, great for you and your mates, sorry if I went on too long haha

  3. Jesus f***ing christ playing OFFLINE fifa is making me suicidal nowadays…

    As someone who doesn’t play FUT or online at all, I just want a good career mode (which we doesn’t have) a good create-a-player option (which we doesn’t have – Pretty much everything that makes a player unique is missing even though its already in the game, like: composure, traits, work rates, additional roles and so much more) and a good custom tournament option, which we – suprise, suprise – doesn’t f***ing have either. In fact, they just made it even worse and I honestly didn’t think that was possible!

    What ever absolute f***ing moron of a game designer decided to make it so all custom tournaments just end immediately after your team is knocked out, needs to f*** right the f*** off. What – in the name of jesus christ himself – is the point in playing a tournament if you can’t know who wins in the end ? The only way to know who wins the tournament is by either winning yourself (thanks for the advice, asian dad) or by literally choosing to play as every-single f***ing team in the tournament and sim every-single f***ing game that isn’t the team you want to play as.
    It’s so mind-numbingly stupid that I don’t think my brain can properly proces the amount of pure idiocy that must run through ones head to be like “yes, this is exactly what we need to do right now” and it has pretty much killed an already dead game-mode. Its like the romans buried jesus after killing him, just to dig up his grave and wait for him to resurrect just so they could kill him again, except this game-mode weren’t ever f***ing close to being resurrected.

    Even if you ignore that (which you shouldn’t), this game-mode lacks pretty much everything that would allow you to make a tournament after your own liking. Like why can you only have 1,2,4 or 8 teams in a group ? What if I want 8 groups with 6 teams in each ? What if I want top 3 teams in a group to go through instead of 2 ? What if I want some teams to get a bye into the next round ? What if I want to make all games be played at a neutral ground instead of the teams homegrounds ? What if I want a qualification round to my tournament ? What if I to do something like champions league where some teams get knocked down into another bracket ? What if I want to be notified about other games being played, while I play my own game (a feature which is already used in career mode) ? None of this is possible. You can’t even create an international tournament without either missing out on a lot of the teams (by using 32 teams) or having to play regular clubs together with international clubs, which makes no sense (by using 64 teams).

    As with pretty much everything else in this game that isn’t FUT champions (which a lot of people aren’t happy about either) – it f***ing sucks. Pretty much every game-mode is heavy lacking in even the most basic elements (like how they added composure into the game but forgot to add it into the create-a-player feature).

    Everytime EA adds something to the game (which isn’t often) they make sure to not implement it to the majority of the game and then compensate by removing several other things, like this random ass f***ing change ends your tournament right after your team is knocked out which pretty much completely ruins a game-mode that was already extremely underwhelming to begin with.

    Also, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to create your own team, using your own created players (if you were actually able to create custom players properly and edit all the stats that is in the game) and then play with said team, in a custom tournament ? Nope! Lets remove it for no reason. Or what about having something like sponsors in career mode ? Nah fk that, zip it david!

    Anyways just a little random f***ing rant about things that will never ever f***ing change and all of these game-modes and ingame features will only get worse and worse until they are removed and the only thing that will improve is the level at which you can give EA money through microtransactions…

    If just EA actually gave even the tiniest care in the world about the game itself… :/

  4. If u lose in tournament mode, u will never find out who won the tournament it just ends.
    100% sure they make the offline modes garbage on purpose so people will pkay ultimate team
    No way can they be so incompetent to make such a rubbish game
    FIFA19 really is SHÏT

  5. Me and a friend have a custom ‘Super League’ on tournament mode where we both have twelve teams each and play against each others teams when the fixtures arise, summing games where our teams play our own teams. At the end of every season depending on where your teams finish in the league you receive a certain amount of transfers for where you finish in the league and can use them for the next season, where the teams are re drawn from a hat and the new season commences. Why are we not able to share a saved game between us with the same custom squads that we’ve made and as an online mode? Instead of lugging a PlayStation around all the time. The online mode on Fifa with friends is really quite poor and all you’d have to do is make custom tournament mode an online thing, everything else is already in that mode that we’d want to do and would make a good game mode that people would actually use

  6. Are there play offs at the end of the season in the EFL if you finish them or does the season just end,in previous Fifas I have finished in play off places but season just ends ,I hope that is not the case in fifa 19, Also only 2 save slots is not enough,need af least 4/5

    1. No there isn’t, but if you select the kick off menu and do the home and away aggregate mode, thats what I do

  7. If you do a 2nd tier tournament for example the English championship and finish in a play off spot do you get to play them or does it just end?

  8. Hi.
    couple of friends gathered at home and playing fifa 19 at my hone. When i have cteated custom tournament cup to play offline with my friends . The squads of our teams wanst udated to the last update. I navigated to custom menu and save udate squad and finally load the upated in custom option but it didn’t work and the players were the same before last update. There is a solution fot this issue

  9. At the moment, I can only have 2 tournaments at once. How can I create more? I don’t need 4 careers, I just need 1. Is there a way to redistribute the memory available for each mode?

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