How to Play the UEFA Champions League in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League tournament is playable in FIFA 19. It is available under PLAY menu.

UEFA Champions League and its exclusive content are also available in other FIFA 19 game modes including, Kick-off mode Career mode, The Journey and FUT 19.

To play UEFA Champions League 2018-2019 season you need to go to PLAY menu and choose UEFA Champions League screen. Then you will see the group stage teams of the current UCL tournament to select your team(s) – Up to 32 teams.

FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League Group Stage

You can swap (move a team from a group to another), replace (replace a current team with other teams from FIFA 19) and randomise the group draw before you advance to the next screen.

Then, you will be redirected to the Champions League menu. From there you access to Central and Squad tabs:

FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League menu

You can play or simulate your matches, view the standing and fixtures, top scorers, do customise your settings and watch the cinematic videos.


You can access the Team Management screen, set team sheets, view the team stats and edit players.

You can also access the EASFC Catalogue from there as well.

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17 thoughts on “How to Play the UEFA Champions League in FIFA 19

  1. I cant simulet or play a ucl match in creear mode it keep swiching off

  2. I finished one tournament of championship league -but some how I can’t open a new season, how I do it ?

    1. OH, I FIXED IT!!!
      Go to ‘Play’, Not ‘Home’, and find the Champions league button. Then, press next, and it’ll start a new one

  3. I don’t understand why but the UEFA champions league game mode is not on my xbox 360 fifa 19. Maybe my Xbox is to old. If it’s unavailable on Xbox 360 please write it to my email

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