FIFA 19 Feedback

FIFA 19 Feedback

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Have you played FIFA 19 or its demo yet? How did you find its gameplay? Is there any feedback or comment that you want to share with the community?

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  1. I there I have playing online seasons and I’m in division 4 right now and I always like to check who I play if I relegate them and how’s the record of this players I’m playing against and just notice that I’m playing players from other divisions rather that the one I’m. I am playing players from 6 to 3 division; so how is this possible if they should match me up against players from the same division?

  2. It is a good entertainment but this game is so damn broken. I have waited for a longer time to write something down here and I was struggling if the effort is worth it but since I like playing, I need to give some feedback.
    Being Gold 2 or 3 in FUT, Im now Silver 1 without any changes in my gameplay. The last FUT Weekend League, I started 6-0 and suddenly I was 7-7 and ended 12-18. There were so many unrealistic games and opponents who were not good at all. Id rather say I improve instead of getting worse and worse. Having opponents who just pass, pass and shoot to score a goal, I want it to be more realistic. Having soooo many worse opponents and still losing games is more than frustrating. It is ridiculous in so many ways how games are being played and this game is not worth the frustration. Having more possession, more passing accuracy and equally as many shots on the goal, I’m still losing a lot of games.

    One Fut WL I was leading 7-2 and I ended that one Gold 2. But I have never experienced these kind of delays before. I was leading 2-0 in one game and after half time I couldnt played bc of hardcore delays. It is so ridiculous how you can sometimes feel the interaction of EA and how they help the other play to score goals while your hands are tied…

    Please EA, if FIFA 20 is not really different, it will be my last game I bought.

    1. I have to agree I have a 91 rated team and lost to a bronze side? All I get is opponents who play all their tactics on full and rush up field cross and head it in. Its pointless playing football you do get the odd game vs someone who will also want to play football and them games I really enjoy there are some good players you dont mind losing to but it’s rare.

      The other thing in 19 was the offside can this be more realistic in 20

      Plus in FUT if someone quits I think you should have the win.

  3. I like to play ‘player carrer mode’. I noticed that for each goal I make, the game increases the ‘possession lost’ in my player performance. So, if in a game I made 10 goals, the manager will tell me that I should pass the ball instead of giving up possession to the oponent (it also occours if I made 2 goals and lose the ball, 8 times, even if the ball hits the post).

    Please fix this.

  4. Fifa 19 fut is the worst one ever in fifa history. More like pay to win. Making so many upgrades for a player and making them extra ordinary players wow . I have played so many games where i dominated the whole game but still i lose coz my oponent has legenda and upgrade players. Fut 19 does not depends on players skill rather it depends on tge player who got more upgrade players and legends. Tyvm for making the game worst fifa official. Ty

  5. Warum ist Croatien überhaupt nicht dabei und scheiss deutschland ist immer dabei obwohl sie können nicht mal spielen

  6. I’ve been a fan of fifa for so long…played almost every game since fifa 2003 but the game has become so disappointing i mean what do easports really change in the game itself
    Up the graphics ,change game mechanics as they say,put some new modes to promote their game like volta they’re doing now with fifa 20
    But let’s see how the actual gameplay is:
    1/Timed shooting..officially the dumbest broken thing u can play awful do no build up play and still reach outside the box with perfect timing shoot and that’s it
    2/no build up play no real football at all I’ve never seen any body build a play with good football even the game’s cpu AI play all fast pass ,dashing R1,timed shoot making the most boring football ever
    3/cpu teammates equipped with Artificial stupidity unlike those cpu u face,with bad marking and the most thing that pisses me off is when a free ball is near a teammate he simply doesn’t bother getting it so you have to switch players which gets me to
    3/switching players ..instead of enjoying your play or trying to defend smoothly, you’ll have to struggle to get to the player u want the game really switches to the least related player to the attack with no chance of blocking it
    4/momentum and i think we all get how strange this can really get
    With all those it’s really hard to get real football experience or even enjoy decent game ..hope ea sports respond changing for the players for their fans so we’re not over the game.

  7. This game is broke and ı think you know that. Who’s idea the ”momentum” thing! I believe it is the worst idea that ı have ever play any game. I buy all the fifa game before but thats it.

  8. Hello FIFA Team

    I have a suggestion. I really like completing the weekly challenges, that’s the only thing I am doing nowdays since I don’t have much time to play.
    So I would like to see more challenges. There could be one more tab for challenges with no time limit. Some of them could be really hard to achieve.
    I prefer the chellenges where I can get a high rated player card as a reward, and the single player ones.

    A suggestion regarding Swapo Deals: during this year sometimes I forgot to cash in my swap deals cards in time, and also I have some leftovers from previous deals, so it would be good if there were a swap deals where I can exchange any swap deals player from this season.
    In total I have like 20 swap deals cards leftover.

    These are completly useless cards, unless you come up with a System, that by the end of the season these can be exchanged, so it’s worth keeping and collecting them.

  9. Why this new update making impossible to cross now… Every cross is completely inaccurate… Extremely disappointed… And yes I’m in Div 1 seasons clubs and it’s insane how backwards this update made the gameplay… Sigh

    1. No they shouldn’t MLS needs to cut the bs with drafts and get into the real fifa transfer window system

  10. Hi Fifa EA team,

    I have recently been leading in 2 separate Rick matches, the game suddenly stopped citing a system error.

    As a result, my 2 games were forfeited.
    My rival points were deducted and I was relegated from my division.

    I have done a quick check, there was nothing wrong with my game set.

    Can you kindly help to restore my rival points and return my 2 wins?

    Thank you very much

  11. on thee next fifa 19 update, can you add that the winner of every squad battles match can pick a player of there choice from the losers team.

  12. Whatever happened to the difficulty levels in career mode? I mean, beating teams 11-0 and 12-0 on ultimate ….

  13. Hi FIFA please can u update the faces of all the players going to top teams like jovic, cancelo,Felix,Bruno Fernandez etc.
    And update all the man city players like kyle walker with their tats

  14. hi
    i am so sick of scripting why cant ea just leave it alone i just played 10 games 4 of which i shud of won yet every shot seemed to go wide or high then another 4 ishud of lost yet shooting from anywere an back of the net there was 2games i didnt feel any scripting and they were so much more enjoyable even tho i lost 1i would still prefere that yes if you hav a better striker you should have a slight advantage when u shoot but i hav a 90 rated team an if ea chooses i get beat by a 70 rated yes ive read they do it to keep u interested but id rather lose to some who us better than me and no scripting im so sick of winning games against people who are clearly better than me please it would end up much better leave it alone

  15. After the most recent update (adding the Women’s WC mode into the game) was there any other adjustments to gameplay features? It’s well known the only way CPU ever scores is by one touch, first time finishing, scripted stuff anyway, but now it seems like crosses have been patched for the user, and made unbelievably effective for CPU?! Every time the ball inevitably goes out wide and is crossed into my penalty area, my defenders are almost running away from their man. I can’t win a single header and CPU is dominating (even with considerably smaller players with worse arial stats). Additionally, the previously overpowered user crossing and heading ability has turned to nothing – can’t win a header in the attacking half of the pitch!! I know patching overpowered parts of the game is essential, but surely there is a more balanced way of doing it than just lazily switching the internal coding of user and CPU teams capabilities in arial battles?

  16. Hey Team FIFA,
    I just wanted to say fifa 19 is a great game but one thing that will dramatically increase it fun is adding features similar to 2k19 into career mode of the game. For example, being able to add tatoos to your character, have different voices, being able to talk to a interviewer at the end of the game or in half time. More aggression in facial expressions and against other players in career mode. Have more hairstyles, adding a buff/more athletic look to your player. Better celebrations. Have a story line within career more. Have endorsements with nike,jordan, Adidas and etc. Being able to create your own cleats at a certain level. I think career needs more attention than anything else. I love career mode in every sports game but im always surprised that fifa is behind. I think more attention to career mode will make people play it more and the game itself. Thanks for your time.
    Best regards,

  17. Hello, can you make user players for pro club to join in mid game and sub them for ai players? I think this feature will be great for all pro club teams and players

  18. Fifa,
    You guys need to fix the 91 overall Stuani TOTS because it does not feel like a 91 it feels like I’m playing with a 80 overall. Maybe increase his abilities in some categories for ex: his pace is a 80 but his acceleration is a 67 and his sprint speed is a 64

  19. Hi Fifa,

    Just got a msg when I login to FIFA19 that I got a free swap deal player.
    But the player didn’t appear in my unassigned items it in my club.
    Please fix the problem and return the player to me. Thanks!

  20. In regards to the FIFA Trainer, even if I turn off the settings on the home screen the Trainer icons still appear above my players. Therefore, during every single match in kick-off, career, and FUT mode once the match has started I must go into Settings in-game to turn off the Trainer.

    An update to the game needs to be made so that whatever settings I setup on my home menu, stick in all game modes.

  21. I just did the SBC for the SUPER LIG TOTS GUARANTEE.
    And yet I got a surprise of a 79 rating Alvaro from ESP league.

    Please return me my TOTS guarantee card!

  22. I just completed the Turkish Super Lig Team of the Season guaranteed sbc and my reward was gold rare Ruben neves from Wolves how is this possible

  23. To whom it may concern,

    The suger lig guarantee tots just release and i did it but when i open pack, it shocked me when it’s not a walk out, then the bundesliga sane pops out i was like wth and I thought i opened the wrong pack but it turned out that my super lig pack is the sane wtf!! I hope i can get another guarantee tots for that. Please email me to update my issue

  24. Hi Fifa team,

    Can you please increase the max BIN price for hunter and Shadow cards in FUT? As they are clearly worth more than 5k given it is so hard to even buy a card. Players will need to buy the card at 59:59 as I have not been able to buy a shadow card for 2 days. Or alternative always have SBC available in order to get a shadow/ hunter card.

  25. fix the ai every time i play a game in in legendary or above i cant take the ball they win all 50 50 battles unrealistic they just teleporting and i lost 3 games from penalties that i didnt even conced the player walked onto my player and it was a pen?? wtf fix these things in fifa 20 pls thx for your time

    Don’t even know where to start on this broken Incomplete embarrassment of a game and don’t even get me started on EA The company who don’t care about its consumers just milking as much money as they can, how can a game be fun when no matter how good you play you will lose anyway due to fifas unbalanced game play on ultimate team, Purely pay to win game, all the game does is frustrate the life out of you and causes incredible rage you will never experience on a game in your life. Passes don’t work, tackles rebound constantly back to the opponent, the game mechanics are so broken when your player intercept the ball they do weird animation moves allowing the opponent to steal the ball back and create a counter attack, the Al defence is way to OP meaning the game is absolutely rage inducing, whenever I concede a goal it will always be a goal I had no control over or the Al completely numbs your players down to the effect where they cant string 2 passes together and make a mistake allowing again the opponent to score, just no fun in the game at all when Ea control and manipulate the outcome of the game not you EA. The Al completely dominates all aspects of the game, it actually feels like you have no control over your players whatsoever, you find yourself glancing at the screen thinking how have EA GOT AWAY WITH THIS!! DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!!
    The menus constantly freeze and crash, even the fifa app on the mobile phone constantly crashes the game is a complete write off
    I can understand to a degree why some people break there controllers over this game imagine spending hours and hours creating a fantastic team for EA to completely numb your players down to bronze level it’s disgusting and a massive scam EA are doing as they are advertising the players with certain ratings only for them to be downgraded in game which is false advertising, anyone involved with that evil company should be locked away for what there doing to kids and poor families DISGRACEFUL

  27. I’ve been a fan of fifa for many years and yet this is the worse game experience I’ve ever had. The passing just seems like it won’t pass to where I want to. The players feels like I’m watching 6 year old trying to play smart. I can see that they wanted to make players smarter but honestly AI doesn’t know what they are doing.

    AI’s just does not work in this game and so as passing. I don’t know how many time I come across those rage moments

  28. FIFA are you kiddingg the are many wrong things like referee doesn’t give us penalty ,give us red card at a simple foul.,don’t press any button slide and they get penalty, if I pressure the player slide automaticly and get red card or penalty but if it happen to me I didn’t get any thing if they shot and the ball is so far from the gk it get in if I do it nothing happen EA move to gk when they want and we get Goal in our Nets bad defending bad gk unfair refers WTF Fifa

  29. Swap the teams around when they walk out. It’s weird seeing the teams come out, especially in Cup Finals, when you have the teams coming out and standing in front of the opposition fans… for example, in the Champions League Final, if you have Real Madrid v Bayern Munich, the teams will come out & the Munich fans will stand at the same side as where the Bayern fans are and vice versa. This doesn’t happen in real life. The teams always stand on the same side as their fans

  30. Can there be improvements in disconnections? Either give afew mins to re-connect or at least Let the game be able to play again if the score is a winning one. How to even play my squad battle if just one second disconnect from either my side or your side end up with nothing? It’s not even one time, it’s happening multiple times. Please have some improvements Orelse there is no point supporting your game.

  31. FUT should have to take delay at the moment the goal was scored to determine if there is a delay of network that led to a goal. Completely disappointed with the matches which too many delay moments created goals.

  32. Been a FIFA fan for decades. My first purchase was FIFA 94. . . . And I’ve purchased it every year since. Dont get me wrong, the game has come on leaps and bounds since its inception and it does gradually improve year after year (although I dont feel the game has evolved much over the last 5 years) and It is a guilty pleasure of mine, as an unconditional football fan. My feedback for future develooments:-

    * Ability for a player to celebrate more realistically in a high pressure game or a local derby. . . Ie taking shirt off, picking out the corner flag and subsequently getting booked for it. Just a thought to add a layer of realism
    * More realism when it comes to injuries, head cuts etc. Bandaging, stretchering off where appropriate.
    *All teams to have ALL kits. Home away and 3rd.
    *WBA fans to chant “boing boing” after they score a goal.
    *All championship teams to have official grounds

  33. I have some feedback on the new sbc for robin van Persie. I love the card but having only 70 stamina for a striker makes this card in-usual. All his other stats are great but if you could at least boost his stamina up to a reasonable stat that would mean so much as I am a big fan of him and would love to add him to my everdise/dutch ultimate team!!
    Thanks for you time,

  34. I saw that it is now possible to buy cards that before was untradeable, like futmas and potm cards. I then went to my team and tried to sell my ones and was not able to do it. Why? It would be a pleasure to be able to sell the cards you once did sbc’s to because you maybe are tired of them or just want to change or upgrade your team. I don’t understand why you made it that way. It would just be positive for the fifa players to be able to sell the ”untradeables cards” after a while and it also keeps the players motivated to keep playing fifa.

  35. I don’t like how the big teams and smaller teams are equally consistent. I finish a La Liga season with Sevilla and Barcelona finished 12th, Atletico finished 10th and Real Madrid was 7th.

  36. Why can’t we make a CDM into a cm ? You can make a cam into a CF?
    What’s up with the stadiums with glare what’s the point? Someone had one with a bunch is shadows and wore a green and black kit and I could barely see his players -_-

  37. Please fix the movements, everytime i played fifa sometimes the movements normal , sometimes so damn slow and not same with CPU.

  38. My comments are about live events for players. These tournaments with only 16 players from different regions are not very exciting or show casing the world’s best. Watching the steams are not as good as fifa 18 tournaments where we saw less tournaments but more players compete. Too many tournaments is more difficult to follow and I think less people follow.
    Bring back the 4 groups of 8 for the World cup. Much better viewing, will be a much better final.

  39. Hi Fifa,

    Could you please update them boots? I was browsing PES boots options and they got them latest there. Really eager to have them on Fifa 19 as well, aside to this, possible to update the faces if De Jong and Keane the 2 young guns ,

    Please and thank you

  40. Please fix the ref for fifa20!!! He’s uselss. In one occasion gives a cheap pen. In next occasion he don’t give a clear pen. A player get ran down and the guilty one gets a free kick. In one occasion a horrible tackle is just a free kick. In another occasion a slightly touch is a yellow card.
    The ref pissing me off big time.
    I love the game. I hate the ref

  41. Good Evening,

    I am finding it difficult to play FIFA 19 FUT, as I am used to Legacy Defending, and only Tactical Defending is available. Please fix this so I can enjoy my FUT online sessions.

  42. I want it to be possible to buy or create a nice stadium , after developing a low rating team in manager mode from money and prizes gained.

    I also want the youth players to stop tacking their shirts in after some time.

  43. This games ultimate team mode is just such ridiculously broken. Its utter s***e. Honestly how have you not improved this. Constabd pressure AI defending is like sentinals from x-men in some chemically enhanced roids from the year 3048.

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