FIFA 18 Wishlist

FIFA 18 Wishlist

Your FIFA 18 Wishlist

Write your ideas for FIFA 18 here, write about the things that you believe were missing in FIFA 17. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 18 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 18 and FUT 18 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. More eastern european leAgues or teams in the rest of world. Be able to change teams not only from the same leagues when you choose to play in ucl or europa cup. Be able when you buy players to join the club in the second window or end of season once you buy them.
    Keep the players from national teams in the database. When they update the squads the players are gone for good since that league is bit in the game.
    So mAny sales comparing with konami but nit that many improvements…
    All about profit EA not about fans …not enough

  2. Hey I’ve always wanted them to have another camera angle from the stands so when you score a goal you can go and watch it back from anywhere in the ground as if you were actually there? Just a thought

  3. I would like to have in career mode the possibility of buying players before the transfer season as in reality the transfer season doesn’t start in July, it actually starts when the league finishes. Plus the availability of last minute deals to be confirmed even after the deadline. Nowadays FIFA always concentrates on Ultimate Team, however I think they should add some focus on the Career Mode as most have lost interest of Ultimate Team as it’s so repetitive.

  4. Forfeit options for online matches where both players can choose the option to forfeit and the other player can choose to accept it or deny it. No point of finishing a match of minimun 12 minutes if none of the players want´s to finish.

  5. I would like you to fix the lighting system in the stands of the stadiums as the trailer shows no lighting and the lighting is more focused on the field.
    Another thing I would like to add would be new stadiums, for example if they got to put the MX League (hopefully yes) to add Luis Pirata Fuentes (Veracruz) and Camp Nou (FC Barcelona) as it is a very Outstanding and it would be very sad that he was not.
    Another thing that I would like to add would be new commentators since it is a little boring to listen to the same narrate every fifa I am from Mexico and the narrators who narrate in my language (Fernando Palomo and Mario Alberto Kempes) and being honest I feel that to them They lack more enthusiasm to narrate the games and I want to feel like I was in a real life birth.
    I would be grateful if you would take this into account.
    Thank you.

  6. Estadio BBVA Bancomer in Monterrey, México, the best stadium in latinamerica and the Ascenso MX the 2nd division of mexico

  7. Fans should become more realistic and also changing of commentators should be fixed in there,and all real faces of coaches in each team

    1. This is my Wishlist
      1. My Club Mode
      2. Referee Mode
      3. Realistic Grass
      4. 4K Format
      5. Realistic Soccer Faces
      6. Realistic Fans
      7. Realistic Lights
      8. Realistic Weather
      9. Goalkeepers Realistic Reaction

    1. Transfers of players from big clubs to smaller clubs need to be realistic as at the moment players always want a pay rise even if they are moving from Chelsea to Bournemouth. This also applies to aging players, their wage expectations should fall as their ability does.

  8. I’ve made a wishlist but I want to add something else every time we are playing seasons online change the settings where the players find matches playing against different teams.

  9. the journey must have all the teams and not just premier league teams and u must be able to create ur own teams,logos,sponsors and the origin of the team-where it was started and the game must all have all the boots so that when creating a player so u can choose any boots you desire and the journey must be longer

    and also be able to create a stadium for your team

    the journey must have cars that you drive and buy
    and it must shops for clothing and places where you can buy food and it must allow you to go any where you want and it must have airports and it must be realistic

    and for the journey you must also be able to drive yourself to practice

  10. What I would like to see in fifa 18 is the ability to create your own club and start in the botton of amatuer english football. You get to choose where your club will be located, what the moto is, logo. Signing free agents, to build a sqaud, improving trainiing facilities, doing charity work to increase the popularity of your club for higher attednances and so you can go to bigger and better stadiums. The ability to chose who will be your physiopherapy, medical team, sponsors, rivalries. This is just my suggestion for a new game mode in Fifa 18

  11. Can you add more than just three leagues every year please! We need more national teams, there are still many European leagues missing that participate in Champions League and Europa League.
    – Greece, Ukraine, Czech to name a few.
    – Make transfers more realistic, interesting when negotiating for a player.
    – upgrade your clubs stadium, training facilities, introduce youth league set up, give you option to manage a u18-23 side. Better scouting system.
    – Be able to change your club kit each season, make agreements with sponsors.
    – Referees need to be better and up with play more.

    I know PES has rights to Champions League and Europa League.

    So why not introduce the Asian Champions League, since you have Korean,Japanese leagues and hopefully China. You could add UAE.

    Also since there are South American leagues add Their official cups.

    I think the introduction of 3 Bundesliga is a good move, now you need to add more conference, non league, third Spanish and French leagues to really give you a managing experience.

    Introduce female leagues and World Cup etc.

    Better graphics, gameplay mechanics, such as free kicks, penalties, they were awful on Fifa 17.

    Be able to sign coaches to your club, physio, director etc.

    Get me on board to make Fifa 19! You need to listen to the fans. Thank you

  12. I have a lot of buddies who come over to play FIFA and either have a PS4 or not an Xbox at all! I would love it if FIFA 18 had a feature where co op seasons could be played with a guest instead of another profile somewhere else! It would be great to be able to compete against other groups of two! So in summary, I would love to play co op seasons with one of my friends on the same console against another team of two over live

  13. In fifa 17 when we play player career and retire we get a chance to manage a team. But when we start that the player that we created or the original player does not be the managet with which we play. Its just some random face. So if the player we create or the original player that we select in the player career can be made the manager after retiring, it would super realistic and super awesome.

    1. So first EA bring more national teams to the game,one example is serbia.There are many serbian players in the game like matic,zivkovic,ivanovic,tosic,milinkovic-savic that are in teams but don’t have national team.It’s frustrating to play career mode with a playerh who doesn’t even have his national team in the game,what should they do…also speaking about journey,add some features from it to career mode rewamp career mode seriously it became same over years.Also in the journey somebody doesn’t want o be alex hunter,somebody just want to be himself in the struggle of making appearances in the epl on la liga or other extra thing what if teams which qualify for fifa world cup aren’t in the game?what than,you need to at least give us update with national teams.

      1. Yeah i’d love to have Teams like algeria and Morocco since there is a lot of talent in those squads. I’d also like a africa cup

  14. Why don’t FIFA 18 do a legends five a side tournament like they seem to be doing with where you can be all the old players of clubs and play indoor 5 a side leagues or something like that

  15. Hi there. 🙂
    I know its a bit late, but..

    In FUT, the Danish league have been there for some years. But still, there is no danish stadion represented in FUT.
    And now we can see that theres new stadions coming in fifa 18. But still, theres no danish stadion.

    I think its fair to say, thats its about time to let us “Danes”, have a stadion in FUT.

  16. Most annoying thing is when I am playing pro mode and cant play for my national team. Especially when my team has already all the players created in the game. SLOVAKIA (rank 21 in w.) should be there. I dont know a child in the country not playing fifa. It is so easy to do it. I just dont know if it is on purpose or what. Just dont understand. And to make it is like few megabites.
    The same story with CROATIA, ICELAND, SERBIA, ETC. European players play in fifa leagues and are created.

    How objective is the voting when one nationality has million and another 100 millions population.
    Why the nations which are in doesnt vote as well.
    The hole voting thing is just BS.
    Indian league tell me who would watch it to make changes for players and who would create all the players. its just too much work with creating unknown leagues. if its not then why its not already in there. Fifa has 40gb so 1more for all the additions is nothing and that is not for sure 1gb.

    When we finally see create team option offline. Again you have it online but cant put it offline. Like on purpose. You put it in and everyone can add his created team to any league. Simple. I would go even further and make create league option which could be added in career mode like in PES. In this Fifa is just so behind. But its for some unknown to me purpose.

    Physical training must be added. Logically some training work for some players more and for some less. Speed acceleration and agility is difficult to improve so it would take more time and the response would be different depending on age, somatotyp, and some natural ability for each player.

    You could have control over days in calendar. After click on day you could pick some of the options. There would be physical tactical mental technical training friendly match for your reserv and academy players to keep them happy and improving etc. Some rege or even some sponsoring things.
    A bit more managerial cos it is. If i just want to play, I make quick game or tourney.
    More more more things in mamager mode, just simple not to spend hours with it and some option if you dont want to do it you just hire some assistant and let him do it all that things. You have scouts for hire so just would be assistants in as well.

  17. Put legend teams for example
    Clubs examples :

    Man united 99

    Barcelona 08 -12

    Ajax 94


    National teams
    Spain 08 -12

    Brazil 2002

    France 98

    Greece 04

    Etc …

    Would be amazing to play with all the legends !! Different eras !

  18. I hope that FIFA will add these in FIFA 18
    •make every international tournament offical and playable on tournament mode
    •make every club competition official and playable on tournament mode
    •add more international teams official
    •make the FIFA competitions official
    •rights to UEFA

  19. I think they should add like where you can drive to your training and matches even go to hairdresser and get a haircut you like and be able to go to clubs and go on holidays after a season like a mix between gta and fifa, also I believe that if you win championship or a league… your fans can run on the pitch not only that when you finish a season you get to make your own new shirt for the new season with new sponsors and different coloured kits or randomise the kit and make leagues for every team because of you want to do a lower league career mode you are always playing at ivy Lane and more leagues like China league and also able to buy cars, houses with the wage you get given

  20. Make international teams more realistic add new ones they have like the same ones every year here are my suggestions

    Korea Republic

  21. Hello EA I think that FIFA should make international more realistic by adding World Cup and more team I also think you should make the injuries more realistic as well for example if a player breaks his leg there should be people bringing in a stretcher and carrying him out or a cart that they can get out instead of walking out of the field with a broken leg.

  22. 1- i want full reality for game speed (in slow mode, the game is still fast), i want to feel like it is a real match when i am playing it.
    2- i want a real legendary mode ( i mean that when i played fifa 17 first time, i won the european championship cup and it was so easy. this disinclined me from the game because in real football, every team can defeat other one but as you know it is hard to defeat strong teams. In fifa 17, i saw that if you are a good player, you can defeat every team with any team even the difficulty level is legendary. I want a real difficulty to defeat a team
    3- at the end i want a real gameplay as a real football matc (gamespeed, difficulty, player features, transfer reality etc…)



  23. Hello
    Stadiums frome Portugal
    Portuguese League 2
    Official Portugal Kit FPF Nike Sagres
    I hope my dream came true

  24. I think that they should have their leagues according to the FIFA World Ranking. Also they should add more internationals teams

  25. Hallo There is one main thing that really irritates me since i started playing fifa and that is for example that the goalkeepers always wear the same kits i mean one colour and for example the other team is playing with black kit and i dont have the Opportunity to change the colour of my goalkeepers kit .for xample i find it a super change that EA did that they differentiated the
    Colour of the referee kit and the two teams that are playing i wish for fifa 18 that people have the chance that they can change the goalkeepers kit i mean the colour or EA can adjust it automatically

  26. They should add hairstyles that real players used from the past like Messi’s FIFA 16 hairstyle or Bale’s undercut style in FIFA 14 and let created players use hairstyles that other players use that ea created exampl: created players don’t use hairstyles that EA created for other players.

    EA should add tattoos that players use like Sergio Ramos’ tattoo or create our own tattoos

    EA should add intros, accurate score boards, and accurate trophies of the tournaments like UEFA tournaments, FIFA tournaments, and Domestic Tournaments. And they should add FIFA Club World Cup

    EA should allow us to change positions and select many positions that we prefer

    EA should borrow some thing that PES use in player Carrer mode

    In edit players -> sleeves pulled up like Cristiano Ronaldo

  27. National Teams:
    1. Algeria
    2. Costa Rica
    3. Croatia
    4. Ghana
    5. Guinea
    6. Honduras
    7. Iran
    8. Japan
    9. Morocco
    10. DR Congo
    11. Panama
    12. Saudi Arabia
    13. Senegal
    14. Serbia
    15. Tunisia
    16. Nigeria

  28. Things that need to change on new FIFA
    1. Free kicks are awful change them so you pick if you want to shoot or cross where now unless your bang in front of goal you have to cross even though it’s perfectly in range for a shot
    2. penalties it may be me but scoring one of these is just pure luck
    3. When a club is trying to buy a player off you in career mode you should be able to counter offer a player plus cash deal rather than just make them pay more for your player then try buy someone off them
    4. I think a fault that’s been in all fifas when you have a player that 90+ pace getting beaten to the ball or chased down on a fast break by a 50 rated pace defender you have a massive flaw in the concept of a realistic game

  29. I think fifa 18 Should have more realstic graphics
    When a player tackels another they should get into a heated argument and I also think they Should add more celebrations Like the Folks and and Make career mood two player when you want to play with your friends

  30. Career mode:
    1, Pre-season tours & friendlys need bringing in, be able to select your own friendlys and also choose where to go on pre season tours, example:- Europe, Asia, South America, US & Africa.

    2, Make Transfer market more realistic, so you can’t easily buy top stars. Go up bidding against other teams for the same player.

    3, Cut-scenes, see the manager & new signings sign contracts, press interviews after games like in the journey.
    Be able to use real life managers instead of an avatar. New celebrations.

    4, Get license for Real competitions like Champions league & Europa league.

    5, Kit designer and new kit sponsorship deals. Be able to design your own kit in the teams colours.

    6, Bring in youth team league, show results and how the youth players are performing, with reports on weather there ready to step up to the first team.

    7, New leagues like the conference league & Chinese super league.

    8, Some new stadiums need adding please.

    9, End of season awards, like Golden boot, player of the year award, Ba’loon Doir award.

    1. Also be able to edit player’s positions.

      For example a player who’s preferred positions are LM / RM, you can edit positions and make it LW / ST / RW or even change their positions to CAM / CM.

  31. Hey EA I’m a big FIFA fan I love the game but here’s a few things that I think should be added or improved to get me that bit more excited about FIFA 18.

    Career mode:
    Start the mode with the option to select an existing manager or one of the avatar options, if you select and existing manager, say for example Wenger rather than having “Arsenal have appointed new manager Arsene Wenger” have real news like we get in real life Wenger has just signed a two year contract to stay on as gunners manager.

    Have more control over your pre-season have maybe 2 or 3 friendlies your tour and maybe grab the license for the Emirates cup.

    Also being able to train your squad as oppose to training just the individual, still keep the option to train a player with the skill games but allow team training days during the week with options like team passing drills have high, moderate or low intensity levels and maybe how many sessions per day.
    Also when playing skill games have the team training kits like you did in FIFA’s 04,05,06 and 07 including international.

    Youth team, have a separate squad so like you have the u23’s now where the younger players play regular football. The interaction between coaches and the manager should be more frequent and smooth, integrating youth players should be seamless, simply open your emails and select the recommended player and promote to first team this also should be recognised in the commentary, on the email it should have name, age, games played (at youth level) and goal count. Also it should be optional weather you want to promote a player.

    Also with youth scouting when a player has been scouted to get the best reading of their potential invite the player for a trail and have better scout report and sign for money or sign as a scholar.

    Would love to be able to hire back room staff, have a set back room staff that have stats or stars like the scouts the more stars the more expensive and the better they are, have staff like medical staff, goalkeeper coach, striker coach, grounds-man physiotherapist ect I feel this would really add to the overall feeling of being a manager also could perhaps help towards the season objectives set by the board.

    Would love to see CPU teams play a bit more like their real life counter parts, I wanna see more all out attacking when on the back foot in the dying embers of the game or the opposite when they winning so parking the bus especially a team that Jose Mourinho’s managing I wanna see a bit more of a tactical approach from various teams.

    Custom tactics, I wanna custom my tactics and save more than one like you used to, and customised corners like what kind of runs players make like you had in FIFA 12 and 13 I believe.

    In game stats, more please, like passes made by individuals how many runs his made, how far he’s run, etc all coming up on the screen. Also records club records like club record transfer fee, all time leading goal scorer how many goals in how many games and when a player is on the verge of breaking this record make sure it correlates with the commentary for example so n so is 5 goals away from beating Henry’s goal scoring record for arsenal…

    Media interaction, have pre match interviews and post match interviews with multiple choice questions and answers which have an impact on team moral, individual player moral, team confidence and things like that like you did on some of the old FIFA games.

    Player interaction, enable the manager to speak to his players, if there not happy about something, if they’re any concerns, if they want to go out on loan etc.

    Sim, I’m not 100% sure which one I think it’s FIFA 07 you could sim your game and jump in when you wanted to, don’t really know why these feature was taken out to be honest but it was a great addition please bring it back

    I would also like some sort of live news feeds speculations, opinions ect but with a reporter speaking a bit like FIFA World Cup 14 or you could have the men in Blazers (just a thought).

    Sponsors you used to be able to select a company or something who were interested in sponsoring you like a Spanish furniture company or something, which gave you additional funds towards your overall budget these things will only add to the feeling of being a manager.

    All these features would be included in the international sides too, but you should be offered, for example if not England first team then England u21’s and get promoted if you do really well, and if you do accept to move up have access to the U21’s squad, and maybe be able to chose your successor.

    All this Information would carry on into the next season.

    Overall there were loads of great little features that you had on career mode that you took out you fixed things that weren’t broke and started moving backwards, some of these small things would make a big difference with tech that you now have at your disposal.

    FIFA please the transfers must be better the game needs to recognise what’s needed for each team like if I buy a striker from say Athletico and they only have 1 or 2 strikers left, then they go and buy a defender when they have 6 it don’t make sense the transfers have got to be more realistic. Let us have more control over the contracts so having clauses in the contracts like buy back clause or getting a percentage if the players sold on beyond the agreed contract.

    Asking the board for additional funds, that’s gone why I don’t know that helped me a few times when I needed that extra bit of cash.

    Be a pro
    I wanna see some gameplay and cutscenes from the journey implemented into be a pro. If you start as a young or young enough created player it shouldn’t be that you walk into the first team even if you are a 80 rated player a couple of youth games should be a formality and then get promoted to the first team there should even be a starting point for created players where your an academy player or a trialist and then would have to work from the very bottom and again the cometary should go hand in hand with player stats and records.

    Transfers enable a player the chose a desired club to transfer or be loaned to.

    Interaction with agent at the start you should be able to chose a agent, a bit like my earlier suggestion on staff, the bigger the stars the better the agent and since you don’t pay for agents perhaps to unlock better agents you have to have better ratings so if your a player of say 65-70 the best agent you can get is a 3 star agent, and would get a new agent once your stats got better to unlock higher ranked agents. A 5 star agent would be able to get you the best deals at the best clubs with the best wage pack however they take a bigger cut like 30% or depending on how much the contract is worth.

    The training system should be how I suggested earlier in career mode so it’s automatic in be a pro as your not the manger but the skill games is training that you do off your own accord. And this bumps up the bar I’m referring to the bar that was in the journey where the manger saw you as a reserves, sub or starting player and this could be a way to advance and build up you overall quicker.

    Interaction with managers, be able express feelings wanting to play more, not happy at the club, contract talks etc.

    Media interaction like the journey pre match interviews thoughts on the team and thoughts of opposition players, and post match interviews.

    Keep the season objectives and maybe you can set your own which can come up on the interviews.

    Social media in be a pro, likes, haters, rumours maybe being able to send tweets based solely on your match like they show you on MOTD.

    Dynamic weather, the look and feel of the day or night for instance if you have a 4:00 KO in autumn then we should see the sun start to fade away during the game

    Pre-match presentation, having short clips of the team arriving on the coaches and seeing them signing autographs or even just waving to the fans, whilst the pundits are talking about the up coming game then maybe they can talk about the mangers and any rumours going around and analyse the previous game with the same team or just previous game in general and then get snap shots of the warm up, this happens while the games loading and then you have the option to skip If you want to once it loads. (I personally would find that more entertaining than the skill games).

    Also to have the teams standing in the tunnel further up than it is currently I wanna see some of the more famous stadiums interior and seeing them walk out with mascots.

    Post match analysis where pundits talk about the best bits rather than showing it in clips, have a bit more of an analysis where they talk about where the team can improve from the pundits point of view, who they thought was man of the match and compare stats in the game.

    post-match interviews where you the manger. Speaks about the game and maybe the man of the match and next best player can say a few words I mentioned this in career mode, and once your back to the main menu in career mode you do post match interview.

    In game cutscenes I wanna see a bit more pushing and shoving between players especially in the big derby games or if a player feels they’ve been tackled badly. Also would like to see the captain taking responsibility of his player so if they’re being to aggressive, to argumentative, need to be uplifted etc. also fan response to certain decisions made in the game.

    To see the fans with their phones out and seeing the flash in night games and or just their phone torches on

    Celebrating with the fans should be implemented hugging the ones at the front.

    Fan celebration prospective seeing the fans cheer from the stands as if you were in the crowd and to see the camera shake as they celebrate would add the electricity needed especially when you score that sweet goal. This was yet another addition from FIFA 04 that has been removed.

    The animation variety and player likeness needs tweaking, passing styles, so more passing animations, more crossing animations, more control animations and controlling from a bigger variety of positions and heights, the slide tackle can be improved and perhaps slightly sharper dribbling. Also first touch flick-on’s need to be a bit sweeter

    Create player:
    The create player got a tiny bit better last year but still room for much more improvements, like being able to customise your player with a little more detail with this new engine it would look spectacular. I don’t want to create more than one player that looks the same give us the means to customise the finer details, like eyebrows like having slits in the eyebrows similar to Pogba the details on your face like having bags under your eyes or something.

    hairstyles, please take a look at the Afro haircuts you made big improvements to the short and long hairstyles I was impressed, but the Afro not so much please look at Afro hairstyles, look at some of the hairstyles of black players like Micha Richards of Aston Villa, Paul Pogba, lemmina of Juve etc, and implement those kinds in Afro haircuts. Also the hair colours, we’ve had the same colour scheme for ages I wanna be able to mix it up, like having black with gold or blonde tips or something like that get rid of the green the blue and replace them with colours or colour combinations that people actually use please.

    Beards, I’m happy with the breads I would like to see an option of big beards like the Spartans. Mile Jedinak, Olivier Giroud are examples.

    The kit, to set your kit the way you wanna wear it, first of all make it seasonal or at least have the option to, like having the long sleeves undershirt, the neck warmer and gloves in the winter only, I wouldn’t wear that in the summer while on tour in the U.S. This drives me nuts do it so it corresponds to the season or the weather. Also if you wanna wear long sleeves you can have them rolled up like Sergio Ramos does and Theo Walcott.

    FIFA tattoos I know and appreciate that they are hard to get licensing for but you give us tattoos of some players and not others, also every other sports game has tattoos on existing players and options for created players the tattoo system on (EA) UFC 2 is phenomenal being able to create tattoo combinations like that would be great in FIFA, something another EA franchise did in NBA live was having an Artis design some tattoos for the game specially and putting specially designed tattoos in the EA catalogue would be great. Customising players arms, hands, and neck with an almost unlimited amount of tats to your liking is a big jump forward in terms of player customisation.

    FIFA 17 is a great game but moving forward some improvements must be made to several different units of the game. I haven’t mentioned FUT as I don’t play it
    If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to write it.


  32. 1) when playing player career mode ,if your man of the match they should announce your commentary name like they do with original players and also at the beginning of a home game your commentaary name and jersey should be announced .

    2) Put the original Uefa champions league anthem and the original Europe league anthem.

    3) Use the original score line bar color for Premier League

    4) New celebrations,Boots and Skills .

    5) The player career mode should have an option to speak to the press and also speak to the manager

    6) The manager mode should have more things to say in the press conferences

  33. I honestly think Fifa 18 should have the following
    1 by the entrance they should walk with children
    2 you should be able to get a sponsor in the player career mode
    3 you should add the player contract signing ( where the manager and player sign contracts)
    4 New celebrations
    5 the actual UEFA champions league and the EUROPER champions league
    6 social media in manager and Player career modes here what the press has to say
    7 The journey please make it two seasons

    1. I think y’all should add the UEFA champions league but it must be real like when you play the league mode as manager career it must be similar to real like only number w
      1,2,3 on the log make it to the uefa

      Add more local teams at the *rest of world* section

      Also make the manager mode be able to manage iinternational teams and if the team is Argentina etc they’ll play the cola America

      Make the fans more realistic too like when in manager mode and you win the season your fans be able to come into the pitch and celebrate

      Make fights occur between players not too often though

      during halftime in player or manager mode make it show what happens in your team dressing room pleeeeeease

      When you SIM a match in manager mode make it show the match from the managers side and make it show him be emotional like any manager

      when playing player career make it show when your player is approached by another team and make the player have sponsers

  34. Alternative kit colours when you play away:

    For example, Chelsea wear white socks but if they play away at a team who also wear white socks but do not wear blue (Arsenal, West Ham etc). Same when Leicester played Atletico Madrid away and wore white socks.

    It’s a basic feature, but would improve the aesthetics of the game massively. One way I could visualise it working is if users have the option to change through the kit options. For example, this season Chelsea’s home strip is blue shirt, blue shorts and white socks. Whereas their away strip is white shirt, white shorts and blue socks. If we had the option to change the home (white) socks to away (blue) it would allow users to play with Chelsea in an all blue strip, which has been done in real life before.

    It could become challenging for teams who don’t have an alternative in their away or 3rd strips but either way, playing against somebody with the same colour shorts or socks is more annoying.

    As somebody who plays career mode more than any other game mode on FIFA it would be a small addition that would make a massive difference to the whole experience of the career mode itself.

  35. I wish they would have the feature of simming the balance of the game in career mode so if you are up 4-0 then you can just sim the rest thereby saving time. The older versions of FIFA used to have this.

  36. -I am also concerned about the international teams, there should be more teams.
    -Also why not just let us customize the national teams and play with them online?! If there are younger talents who aren’t getting called up to the senior team, why can’t we play with these younger players. For example I could call up Spains U-21 side and play with these young talents, as opposed to playing with the senior squad. If you gave us this flexibility it would be amazing, plus this was an available feature in past FIFAs. If you guys were logical about roster changes and quick to accurately update them on a week to week basis, then there would be no problems. But you guys consistently ignore the national teams, are not quick to make changes, and show that you care little about the accuracy of the international rosters (which makes absolutely no sense to anyone because the World Cup and Euro championships ARE FIFA COMPETITIONS!!!). Listen it would be fine if you guys made logical decisions too. Like who in the world thought it was a good idea to update the rosters for confederation cup teams when there are only a handful of teams participating?!? Germany called up their C team, so is Germany’s C team now set as the international roster?!? You guys need to be logical about your decision making up there. Or… better yet… just give us the keys to the Mercedes and let us drive and control who plays for the international roster, because let’s be honest, it is too hard to keep everyone happy and keeping the rosters up to date is a big pain and a lot of hard work. SO JUST LET US DO THE WORK FOR YOU AND WE WILL ALL BE MUCH HAPPIER!!
    -fix custom tactics. Allow us to make more than one custom tactic and allow more than one team to use these same custom tactics. So basically return custom tactics to how they were in FIFA 15… if it’s not broken, why in the world are you trying to fix it?!?
    -other suggestions: please stop the racism and include more commentators! I live in the US, why are you forcing me to listen in English, Spanish or French, it is complete and total bs. Where is the German, where is the Arabic, where is the Dutch, where is the Portuguese commentary?!? Devirsefy the commentary or at least make them available in downloadable packs like you have in the past PLEASE!! Are you trying to tell me that in a country like the US, we only speak English, Spanish or French?! Stop the ignorance immediately! Obrigado



  37. There are two main points i would like to give out for fifa18

    1) FUT- When the weekend league begins ther should be a parallel cup/tournament running along side it for people who have not qualified for the weekend league. Online tournaments, like the single player tournaments, should be brought in for people who have no qualified.

    2) Manager mode- I know there would be copy rights and so on for this feature but there must be a way around it….online manager mode. I feel everyone would enjoy this feature. Something brand new to the fifa franchise.

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