FUT Champions

FUT Champions

The Ultimate Way to Compete in FUT 17
FUT Champions is the all-new way to compete in FIFA 17 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Each week, qualify for the Weekend League and compete for in-game rewards. Consistently showcase your skill and climb the Monthly Leaderboards to earn in-game rewards and the opportunity to take your game to the world stage.*

Qualify for the Weekend League
Online FIFA Ultimate Team Tournaments are now part of FUT Champions. Winning a Daily Knockout tournament will earn you rewards and a spot in the Weekend League. Dynamic squad entry requirements and unique rewards keep the Daily Knockouts fresh.

Already at the top of the pyramid in FUT Online Seasons? Weekly success at the highest levels will give automatic access to the coveted Weekend League.

The clock starts once the weekend begins. Compete to win as many games as you can from a set number of matches, and push for higher tiers and bigger in-game rewards. From Bronze to Elite, everyone who competes in the Weekend League has a chance to earn in-game rewards to help build their club for the next competition.

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