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6 thoughts on “FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

  1. I don’t get FIFA 17 and I have being paying FIFA for a long time cos I leave pro evo to play FIFA and dis year is so s*** ….. people with 90 chemistry r killing my teams and my player r not playing it’s like there don’t want to move when I tell them…. it’s like u have to cheat to win games or u have to play s*** player but FIFA wants was to pay for FIFA coins and s*** not dis my last FIFA I pay for

  2. We want to see more African team’s from two into 10 teams to represent Africa permanently,1 league from Africa to be added permanent ,to not lock kits and mls legends

    1. I totally agree with you man. How does EA expect everyone to play FIFA if we don’t feel expertly represented. We Africans love our teams and players too as much as European fans theirs. #Nigeria

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