FIFA 17 Companion App Update

FIFA 17 Companion

A new update is available for FIFA 17 Companion app which is 38.4 MB in size and updates your current app version to the version 17.0.2.

This new Companion App update is available from 7 Dec 2016 for iOS and Android versions of the FIFA 17 Companion app and will bring the following off-pitch improvements for you:

  • Added Coin Price Paid to all items in the app
  • Made it easier to get back into SBC when doing a transfer market search
  • Updated Player Name Search to improve accuracy
  • Removed Loyalty Bonus from Concept Players in Squad Building Challenges for more accurate Chemistry
  • Added support for multiple combinations of Clubs, Leagues, Nationalities and Qualities in SBC

FIFA 17 Companion App update is available for iOS and Android.


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