PES 2018 Leagues Survey Report – Dec 8

PES 2018 Leagues

The latest result of FIFPlay’s PES 2018 Leagues Survey (December 8, 2016) is rolled out.

Pro Evo Soccer fans have submitted a total of 29,635 votes for 27 leagues from October 7 to December 8, 2016 (8.45am CET). Currently, the leagues of Turkey, Iran and Germany are the top 3.

The vote is available now at

PES 2018 Leagues Survey Results – December 8, 2016

Pos.NameVote %No. of Votes
01Turkish League20%5,874 Votes
02Iranian League17%5,024 Votes
03German Bundesliga15%4,563 Votes
04Ecuadorian League6%1,764 Votes
05Saudi Arabian League5%1,583 Votes
06Malaysian League4%1,332 Votes
07Czech League4%1,278 Votes
08Israeli League4%1,089 Votes
09Moroccan League3%987 Votes
10Welsh League3%986 Votes
11Egyptian League3%946 Votes
12UAE League3%905 Votes
13Ukrainian League3%883 Votes
14Costa Rican League3%785 Votes
15Greek League1%328 Votes
16Algerian League1%322 Votes
17Hungarian League1%237 Votes
18Iraqi League1%189 Votes
19Kuwait League0%134 Votes
20Indonesian League0%127 Votes
21Croatian League0%125 Votes
22Slovakian League0%69 Votes
23Russian League0%60 Votes
24Chinese League0%21 Votes
25Thai League0%10 Votes
26Belarusian League0%7 Votes
27Romanian League0%7 Votes

Total Votes: 29,635

How to Vote
To drop your vote for PES 2018 Leagues, go to

This survey is NOT an official poll from Konami Entertainment. FIFPlay is set up this poll to encourage Konami for Pro Evolution Soccer franchise leagues licensing. The results of these surveys will be sent to Konami’s PR.


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