FIFA 16 Wishlist

FIFA 16 Wish-list

How you would improve FIFA 16 – Write your ideas for FIFA 16

Already played EA Sports FIFA 15? What was missing in the game? Got any creative useful ideas for its next version? Write here for us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 16. Share your suggestions and thoughts by writing down your FIFA 16 wish-list here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams database or FUT in FIFA 16 be like?

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 16 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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3,588 thoughts on “FIFA 16 Wishlist

  1. 1-Make head enjryes
    2-make two player offline career mode
    3- make the deby special like fire in the fans stadiom somke speacial entreis
    4- make swap for the transfers and make boues on goals scorer in the transfers
    5-offline lane in dark for the offside
    6-make the creat player more reall like add the head gianeun in the creation
    Thnks fifa for all what u give us
    Fifa 2016 #Play beutifull

  2. I want End to End camera fixed so you always attack up, it is more natural. Best camera angle in the game.
    Rather have that fixed instead of referee spray for fucks sake.

  3. It’s quite unfair that there are no African leagues in FIFA and I think it could be a long wait until it happens. I understand that it takes long to create the players and kits but I think its about time something is done for the less recognized football associations in the beautiful game. If two leagues from Africa could be added, instead of two clubs, it could be the start of something.

  4. Hi! Antonio Valencia is too slow. In real life he has been one of the fastets players in the world, over the past 3 years. He should have 96 pace, at least. Furthermore, this will not make him OP as he is pretty much useless when it comes to passing, shooting and skills.

  5. Real managers of the cliub being used: Option of playing as real manager of the club or create your own manager( option of giving game face to created managers)

    Big Players Like Ronaldo messi, after ritirement can become a managers or coach of their respective teams and can be purchased for the club we are managing

    Designing kits after every season as every season the teams bring slight different kits just like in real… Also can work with players looks every season like changing hair styles, reactions and aditional celbrations

    Answer questions to players, giving suggestions or options like you prove yourself for 5 games when player demands high wage or ask to play more

    Suggest individual players training for the skill they lack and improve on those lack areas

    when career mode progress commentry should also progresss… for ex why would commentry talk about 2014 played games when we are in 2022 year already.. they should talk about 2021 ( mean for the previous year) comentry can be changed as year passes … also new comentator as years passed.. may be some players turn commentors

    add Chemistry in carer mode.. if you buy big players but not much chemistry between them game will me more tough

    when buy new player press confrence with tshirt of player handing over session… top goals of the week sportscentre news

    Game face can be used for carrer mode and every where.. like to see our self in carrer mode, team creation etc.. game face for manager also….

    scout players in countrys like India

    Legends like lima ronaldo(brazilian) zindane can be used in career mode as scoutd as young players and grow them in club… and once they are scouted and grown in career mode be available in all games outside carrer also

    Storylines videos of players interacting with managers or discusing problems

  6. 1-Team up with Sky Sports to show real life news
    2- La Liga, Seria A, Scottish Premier league, Football League etc license
    3- Champions league Europa league Intro. Banners,flags with club players on them, if it’s a final, the stadium, atmosphere should be wild, chants, commentary should be feel lively for once.

    Player career Mode:
    Start playing in U-19-21 league: get called up for u-19-21 international teams. If hard has played off, then you should be called for a proper team.
    Design your own boots, get sponsors, more hairstyle options, change your kicking style.

  7. 1-New sponsorship deals each season
    2-Teams to sack their managers.
    3-Talk in the press confrence literally
    4-Have loan deals that incluse money
    5-Player mode the player to talk in the press conference
    6-Clubs to offer money plus Player deal
    7-S.A League to ne there
    8-Under 21 matches and u Can demote players into the Under 21’s
    9-Head butting or fighting when a player Is furious
    10-Fans to be 12th man when 1-0 85th plus minutes
    11-Real Champion leagues and songs
    12-Training session live
    13-Offer a player to another team.
    14-Manager to ne more commanding
    15-Sponsership money every seasln
    16-When u ask for funds from the board the ne giving u a lot
    17-Higher Transfer budget.
    18-Develop ur own team(Stadiums,Hire Coaches)See the revenue of the club l’île PES
    19-Choose ur own pre season friendlies ne in competitions
    20-Investots to invest in the club ur un.Even though its late it Can be for the future.From Kenya

  8. The financial takeover pack in career mode must be fixed somehow, its difficult to use right now.
    It would be cool if you could invest your own Money. For an example: you pay like 1 dollar, and that could equal 1 million dollar to your club in mycareer. It would be a win-win situation, fifa would make extra money and the players would get a better gaming experience.

    1. No one would use their own money for Career Mode. If EA made it so that your budget was £0 and you had to pay real money to get funds, that would just turn more and more people to PES. I certainly would be put off by this.

  9. Being a great EA product, fifa can be improved in :

    . Signing a contract with la liga and seria A after sponsering premier league and bundesliga, being the 4 most important leagues

    . As a matter of fun and pleasure, press conferences , new cup celebrating styles , and manager interfering may be so helpful

    . it is really annoying not to hear the champions league intrance or feel the europeon competitions as real life

    . As like as fifa manager, it would be nice to control financial statistics of your team

    . Something very special to add is the ability to make changes from a season to another, this includes :
    -player haircuts
    -team home/away kits
    -stadium expansions

    Thank you for reading

  10. Career mode: It is completely unrealistic when you play at home to a team and on quick sim you win 5-0. However no matter what team you play away it seems to be that you rarely win. I could be Barcelona against bury yet i’d only scrape a 1-0 or draw 1-1. Your not telling me that playing away makes that much of a difference. Desperately needs sorting out for Fifa 16 as it has been this way for a number of years now. Make the quick sim more realistic because at the end of the day Barcelona would not be slipping up against teams who are three stars below them. Plus get rid of training injury’s always occurring at the start of each month, i dont mind an occasional training injury but they always occur on the 1st of the month and they usually are ridiculous injury’s that wouldn’t occur in a training session.

  11. Goalkeepers should be in last minute freekicks or corners. For example, if you are losing 3-4 or drawing 4-4 and you get a corner or freekick at like the 89th minute, there should be an option to bring the goalkeeper on.
    Can you please put Ronaldo on the cover instead of Lionel Messi. I mean, you put him EVERYTIME!!!!!

  12. I think its time EA sports collaborated with sky sports to display real live news from the football world.

    Make career mode more exciting by combining the skill games and accomplishments with training the team.

    Invest in more expensive servers so that the online experience is more smoother in terms of connection worldwide.

  13. There should be a women’s league for manager mode. But instead of having certain leagues from around the world it could just start of with having the top women’s teams in 1 league. Teams from the US and Europe (Manchester City W.F.C.,Arsenal L.F.C.,Seattle Reign FC,Houston Dash,Portland Thorns,PSG,Olympique Lyonnais Ladies, etc.)

  14. As one of the few that still plays manager mode consistently for a number of seasons I would like to see a career long player stat tracking page added in. I generally build a team over 10+ seasons so it would be nice to track a players total goals, assists, appearances over the course of several seasons.

    This could be done in a similar way to the Manager Career stats in the current manager mode and to the my club stats option seen in FUT. The page could contain total player stats for all the players that have played for your club, allowing in match commetary to reflect any landmarks in appearances, goals or clean sheets etc.

    I think it would be great to hear after a goal, several seasons in that a striker you bought as a promising 17 year old has just hit 100 goals for your club. These stats are currenly tracked in the squad report in each season, however these are reset with each new season, an option to view your clubs all time player stats would be greatly appreciated by those that still play manager mode.

    1. Adding to That there should be a overall table of players from,différent leagues having ranked goals in all compétitions like in PES.There should be a ballon d’or.Also club ranking.Different draws for cups like in Fifa PS2.Also players from Ur club accumulated goals.

  15. 1.Be a referee mode
    Slot machine ultimate team
    Release clauses
    Take shirt off with last minute goal
    National anthem
    World records

  16. Rewarding the team with the presentation of the cup and the trophy. Why is there no real individual trainers rather they deserved. And why not vote Belorusian League?… une bonne ligue

  17. In Manager career mode when i am searching a player to transfer it would be good a filter like ”EXPIRING Contract” or ”THE LAST 5-6 months of the contract

  18. Hello,

    For Example a Team plays a very bad First half season like Dortmund in the Last one or Man U one year before, it should be possible to take over these teams in the middle of season and play them back to success. Or teams which are in the relegation struggle. Take them over for example three match days before the season ends and save the class. This mode could be a “live career mode”.

  19. Greetings.Plenty of good ideas.Interview with the players, the best moments of the season, and other chips, such as in fifa 06. I want to see the league Croatian, Ukrainian League, Kazakhstan League, Greek League,Turkish League, Serbian League and Romanian League. Go Hard or Go Home!

  20. i have an idea for the future of fifa games… plz read and respond
    how about no more new fifa every year!?…

    look, gamers usually pay for a game like COD or Battlefield and no matter if a new version of it came out they can still play it for eternity…. BUT NOT FIFA games… if a new version came out the old version goes to dustbin

    i say if u want the buyers of the original game grown every year, you better not release a new version of the HOLE game and ask them to buy it again….

    just a DLC or a file to download like, this is DLC 2017 and if you want your game upgrade to 2017 you must buy this DLC 2017 for game… and the name of the game was always like fifa 14, fifa 15…. now the name can only be FIFA …

    players should only buy this game, FIFA (the default version can be 15) for once and if we were in 2015-16 they can also buy the new DLC which is include new game-play, new transfers, new title’s,…

    like a hole new game, all the difference is they don’t need to buy an HOLE new game, every year ALL the need to buy is a new DLC for next year and next year, they will always have to buy the original DLC’s

    this could open a window to a new days that no one can crack games anymore and everyone has to pay for the DLC’s…. which also can Increase the amount of buyers and can also reduce amount of the PRICE of the game and DLC’s

  21. Add the ability to choose sponsorship deals and design your kits on career mode.
    Also add more lower leagues like the national league (conference)

  22. so we got all of the grounds in the premier league why not down into the football League and get the licensed for this
    i like to sea champions league and europa league in the game we need to get it licensed first in career mode build stadium and upgrade stadium and the ball’s from all competitions should be included in the Game

  23. I think we should add Puskas Ferenc into the Legend team. Because he is probably the best player in football history. Ferenc Puskás was a Hungarian footballer and manager, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He scored 84 goals in 85 international matches for Hungary, and 514 goals in 529 matches in the Hungarian and Spanish leagues (wikipedia). Some people say he is the best player in history. There is an award of him as well. the Puskas award. The FIFA Puskás Award [ˈpuʃkaːʃ] is an award established on 20 October 2009 by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) at the behest of its President Sepp Blatter in order to award the player, male or female, judged to have scored the most aesthetically significant, or “most beautiful”, goal of the year. The award is in honor of Ferenc Puskás, the striker for the Real Madrid team of the late 1950s and the 1960s, and central member of the highly successful Hungarian side of the same era. Puskás is widely considered by many to be the most powerful and prolific forward European football produced in first division football. He is the top scorer of the 20th century (wikipedia). Why shouldn’t he play on fifa 16?

  24. I might be the only one to say this but FIFA has to get the smaller clubs in Scotland like the Dunbaton’s, the Elgin City’s and the Livingstone’s. All the English FIFA fans years ago were demanding for the Championship to be added to make the FA cup longer and more exciting. I’m wanting SPFL Championship, League 1 and League 2 to have the challenge cup, a longer League cup tournament and to play as the teams in the lower divisions to try and get them to the Premiership.

  25. Aggregate score line showing on screen during the match just like real life European games.

    Players pushing each other if aggravated during matches.

    Captain throwing arm band to another player during match if the captain is subbed.

    2 player career mode so two different players can each choose a team in the same league

    Champions League theme music as players walk on pitch and line up for CL matches

  26. In FIFA 16 players should be able to jump off the ads and celebrate there.Also “Take off kit” celebration and selfie celebration.
    Design kits and choose sponsors every season

    Fans invation (this should happen rarely)

    Fans should hold & throw flares (not only holding flags) and there should be written more on their banners

    Make careers more lively (especially player career) by press conference,story mode,etc

    The field shouldn’t be always full of fans and sometimes the fans should leave if their team loses for example 3-0

    Be careful of bugs!I scored a goal and the other teams’ fans were celebrating!

    If you won’t add Greek league (you should) can you at least put in Rest of World AEK Athens?

  27. 1) EA should seriously fix the goal nets, goal nets are never that loose, they are always tighter so the ball bounces off the net(they look to droopy). also what is with the back of the nets springing up when the ball goes in, it is so unrealistic.
    2) nobody likes the mysterious guy in the suit that always stands next to the field waving his arms about, we need real managers, just like in FIFA WORLD CUP 2010, they had real managers and this lifted the level of authenticity in the game and thats what we need.
    3)we need more animations like at the start of the match, we should see the players and the refs lining up in the tunnel, at the end of the match we should see the camera men walking over to some of the players for they thought of how the game went.
    i know its probaly tolate for fifa 16 but pls seriously take these things into account!

  28. Your comments … Players taking a Selfie/Nay Nay dance as new goal celebrations.. And also dynamic time zone,start a match at 17:00 (little day light) finish it at 20:00 (in the evening/night) and same goes for the weather,eg. Starting the match during an overcast weather and as the match progresses rain comes in and goes(just like in real football)

  29. one suggestion , dont use wrong name and emblem for olympiacos team next year name of the club is Olympiacos FC and the emblem has 4 stars!

  30. I would like to see in fifa 16 few things:
    1. a story for the player career mode because it’s will make the career more realistic, Like NBA 2k15.
    2. When the player gets injured the medical stuff will take him off the pitch.
    3. In manager career mode, I can choose when to say the player warm up.
    4. In manager career mode, I want to be able to answer the players questions.

  31. -add classic star players (maybe all players that have “Ballon d’Or”: Stoichkov, Baggio, Gerd Muller, Blokhin…) we must remember such GREAT players. It’s a big pleasure to play with them
    -add cusomization for all sliders (suppose world class is too easy and legendary is to hard – so anyone could change power in some aspects for ai team and his team. It is there but needs more sliders). I like play offline so block of online game is not a problem but it gives – what YOU want from this game
    -add possibility to add chants. Thats make game more real and much more interesting


  33. Fratton Park has been added as a tribute to someone from EA, how about Valley Parade, since it has been 30 years since the fire

  34. im sorry but can we add ray hudson to commentary hes lovely on the mic to and have a bein sports and sky sports platform that will look realistic
    why is portugal jersey default they deserve their real jersey its not fair that germany got theirs but not portugal
    ea u get alot of money if u do sponsors like fly emirates , bwin,samsung and others at least 12 of big teams so it can be even more realistic in career mode
    pes is getting better with champions leagueso FIFA sign a deal with champions league for the actual champions league in the actual logo and theme song during every champions league game

    Also i want the actual game of euro 2016 in there but make it more realistic actual jersey and maybe do a copa america since yall miss it last fifa cause yall used to put euro 12 in do it with copa america with actual jerseys even a mini womens world cup in there it would be delightful

  35. Multiplayer Career. As in, we manage separate teams, or are two different player careers, a la madden connected franchise.

  36. 1. Offer players to anyone. Swap players, swap players and money.
    Create a team and get build the chemistry
    I think the aggresion to the players like costa and henderson.
    Call for a free kick
    More support by fans etc
    When the game has finished to shake hands with manager
    Loan players and receive the money.
    The real news about players joining other clubs and loan etc.
    Better players in packs
    Different ways to win good players like spin the wheel.
    Ask friends for coins (by not buying players)
    See the subs coming off and shaking hands with players on bench
    Give shirt to fan

      1. we should be able to see the ref wave the physios onto the pitch and them escorting the player off
        more realistic animations like when the ball hits a player on the head or stomach or private part there should be an indication of him hurt like him falling to the ground or holding the place in pain
        be able to train your team on the training ground in career mode first shooting practice then set pieces then a training match your first team against back up

    1. in Manager career mode when i am serching for players to transfer, it would be a good filter like ”EXPIRING CONTRACT” or the ”THE LAST MONTHS OF CONTRACT “

    2. It would be a great idea if ea would add an aggression slider into the gameplay for people like myself who enjoy a lot of career mode. This would make it more realistic in terms of gettin chances to score free kicks in career mode at the rate I am playin career mode I average maybe 1 free kick every 3 games and it is nearly always in my own half.. I even tried to even this out by putting the computers marking up to 100 so he would drag my player to the floor if he tried to get away and it is still not making much of a difference. The last point is that even with handballs on free kicks are still very limited. Thanks . Does anyone else agree with this idea???

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