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Have you played FIFA 15 or FIFA 15 Demo? How did you find it? Do you have any feedback or review on it to write?

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35 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Feedback

  1. I think fifa on x-box should be the same one a ps3 with ultimate team legends just like x-box does every thing x-box has ps3 should have on fifa.

  2. I play in FIFA 15 2 months and I think you should get a prize Oscar !!! 5 Oscar !! It’s exciting, true, very true, how is it possible to be precise in many small details? I give Oscar to everyone who worked on this amazing game. I would love to write a lot of those who plan and develop the game. Thank you .

  3. I cant download on kindle fire I have it on xbox but I would like to play quick matches and have it on a portable thing plz fix that so I can get it

  4. 1-Story mode
    2-better graphics
    3-champion league rights
    4-upgrade stadiums in offline manager mode
    5-can buy properties and cars with the wage i take in player career mode.
    6-can buy trainers and doctors for my team in offline manager mode.
    7-can edit kits after every season in offline manager mode.
    8- Sponsors in offline manager mode.(changing sponsors in manager mode)
    9- lounge mode
    10- training players in offline manager mode.
    11-spray before freekick
    12-better face for the players
    13-weather changes during the match
    14-And may be THE MOST İMPORTANT THİNG , COM is gonna be more suitablr and enjoyable and smarter whn ı was playing against computer it was being boring pls

  5. Very good game overall bit many changes could be made to make the next game better including
    1. More realistic transfer budgets in career mode.
    2. Pitchside interactions between manager/assistants/players.
    3. Lots of cut scenes like press conferences, awards ceremonies etc within the career mode.

  6. Fifa15 is okt like real football there is no extra min. In fifa 15 we cant controll well the goalkeeper and you should add up new things like i can be a refree in multiplayer match so me and my friends could have fun . why i cannot controll a refree it will be so exciting controlling a refree in a match between my friends . And thank you

  7. hey ladies/gentlemen, my biggest complaint with fifa 15 is the lack of ability to zoom in further than it does in this game. in fifa 13 u could zoom-in alot further for those of us who like/enjoy that option. me, i like to be able to see the detail, ball movement,footwork up close which kinda matters when playing something like soccer/futbal. i know where my other players are/will be so i don’t need it zoomed out that far. to me it just takes away from the game when u can see all 22 players on the pitch at once. next complaint, this game makes it waaaay to EASY to obtain a gold-leveled team right off the bat unlike the old fifa games where u actually had to work/win some to get those highly rated cards.

  8. Hey these are my suggestions for improvement: 1. Legends for Ps3. 2. Official Wager Match. 3. Possible replacement players. Allow (not just among friends) 4. Coinskauf. 5. Better graphics. 6. More work on the fans, cheering and Torliedern. 7. The player can borrow from friends.

    1. 1) when in a player career mode (offline career) you should be able to do training sessions with the team rather than having the little mini games before a match.
      2)when starting ultimate team you should get at least one rare player in your starter team ( gives players more of a chance to earn coins)
      3) packs should be a bit better rather than getting no rare players in 7.5k packs you should at least get 1 rare player every time you open one if not more

  9. The first time I played FIFA 15 was the demo,the gameplay was great! I decided to buy the game. The demo left a good impression so I was excited to start a career etc…only to be utterly disappointed that there is not much that is new, the game play yes, skill games, I like the player instructions bit, but that is it. There is so much more a billion dollar company can do in what is it…9 months? Every year many people speak of what is better in PES, it is time to leave PES behind and move forward, shut them up. The perfect soccer game does not exist, you people can sure get close though. Just do it! I will be purchasing the next FIFA’s to come because I have faith in your employees abilities. 2015 is here, will you be around for 2016? make the most of it.

  10. If you’re thinking about buying this game, DON’T. It’s a disgrace that EA released this s***, my god what were they thinking. I’m going to try to keep this short, but I could easily write a f***ing 10 page essay about all that’s wrong with this game.

    1. Connection

    Sure, I may not have the best internet connection available but it is definately capable of hosting a game of FIFA. Nevertheless, I always check the latency bar before I go into a game. If it is not green, I never go into a game. This sometimes results in me angrily looking for a game for over 15 minutes, and when I finally do manage to find a green bar opponent the game is still laggy as f***. I realise that this is probably my internet but still it is a joke what EA call a good connection.

    2. Full on aids in game

    I’m a decent FIFA player: last year I won division 1 a few times and I’m trying to work my way up there again (now in div 3) but it is almost impossible. I can deal with losing a game to a better opponent, I’m definately not the best player in the community and I lose quite frequently. But seriously, the goals I concede are the worst. Goalkeepers diving over the ball or getting nutmegged, the constant abusement of over the top throughballs where for some reason Kompany gets outstrengthed by f***ing Bernard, goalkeepers kicking the ball against a defender, goalkeepers smashing the ball into their own net, goal-line technology that shows a ball roughly 10cm before the goal line BUT IT STILL COUNTS AS A GOAL, and way more. I played a game the other day in the cup final, and it was still 0-0 after 60 mins. He got a bulls*** freekick but I kinda got used to conceding them. But after the ref gave me a yellow card for some reason, aids happened. His player ran off the pitch to get the ball or some s***, and never came back. For half an hour I sat there, waiting for the half to be over and the extra time to pass. But that never happened. The game got stuck in the 90th minute, forcing me to quit out and therefore potentially lose me a nice 25k pack. Thanks EA, f***ing c***s.

    3. Passing

    I don’t know what EA were thinking when they released the latest patch, but they must have been as high as snoop dog on their f***ing 100 dollar bills earned from packs. Passing is just impossible now. Try and line up 4-5 quick passes and you will somehow pass it to the corner flag instead of to the goal. Goalkeeper throw outs are decent but still, my Courtois somehow has a mind of his own and my god do I concede a lot of goals through this. And the way you pass is incredibly retarted too. Put just the smallest amount of power on it and your centre back will try to reach your f***ing striker. Why u do dis EA?

    4. Packs

    Everyone loves the toty time in FIFA. Youtubers and other rich guys spend millions and millions on packs, getting lots of decent players and the community profits through this by seeing their favourite players drop down in price, so they can finally afford them. I saved up a little bit and decided to spend around 3 million coins on packs. Wanna know who my best player was? Lewandowski. He sold for under 100k. Second best? Kompany. Sold for under 50k. Any informs you ask? Yes, i got that f***ing Iborra guy 5 times, as well as that mexican GK who I got 3 times. Packs are so f***ing s***. Just look at the 100k packs: I opened 8 of them. Best player I got out of 8 100k packs was Gotze. Mario f***ing Götze. What the f*** EA! And don’t even get me started on the amount of time I spent during the lightning rounds trying to get my hands on a few packs…

    5. The servers

    Ah f*** it, while I’m on a rant I might as well mention the worst thing about the game. As a billion dollar company, you’d think that EA would get some good servers that can easily sustain the game. WRONG. The home menu, the games itself, packs, lightning rounds, going into your club. It’s all ridiculously slow and laggy. You all know this i suppose, so I don’t need to get into this matter any further.

    6. Player selection.

    I recently switched to manual player selection because the game switched me away from my players at the worst possible moments: during a throughball, during a cross, a corner etc. For just a few days I praised the lord and thought my troubles were over, but EA fooled me. YOU CANNOT SELECT A PLAYER IN TIME. Why the f*** would I want to switch to the guy near the corner flag when the opponent is at the central edge of my box? Why would I want to switch to my striker when I can easily intercept the ball with my CDM? Thanks EA, your bulls*** has cost me so many games I had to get a boxing ball to get rid of my frustrations.

    I could go on forever but I think I’ll stop now. A word of advice to me: DON’T BUY THIS GAME.

  11. We Need To ..

    1 – More stadium , LIGA BBVA with all stadium .
    2 – When the player get hurt , get a stretcher or the car to get him on the field.
    3 – Career Mode to player is too weak , no theater , no magic, a little Follow the steps of the PES .
    4 – Brazilian League Serie A and B.
    5 – UEFA Champions League , the Libertadores , Euro League , Portugal licensed .
    6 – More power of the fans in the games, show them going to the stadium .
    7 – Mode director of the club , where you invest and also manages sponsorship . FIFA 07 had fictitious sponsors.
    8 – The ball stolen all the time is lacking. Improve it!

  12. It’s be awesome to bring back be a pro to PS3 for the people that don’t keep 500$ in their pocket to buy ps4 the be a pro sucks now bring it back how it was thanks

  13. I am disappointed – I will never purchase another FIFA Game. The first few seasons are NOT about skill – the computer selects the winners. Each edition the story is the same. You will win your first one or two seasons until promoted to Level 7. Your first season in 7 you will get crushed. This has happened for 13/14 and now 15. If the computer picks the results (or skews them) then this is NOT about skill. I have played teams already that are FAR better in level 7 than I played in level 5 from previous games. This is a joke and the difference between 13, 14, and 15 are so nominal that I now am convinced I simply have wasted my money on two nominal upgrades. Never again….

    1. I feel disappointed with FIFA. I see no point in spending time to assemble a good team in “Ultimate Team”, or spend money buying packages. FIFA, mainly in tournaments, controls all the game; you only get when he allows, is fully programmed to win, even if you have a team full of stars or even playing at a low level, such as a professional. When you can make a goal, he ties soon after, and you can do nothing; Let us not even get close to the opponent, much less take the ball. It’s incredibly annoying. Makes you want to smash to pieces the PStation.

      In one of the last times I threw, kicked 27 times of which 21 on target, and I was only able to make one goal. The goalkeeper takes most; other times or appear suddenly one player up front or the ball hits the crossbar. Is absurd. He controls the game. Other times I kicked countless times on target and the ball didn’t go in; suddenly the opponent of a single kick, make a goal and win the game.

      Also, we lost a lot of time and sometimes real money to assemble a good team, and when you can already is coming a new FIFA and all is lost. We have to start with nothing.

      If you play online, with a team full of stars, playing much better than the opponent, the game gives him advantage. Even being extremely weak, ends winning the game because FIFA doesn’t let you play. Absurd! We must not waste time and money with this fully programmed game.

  14. I’ve noticed that whenever my friend plays with on the same console, it seems that the 2nd player can’t choose a custom tactic. Whenever it’s chosen, somehow it will clear up when we start the game even if switch between “tactic” and “formation” menu.

    Besides that, it’s frequent that the commentators will speak about a specific player of the match before the current one.

    Please fix these little things especially the first one since my friend desperately needs he’s custom tactics.

    (not really)

  15. Can you guys PLEASE fix the NAT problem for online seasons!?!? It’s driving me crazy. I bought this game to play it online. Basically, I WASTED money of I can’t play it online.

  16. This game can be really annoying! The refs are sometimes dumb! Almost everytime the CPU know when i wanna slide tackle him and changes direction then! If you change penalty player, sometimes he is moving like doing a moonwalk.

  17. I was disappointed that you can’t play international tournaments between seasons anymore, PLEASE BRING THAT BACK! Also bring back Albania national team!

  18. I love the game especially the co-op online matches. However, I keep getting disconnected with the following error: “An error occurred, and you are no longer synced with the online match” This has happened to us about 20 times already causing us to lose the match. It’s gets very frustrating especially when your up 4-0 in the 85th minute!!!! Has anyone had this same problem? If so, please help me to fix this!

    1. It is true that you may get disconnected so if your playing on a console try putting the Ethernet cable into the back.
      The cable must be connected to your wireless broadband.
      Make sure your using the yellow cake or else its not an Ethernet cable.

  19. Fifa 15 is good. I recently purchased it for PC and I managed to install it but it cannot be updated. It says that i do not have window vista (6.0) or newer to play, but I have window 7. anyone knows how to fix this?

  20. Goalkeepers are better but they are still silly, sometimes they look like robot. I’m not sure if the gameplay improvements were positive, it feels there is something wrong with it. Sometimes your own players are out of your control especially on defending. They still appear to be ghost and go through each other and other stuff like goal post adboards etc.

  21. Very disappointing! FIFA 15 is totally scripted, it is very difficult to play with world class, legendary and ultimate levels against cpu as the scripting wont let you play properly, it actually doesn’t much matter who you play against with those difficulty levels what matters is the scripting, sometime your shot to an empty net goes off even you shoot with a player like messi or ronaldo. I’m playing FIFA world same time which I believe is actually fifa 09 nextgen, I tell you that even fifa world has more fun and freedom of play than fifa 15. Im thinking to go back to fifa 14 and continue my ultimate team there.

  22. Animations: Players still look robotic, they don’t look real especially in instant replay scenes where you can see their moves in detail. It seems all players follow the same pattern for walking/running/shooting etc. which makes them look like robots when they walk together. It could be done like having a bunch of motion patterns and being applied to players randomly so their motions wouldn’t look like each other.

    Gameplay: As always, it seems that there is only a method of playing for AI. It doesn’t matter you’re playing against Germany or India, they both will play almost the same in terms playing method to attack and defend. The only difference is that their players could do a better job depending on their skills etc. EA could have defined some varieties of strategies/tactics for each team which could make the method of play unique for every single team as for AI.

    UI: It’s pretty fine, however I think there could be a search box on top of each sections which could lead you quickly to the place you would like to go to.

  23. My FIFA 15 Review for Xbox One:

    * Gameplay : 7 / 10
    * Graphics & Animations : 8 / 10
    * Music & Soundtrack : 9 / 10
    * Interface & Design : 8 / 10
    * Price : 7 / 10 (A bit too expensive)

  24. FIFA 15 is good but I wont call it wow, in fact, it could be a gameplay update for FIFA 14. One thing that is quite annoying is the animation of running, it’s sometimes like players walking on ice. Also, the commentaries on post match highlights are kinda cheesy. But in general, I like it and its way better than PES 2015. In Pro Evo Soccer 15, it’s like you don’t have enough freedom to control your players and it is mostly scripted which is very annoying.

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