FIFA 16 Wishlist – Most Wanted

We went through all of your FIFA 16 Wishlists and extracted the top and ‘Most Wanted’ ones. Here is the Part 1 of it. Keep writing your ideas and suggestions for FIFA 16 at and for FUT 16 at

We will be writing the next parts for FIFA 16 gameplay, career mode and Ultimate Team top ideas soon.

Youth Academy

Youth football and young players, where you can have U21 to U17 players and clubs and play with them in career mode as well as in FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA 16 Women

Women’s Football

Women’s football is growing and has always been in FIFA fans wish list. It’s time to have women in football gaming and we like many FIFA fans think EA should add it to FIFA 16.

FIFA 16 Stadium Creator

Stadium Builder

One of the things that fans have been asking EA since FIFA 08 to add to FIFA, is a stadium creator/editor. This feature could spice up the game especially for the fans whose favourite team’s stadia isn’t available in FIFA game. A stadium creation tool could be performed as an additional app to FIFA 16 which allows users to design their own stadium from scratch or using some preset templates.

Showing Scoreboard

Showing the stadium’s scoreboard could make the game more realistic. It can show the current match result, other relevant matches results, news from other games, offside and highlight scenes, your team’s coming matches etc.

FIFA 16 Shirt Swaps

Jersey Swaps

The exchanging of shirts at the end of a match could make the game look more real. Developing such a thing would be a hard job for EA developers but it won’t be impossible.

FIFA 16 Ref Spray

Ref’s Vanishing Spray

FIFA 15 got already the Goal-line Technology. Now, the fans are asking for vanishing sprays which referees are having in real life.

Career Mode Wishlist

Fans wrote many ideas just for FIFA 16 Career Mode. We went to all of them and collected a list of top ideas from their wish lists, here is it:

Player Sponsorship
Where you can get an exclusive sponsor for your player like adidas or Nike who can provide your boots, socks etc. when your player reached a high level and became famous.

Training Sessions
This is what FIFA lacks of. A training session could help your player to get better at skill moves, shooting, dribbling and other skills and reach higher OVR rating.

FIFA 16 Ball d'Or

FIFA Ballon d’Or
Many people were asking for this since FIFA 11. Your FIFA 16 Pro could be awarded with FIFA Golden Ball if he has performed the best in the previous year.

Having an Idol
With this option, you could be able to choose your football idol (from a list of football super stars who are available in FIFA) and your pro will be following their styles. For example, if you choose Cristiano Rolando, then your player will follow CR7’s moves, hairstyle etc.

FIFA 16 Communication with Fans

Communication with your Fans
This feature could bring more fun for your player. Your career pro player could meet with his fans giving them autographs. Your fans could communicate with you through a “social network” within the game which simulates Twitter or Facebook to drop their feedback. Your fans could carry signs in the stadium which could have their your face on it or could have their supportive words for you.

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19 thoughts on “FIFA 16 Wishlist – Most Wanted

  1. Why has nobody mentioned pro clubs?
    I dont remember the last time it was even touched!!

    Pro clubs need to be reworked from team AI, to building a strong team.

  2. i think celtic park should be in fifa 16 we were the first british team to win the big cup and to not have there studium in there is a miscarriage of justice

    1. Celtic r fkin s***e thts y, 1 team Scottish league! Celtic r league one at best in English football

  3. cameras whould be at a lower level… so that you can see the crowd, stadium atmosphere and details while the game is going on. It makes the game feel a lot more real, and most real life tv cams are lower, closer to ground level.. also this way you can see across the entire pitch, improves passing options. fifa 14 did this brilliantly, fifa 15 went back to those high cams

  4. Hi guys maybe its been suggested before but l didn’t see it. Only thing close to my wish is the jersey swap. My wish is the ability to remove a jersey during celebrations and this feature can be locked to be a pro since you will get a card for it, think it avoid abuse of the feature. Would really want to see it

  5. Stadium edition

    The English football league like a Premier League & championship clubs stadium as all what i want.

    Manager career,

    I been manager of AFC Bournemouth but there nobody our stadium and we’ve been promoted to Premier league from championship so i need to change kit number style with this Premier League but stay same for the 2015-16 kits so only thing need to change the style of number.

  6. Guys can please be possible have a way to get new kit and new sponsers to give on carrer mode .Like every time u be champion with one team in the league have the offer to get that so u can chose the new sponser and they offer u new kit with diferent shapes new colors ………. other is can be possible have the portuguese stadiums of the 3 or 4 big ones …. like porto, benfica, sport lisbon…… or have the way to create the stadium for your self …. like that team dont have original stadium or u been tired of play on the stadium they offer…….. other exemple managers try to be more realistics…. referees faces and real names….. and the real names of the cups … like champion league . europa league…..

  7. I’m still asking after 3 years, why can’t I choose a home jersey but away shorts and away socks. Or visa versa, sometimes you may get kit clashes and this is an easy fix. Please allow us to be able to select home or away tops or shorts and socks as we desire. Please, thank you!!

    The new impact engine is fantastic but so many times a player collides with a goalkeeper doing a full flip and landing on his head, just to get straight up again as if nothing happened. At least make them get up while holding their head or neck in a little bit of pain. Either that or reduce the impact to make it more realistic. Cheers.

    Finally I love career mode and maybe FUT is the new thing but so many people still love their career, after 3 or 4 seasons I would really love some more depth in the game. Like fan support or to have some control over crowds and fans. Maybe something like growing your club to become more well known around the world and increasing your fan base. For example, I love Inyer milan but Italian soccer has hit an all time low, maybe we can help them become great again but winning a european trophy or dieting along those lines.

    Anyways keep up the great work, I hope someone at least reads all these wish list ideas!!

  8. In Fifa 16 there should be a dive button.

    In career mode you should be able to talk to your players

    managers should be much more realistic

    There should be a button to throw a punch and the refs won’t always see it

  9. Stadium editor in manager career
    simulating injury
    World Cup , Euro League , Champions League , Euro + choseble qualifiers in tounament mode + Ukrainean League,Greek League and Czech League.Maybe the ISL also…
    Wilder crowd nd atleast two real club stadiums in every league.New Legends: Josef Bican,Josef Masopust,František Plánička,David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane.

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