FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Wishlist

FUT 16 Wishlist

FUT 16 Wish List, Ideas and Suggestions

Are you a FUT fan? Got some ideas and suggestions for the next version of FIFA Ultimate Team?

Write it down here at our FUT 16 Wish List page. We are collecting your ideas for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, selecting the best ones and sending them to EA developers.

Share your constructive and creative FUT 16 ideas with our FUT community. We will be making a top 20 list out of the submitted wishlists. Use the comments form below to write your FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Wish List.

Note: Please write your wishlist for FIFA 16 (not Ultimate Team mode) only at our FIFA 16 Wishlist page here

Wishlist for leagues and licensing should be voted only at FIFA 16 Leagues Survey page.

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305 thoughts on “FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Wishlist

  1. they should have all team kits even if they have 4 or 5 kits you should be able to get all of threm in the transfer market

  2. we should be able to edit player boots and long sleeve/ short sleeve basically whatever we want to edit on a player we should be able to in ultimate team except for ratings and personal information of course this would make ultimate team legendary!!!!!!!!! sock length, gloves, wristbands, headbands, headwraps like ronaldinho & hernadez but especially da boots. i mean ea lets get creative we are in da 21st century rite shyt….

  3. when we Start ultimate team give us our be a pro player on a card what gets better the more we play be a pro and allow us to use it in any position so we can have a player whats plays well in any posution or give us 1 player who grows like on career mode what we can create ourselfs

    Allow us to buy coins directly from our consoles instead of points.

  4. John Newman – come and get it.
    Years and Years – King.
    Years and Years – Shine.
    Shaun Escoffery – Nature’s call.
    Years and Years – Desire.

  5. a free pack every week
    Less the price of the players
    More coins when i win a match
    Inform pack
    Toty pack
    Man of the match pack
    Woman pack
    Solt machine

  6. 1. Creation:
    We should be able to create our own kits, badges and even stadium.

    2. player Position:
    We should be able to use CAM also in LM RM and CDM. And CB in RB or CDM. The easy way to that is to remove the Player position on cards that gives us the flexibilty to choose where we want the player to play.

    3. add a cross league item
    Let say we want ronaldo to play in my EPL i can just use this item. Or make the game in such a way when the players play like 50games or more they their link should change from red to orange.

    4. search
    To be able to search players within continents. Sometimes i just want players from let say africa so i can just search players only from africa.
    To be able to sesrch players just in formed.

    5. an inform pack
    An informed pack will be greate just to search for players in formed. Well this pack should be like a happy hour pack. Let say every weeknds.


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