FIFA 16 New Celebrations Tutorial

FIFA 16 new celebrations tutorial – Learn how to do the new celebrations in FIFA 16.

Point UpHold L1 and Flick R to left + R rightHold LB and Flick RS to left + RS to right
Stomach SlideHold L2 and Tap ? ?Hold LT and Tap Y Y
Bailando RobotHold L1 and Flick R to up and R to downHold LB and Flick RS up and RS to down
TimberHold L2 and Press ?Hold LT and Press B
Glamour SlideHold R1 and Flick R to left (twice)Hold RB and Flick RS left (twice)
Chest ThumbHold R2 and Flick R to down (twice)Hold RT and Flick RS down (twice)
Riding the WaveHold L1 and Press ?Hold LB and Press Y
Knee Slide FailHold L2 and Flick R to left (twice)Hold LT and Flick RS to left (twice)
KOHold L1 and Tap ? ?Hold LB and Tap X X
Camera InteractionsSprint to CameramanSprint to Cameraman
Sub InteractionsSprint to the SubstituesSprint to the Substitues


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