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How did you find playing FIFA 16 Demo? Do you have any comment on it? Have you find any glitch or bug in FIFA 16?

Write your FIFA 16 feedback, reviews, and comments here and share them with the FIFA community. Use the form below and submit your FIFA 16 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video in the form if you have any:

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42 thoughts on “FIFA 16 – Your Feedback

  1. I cant claim my free gold pack. I just need to play one match in seasons but seasons are closed. Please let me get my gold pack

  2. Fifa 17 should be like real life
    1.the entrance should include kid with the player
    2 ballon dor should give out like a conference
    3.national anthem
    4. Pes 16 Champions league better than fifa we need that to get real
    5. Every match the player need to be interview career mode when u won a final they shoud get a medal and the stadium should full with fan after the match it’s over celebrate with the player
    7.before u sign a contract with a team u should go to the stadium talk to manager and walk around.
    8.u should be able to seat in the stadium before signing with the team to watch how the play.
    Fifa need to bring the games to next level they need to improve everything make it brand new .and they should add every national team in career mode if they can’t do that the games would never get better

    1. I think that the Irish league in Northern Ireland with teams such as glentoran and cliftonville should be included in Fifa

  3. I wish to make very easy dribbling,, as in PES 16 order to one player can passed from one player ..and thanks

  4. i have only one wish …. i wanna use the legacy defense in the ultimate division … .. everyone likes his own style to play >>> i prefer the legacy

  5. After playing FIFA 16 for 9 months now i am ready to give my feedback on what i like about the game but more importantly what i think should be improved.

    FIFA is a great game to sit around and play with your friends. The idea of Career mode as both playwr and manager is good and the idea of ultimate team is also brilliant.
    However the game and some of these modes have many problems
    1) Skillers – when playing against your friends or more commonly online you come up against people who never stop doing skill moves. This is a complete nightmare for anyone who does not know how to do all of these moves. the problem is not the skills themselves but more that it is unrealistic for a player to string 4 or 5 skills together without making a mistake 5 times a game. With this being said, regularly you will see people doing this stuff and it takes away from the game of football and becomes more about who knows the most skills and can do them the best. That is not what FIFA should be for and games like FIFA street are for. I suggest adding a system where skills are not taken away but make it harder for people to use more that 1 or 2 skill moves at a time. this could be done using a balance system where each skill (based on the star difficulty) would make players go slightly off balance and the players with better balance attribute lose balance at a quicker rate. this would make it so skills would be used at the right time in the right place and not with per mertesacker on the edge of the box doing 8 stepovers. its unrealistic and simply turns a football game into a game about who knows the most effective skills.

    2) Passing – Passing in FIFA 16 is generally quite good. However there are a few issues with it. These are only small issues but would make the game a lot better if they didn’t exist. Passing at speed seems to be an issue. if you string 3 or 4 one touch passes together the next one will go horribly wrong half of the time. this might be that the ball is passed to the wrong player, the wrong direction or no matter how simple a pass it is just not the right power. this needs to be fixed as passing the ball is key in FIFA to defend high pressure

    3) Defending – AI are still shocking. When playing at a high level (division 1 online & UT) players know how to attack with multiple runners. this is a very good thing for attacking but defending it is damn near impossible at points. it’s at this point that i would like to say that i play division 1 and am actually a decent player and im better at defending than attacking but when the AI do not track runners, hold a horrible defensive live and do not press the ball then i am royally F***ED. The team holds a shape with full backs slightly higher that CB’s but when a winger gets in behind the FB the FB does not then try and get goalside despite there being 0% chance for offside. this forces you to take a CB out of the game and leave holes which the AI does not fill. I genuinely defend with about 3 players at the same time by switching between them to keep them in position. Defensive shape should be dependent on where on the pitch you are. this needs to be resolved.

    4) Refs – now in my opinion this is a big one and my opinion will be quite contrversial but hear me out. Refs aren’t harsh enough, but only with yellow cards. Shirt pulling needs to be given as a booking when its from behind as too many people take you out via holing O or B when you are through on goal and no card is shown. It’s basically cheating. persistent fouling needs to be punished with bookings then people will stop being so reckless and it will create a better game. this includes when a ref plays advantage as it should technically be a foul. more yellows need to be shown for slide tackles that are bad. quite often i am taken down just before playing a killer pass by a bad slide tackle and no booking is shown. How often do you see mistimed slide tackles in the real world be given a card? about half? in FIFA it is way less than this and then other types of tackles are then given a yellow card which don’t deserve a booking.

    5) shooting from range – this is easy on FIFA 16 with a half decent player. it needs to be made more difficult to score from 25 or 30 yards because i myself score generally 1 every game and it’s not realistic.

    6) Corners – This has got so much worse since previous FIFA games. how many players actually put the ball in the box from a corner on FIFA? not many. you either play it short or to the edge of the box to try and hit an easy 20-25 yard shot. to get one of your players to head the ball is hard enough, then to get it on target is even more difficult and if by some miracle these 2 things happen then usually there is a player in the way or the keeper will save it. GK claim the ball far too easily because you can’t instruct a player to go and stand near him like you would if you were playing in real life. you have to cross the ball so far away that there is no point.

    These are just some of things that need to be improved. FIFA 17. make it happen.

  6. Fifa 17 should be like real life
    1.the entrance should include kid with the player
    2 ballon dor should give out like a conference
    3.national anthem
    4. Pes 16 Champions league better than fifa we need that to get real
    5. Every match the player need to be interview career mode when u won a final they shoud get a medal and the stadium should full with fan after the match it’s over celebrate with the player
    7.before u sign a contract with a team u should go to the stadium talk to manager and walk around.
    8.u should be able to seat in the stadium before signing with the team to watch how the play.
    Fifa need to bring the games to next level they need to improve everything make it brand new .and they should add every national team in career mode if they can’t do that the games would never get better

  7. I think that there should every real stadium in the world and every team in the world should have there real stadium not just big teams.

  8. I want u guys to do some changes to the game and i wanna play with my friends 2v2 in different countries not 2v random people .

  9. every year me and my friends buy fifa we are think that israeli league will be great for us and for alot of israeli’s.]
    in israel fifa its very popular game and i think its deserve to us

  10. Physical and aesthetic more precise and detailed players and gladness goal taking off his shirt and spoderando the perfect player physique. kicks improved with more ‘realistic animations not the usual movements and fifa throws.

  11. My one suggestion is that when the players open their mouths after they score that the players actually scream yes or wow or whatever they are programmed to say. Plz fix this in Fifa 17 thank you.

    1. In career mode I want to have ballon do’r winner and the training need more staff and be higher rated fast
      In ultimate team please do fut draft free don’t take money
      Please please please that is my wishes

      1. Do Martin odegaard’s face original and Ronaldo higher rated then messi and Ronaldo and pogba on the cover because messi is every year

  12. Update raheem sterling, dele ali, diego costa, gabriel, iwobi, ighalo and allow stadium entrance with music and booing

    1. Their faces and allow champions league. And eric dier eye and their boots. Also physical fights

  13. hey guys.i just wondered if you guys could add a new game mode as ultimate team and drafts are getting a bit boing now maybe a slot machine or bingo. just an idea guys!

  14. Hi every one
    I like to suggest this can we add atlist 5 top leagues from this continents asia, africa, s. America with their continetal cups respectively, just to accomodate those continents then we dont warry about 3rd leagues that are currently exist, we’ll keep on adding leagues by continents to cancel voting procedure for leagues.

    1. I also think , on Fifa 17 career mode when they score tells you how many scored but new season don’t keep going should keep going so you know how many for club goals champions league goals , you should get awards see them after games like man off match

      I know this is detail but should be about write to chairman for money not ask for it should be able say I need money for c ronaldo or messi so have better chance to get them , if don’t get the player you want they can put money back in bank , needs be more real life now as we getting to that stage where Fifa can bigger n better every year

  15. Fifa always perfect but my only wish supported os x. I don’t like Windows and I can use to Mac but Fifa is not supported the Mac. Please fix the problem and fifa17 supported the Mac. Thank you!

  16. Why is it when I pass the ball to a player that is not of side and just tap the bottom a little bit the ball automatically goes to the of side player even tho I didn’t even want to pass to him? Want to make a great game? Fix gameplay issues like that one and you will have a great game. When I pass the ball and make a great run why is my opponent able to catch up to me so fast and I am slowed down ?? If I’m a good enough player to make those plays let me don’t try to make the game more competitive so everyone feels they good. If I put in the time to be good at the game let it be shown . a madar plays the game every few months and just bc of ur game play he still has a chance of beating me. For once make a realistic game. Even if u have to come out with a game every two years but fix ur s*** fun ups or I’m switching to the other one which most ppl already did.


    1) Team creator where you can create your own kit and crest and then use it in career mode and transfer players.
    2) Mexican 2nd league! every single Mexican has been waiting since FIFA 12.
    3) More Mexican stadiums.
    4) Historic kits for “Tigres UANL” and “Rayados de Monterrey” in Liga MX (Tigres champions December 13, 2015).
    5) More alternative kits in Liga MX, I know lots of Mexican Teams with 3rd kits but they are not in FIFA.

  18. In FIFA 17, there should be an option to create your own club with Kits, Crests etc for use in career mode.

    The goal net system needs updating to accompany ball physics. Not all net tensions produce the same result like the current game shows. Eg, when a ball is hit low on a tight net tension the ball would roll up the back of the net.
    The appearance of the nets in the current training and skill games is a far better representation than that of the in game mode.

    Also the use of skill moves in online play is over used by many. This is not true representation of the game we all know and love and should be kept to a minimum or FIFA Street.

  19. Appearance
    Players are still way too thin. Bale and Ronaldo have the physique of Peter Crouch.

    Free Kicks need be re done from scratch. Look at PES free kicks. There is a weight that you can see when kicking it. In Fifa I feel like I’m kicking a balloon in the wind.

    Goalkeeper animations have improved but they still feel stiff. Goalkeepers animations appear as if they are defending a hockey goal. They start in the middle of the goal and jump left or right and cover the entire net. Please re do animations.

    I still feel like I shoot to the left or right of the goalie instead of at the net. The Goalie can be away from goal and when you take a shot it will go in goal but somehow still be in reach of the keeper even when you tried to place it in opposite corner.

    Player faces updated please. Pogba looks like he did at United. Griezmann ! At least the stars should be updated. I know everyone will never have their faces scanned.

    Weak foot shot animations are making shooting ugly. Keep them normal but less accurate.

    Still feel like I can’t score from anywhere. Feels scripted still.

    David Silva feels useless in the game due to lack of speed. Speed still way too deadly.

    1. The fifa 16 is undoubtfully a very good football game. But I think it is not the best football game I have ever played. The fifa 16 is better for some reasons than fifa 16. On the other hand, fifa 16 have some excellent features which are not in fifa 15. So, here I am describing the pros and cons of fifa 16 and the difference between fifa 15 and fifa 16.

      1) Fifa 16 have been edited with the player with their new club .But my question is that, If someone is playing fifa 15 (like me) he has to start fifa 16 from beginning. Then he lost his best golden players which he had bought or earned. I think the club with a facebook account should be promoted to next game with his same best squard. Example, if I am playing fifa 15 with my best golden squared and I am associated with a facebook account. So when I download fifa 16 and log on to my facebook account I shall get back my same best golden squard of fifa 15.

      2) You should not to create a new fifa game version every year like fifa 15 and fifa 16. You should create a game and update it every year with your improvements.

      3) The touch sensitivity of fifa 16 is not as good as fifa 15. The touch of fifa 15 is much easy.

      4) A player who has not played fifa 15 and playing fifa 16 directly at the first time, fifa 16 would be tough for him. Applying consumables and player swipe is not so easy for the amueater.

      5) You should update fifa 16 with celebration option and home and away selection option which is currently in the fifa 16.

      6) The player exchange option is a unique idea but when someone is applying exchange option he get a second try for an another player. But it could happen that he doesn’t get the player he wants or it is not that level. Then it would be a cheating for him.

      7) If one player buys fifa futs then it will be available in that version only for one year. Because next year a version of fifa game will bought out by ea sports.

      8) The store of fifa 15 is currently unavailable in windows store, while it is available in app store. So the large number of people fails to by fifa futs.

      9) Fifa 16 is now unavailable in windows store since a long time while it is available in app store.

  20. I’d love to see more depth in the ‘player career’ mode, for example being a sub, coming on 1/2-0 down with half hour/20mins left. Training shouldn’t increase your stats, it should teach you what your manager expects of you, i.e playing cm for Burnley is different to playing cm for Barca. And training ‘with’ your international team decides your selection. If I’m being fussy I’d live to see the bench/manager when you miss a sitter or grab a late winner.
    Other than that the game looks amazing, the characters are coming to life and you begin to feel the stadiums when playing longer half’s. I’m not too into the online stuff so can’t really comment but I hear good things for friends about FUT.
    Keep up the good work guys, I buy every year and will keep looking forward to next year’s.

  21. Hi guys,

    I came to the following decision what I look for FIFA 17 Wishes (sorted by relevance):
    1. The complete BL-license package with ALL Bundesliga stadiums and real referees (!!!)
    2. In the tournament at the beginning of the new saison in career mode you can not only change as often as you want, as in real but- also- his entire squad to take instead of just 7 substitutes
    3. Live results from the other games with German commentators
    4. More animations arriving players (more animations in the players’ tunnel)
    Now it’s your turn: What do you wish for FIFA 17?
    Greetings, Michael

  22. My name is josue Nunez im a FCB fan, i love the way the game is developed, i feel the emotion and see the beautiful graphics most beautiful thing is feeling your heart pounching your chest as you use messi trying to about make a solo goal as and win alot of trophy ….But Have you ever emagine making the pro clubs 3 person mode not in the field but out the stadium when i mean out the stadium like give a life to that character i love the way u make a character. Play. But i want to se his background how he is living what cars do he drive can i drive with friends in the game i oready love playing pro clubs with my friends i just want to see more about the character story mode u have nice cars, nice house but everything needs to work for in the game your character starts from 76-77. Or if u do bad as player as lack of skill u go down in popularity…cars living . Make story mode as there life and make soccer really beautiful

  23. The game is all around better than its predecessor, not a big fan of the training option in career mode, since most times I just hit simulate all. But What I found disappointing was the lack of updates in facial scans in Serie A. I know its not the most sought after league, but compared to proevolution it is truly disappointing. In all the big clubs, AC Milan, Inter, Juve, Roma, there where barely any new scans. After what Morata did last year, still you can barely recognize its him.

  24. Hi Fifa i played the Demo on fifa 16 and i enjoyed it i like
    the pace of the game not to fast .
    and i liked the AI they Have got much better then last time in fifa15 there was more long shots from the AI and i liked that so if the full game is the same i will be please.

  25. Nothing has been changed or corrected from the big mistakes in FIFA 15, players waits for balls, and it doesn’t look real like soccer when playing it.

  26. The only (minor) annoyance I have with this game is that the dribbling animation looks… Jarring. Like, sometimes the player will be midstep and quickly step using the other foot so he can continue dribbling up the field. I don’t know, looks weird to me.

  27. It’s smooth and you can do skill moves better than before. Goalkeepers still having issues, but I think EA did some improvements to them. Crosses are overpowered I believe, almost all crosses I did from the sides to the box went to goalie box and made him save them. I hope EA will fix these for the final version.

  28. Just played FIFA 16 demo and noticed that the main gameplay mechanism in fifa 16 is almost same as fifa 15’s. The thing is that all players are all the same, means doing almost same moves etc. The defensive players almost will be doing same thing, no matter where they are from or in which team they are playing. For example, if you press them near their penalty box, they will long shot outside the field, same thing as in fifa 15. It doesn’t really matter if you do it to FC Barcelona or to River Plate.

    But, I guess the dribbling and defending are improved which is a good point. I like the dribbling in FIFA 16 better. The ball control is better even when you’re playing with women’s team, I think it’s because of their speed.

    1. excellent would that put the Salvadoran league or some Salvadoran teams or country El Salvador although the country is little serious level of football that was great and they were very grateful salvaroreños that was El Salvador Salvadoran team or through EA SPORTS

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