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38 thoughts on “FIFA 16 Logo

  1. Ronaldo and reus should be up there why because i met both and if you dont put reus i will be hater of ronaldo and reus and fifa 14

  2. put kroos and james rodriguez,why?
    1.kroos won the fifa world cup
    2.james is one of the best player at this time and scored more than every one in fifa world cup

  3. I think about Ronaldo at front Becuse he has not nade an fifa on A long time and Messi at the back please

  4. FIFA 16 should be black and yellow but in the 16 you would see the back of neymar and Suarez shirt as if it is blended in…. Say no to racism sign and Rinaldo and Suarez on the front

  5. I think the 16 of this logo should be red or orange. And you should write /say NO to racism/ under the 16

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