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FIFA Trainer is an in-game feature in FIFA 16 which helps you improve your gameplay and skills while you’re playing the game.

Unlike the video tutorials, FIFA Trainer is with you in the game to guide you and tell you what to do to play FIFA game better in different situations – No matter if you are starting up FIFA for the very first time or have been playing since ages ago, there are always ways to improve your FIFA skills and defeat your opposition.

FIFA Trainer is like a FIFA expert who is sitting next to you and is monitoring your gameplay to give you tips and tricks when you are in different situations of gameplay.

How it Works?
When FIFA Trainer is activated, a graphical overlay (as a Heads-Up-Display) will appear in the game that helps to identify the current game situation and offer varying options based on the Trainer level, from basic to advanced.

In the picture above, Heads-Up-Display for FIFA Trainer is highlighted. As you can see, as an example, it’s giving the player in a scoring situation two tips and tutorials for shooting: a) Finesse Shot and b) Chip shot.

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