FIFA 13 Soundtrack

FIFA 13 Soundtrack

Here is the complete in-game soundtrack list for EA Sports FIFA 13 (EA Trax for FIFA 13) which was announced on 6 September 2012 featuring a mix of genre-spanning music from 50 Gold/Platinum superstars and breakthrough artists representing 12 countries from around the globe.

FIFA 13 Soundtrack Playlist

Song Download
Big Mouth
Black White & Blue
Bliss Out
Wretch 32
Club Foot
Come Into My Head
Don't Say Nothing
The Heavy
Eure Madchen
Band Of Horses
Fly Or Die
Rock Mafia
Crystal Fighters
Get Away With It
Animal Kingdom
Get Out While You Can
The Presets
The Royal Concept
Got That Fire (Oh La Ha)
Featurecast (Feat. Pugs Atomz)
Hail Bop
Django Django
I'll Be Alright
Passion Pit
Let It Roll Part 2
Flo Rida (Feat. Lil Wayne)
Mark IV
Ashtar Command (Feat. Joshua Radin)
On Top of the World
Imagine Dragons
Outta My Mind
Paddling Out
Miike Snow
Past 2
Professional Griefers
deadmau5 (Feat. Gerard Way)
Walk The Moon
Rain of Gold
Young Empires
The Enemy
See The Light
Foreign Beggars and Bare Noize
St. Lucia
Shine The Light
Reverend And The Makers
Sleep Alone
Two Door Cinema Club
Fitz And The Tantrums
Speed The Collapse
Sweet Sipping Soda
TeKKno Scene
Elliphant (Feat. Adam Kanyama)
Us Against The World
Clement Marfo and The Frontline
We Are Not Good People
Bloc Party
We Come Running
Youngblood Hawke
Weight Of Living, Pt. II
What Love
Jagwar Ma
Royal Teeth
You're A Animal
Jonathan Boulet

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  1. anyone know this song?? many thanks:)do you think we will run away, run way some day? only time knows well we’ re loosing time we are falling to the ground

  2. whats the name of the song that goes like : oho … oooo ooooo oho…ooo oooo ohohohohoho ohohohohohohohoh oho…oooo oooo oho……and so on

  3. Can any1 tell me the song at the time of fofa game begins. The song is like”na na na nanana i dont need u nanananana i dont want you” pls somebody reply. …….

  4. What is the name of the song like an instrumental they play when the players are coming on fifa 13 I really love the song

  5. Whats that song called, it goes something like this “my milkyway, it black and white and blue, for you ooo ooo”

  6. Wat is the name of the song with this text in it:

    Something like: Im on my radar i heard, and something like floating in the clouds
    And with a little bit of dubstep in it.
    Does anyone know?
    plz help

    1. try entering the song with the words “Im on my radar i heard, and something like floating in the clouds” in your google tool bar. it will find the song πŸ™‚

  7. What’s that song that goes “I’m on my way out/up, so hurry up now, its .. .. ” how it sounds: iiiiiiiiiii’m oooooon myyyyyy waaaaaaay oooouuuttt soooo huurrrrrrurrry upp nowwwww itttttsssss …… ,
    The “I’m on my way

  8. Whts the name f the song in ehich a gal sings similar t niki manaj?!?!

    1. @r

      are you kidding me? Fifa has got a range of music, and it’s all pretty much good? You have been living in a ditch mate. You probably go for Man U too… Idiot.

  9. FIFPLAY… Please go through your list of soundtracks with the official list. You got so many of the tracks wrong so they are showing videos for other artist and playing the wrong songs.

    It also looks like you are deleting comments pointing out your mistakes. Not very professional πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve lost all respect for this franchise after I saw Lil Wayne’s name on that list. I thought we could keep the clowns who listen to him playing Madden instead, but I guess not. Bummer…

  11. How about….

    AC/DC – Shot Down In Flames
    Metallica – Sad But True
    Black Sabbath – Paranoid
    Blue Oyster Cult – Dont Fear the Reaper
    Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix
    Limp Bizkit – Gold Cobra

    Haha I would laugh if they even thought about puttin these in

  12. some good songs on there thank god they got rid of all the shitty foreign songs they have done in the past few fifa’s,looks like they are going forward with the soundtracks now

  13. underworld: always loved a film (radio edit)

    Pnau: Solid Ground

    David Holmes: I heard wonders

    The Verve: Love is Noise

    Calvin Harris: Feel so close

    Example: Stay Awake

    Bronski Beat: Smalltown Boy

  14. ‘Chevy Thunder’ – Spector

    ‘Gold on the Ceiling’ – The Black Keys

    ‘R U Mine?’ – Arctic Monkeys

    ‘Default’ – Django Django

    ‘Pelican’ – Maccabees

    ‘Jesus Walks’ – Lostprophets

    ‘This One’s Different’ – Howler

    ‘Heads Will Roll’ – YeahYeahYeahs (A-Trak remix)

    ‘House That Heaven Built’ – Japandroids

    ‘Dissolve’ – Alt-J

    ‘Octopus’ – Bloc Party

    ‘Belongings’ – Clock Opera

    ‘Go Right Ahead’ – The Hives

    ‘How Do You Do?’ – Hot Chip

    ‘Stay Useless’ – Cloud Nothings

    ‘Make A Beast Of Myself’ – Twin Atlantic

  15. Anna Sun by WALK THE MOON
    It’s pretty catchy and I dont know how many people know it
    Or maybe “Little Girl” by Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse feat. Julian Casablancas from the strokes on vocals which is slways a plus πŸ™‚

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