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Sweet Sipping Soda - Reptar

Song Sweet Sipping Soda
Artist Reptar
Album Body Faucet
Genre Alternative
Country US
Language English
Soundtrack FIFA 13
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Sweet Sipping Soda - Reptar Lyrics

Too many good friends moving away
It's obscene how it's so fast
Oh this is slipping you are slipping away
Why do they make us move so slow?

Dyadic interest now he's moving away
I am sweet I am four horned
I didn't mean it
I need it, I need it, I need it, I need it

Not kidding, yeah I want you to stay
What does this tool in my mind know anyway?
I might as well stare at a wall of confetti
And admire how it's so good

Heart is an animal the heart is a saint
Why does my heart act so bad anyway?
I really mean it
Fuck yeah I mean it
You know I mean it baby

My heart is beating so fast

I wake up in a different story
Take a bath in a minimal locked in an animals skin for a while
Everyday I get different horrors
My art is a seminal seed in a liminal state for a minute
Because I am