FIFA 13 Guide – Version 2

FIFA 13 Guide

FIFA 13 Premier Guide has been updated and expanded with new improvements. Here is a note from the FIFA 13 Guide’s author introducing you the new FIFA 13 Guide version 2:

FIFA 13 Guide is going to give you the rock-solid foundation needed to beat your friends at FIFA 13.

The FIFA 13 Guide has been on the top 100 videogame strategy guide list on Amazon for more than 2 months, and every day I receive new success stories from the readers. The original strategies of the guide have been broken apart, improved, and tested at various experience levels.

So why the new edition if things are working so well? Because I knew it could be better and there was a missing ingredient: the gamer. This expanded and updated version of the guide contains more than 6 sections of new content, including the latest strategies crafted by guys that really know the game, and definitely know how to win.

This guide will take your game to the next level, regardless if you are a beginner or a hard-core gamer. We urge you to take your time with this guide and always have it around as a resource.
This is not a “revised” edition in the sense that the original no longer works. The typos and small mistakes have been fixed.

With practice and this guide, you too will soon become a FIFA legend.

It’s been an honor to share the FIFA Guide with incredible readers around the world, and I hope you enjoy the new edition as much as I enjoyed putting it together.
Play Hard!

Major improvements of the FIFA 13 Guide:

  • Ovvy, the second best FIFA player in the world, has been added to the list of contributors
    -Custom Tactics & D-pad Mentality
  • 50% longer version of the Ultimate Team Guide : Trading tips that you don’t already know that will double your coins in 24 hours, Criteria for players in different positions, In depth explanation of how chemistry works
  • The guide is currently being translated into Spanish, German, and Portuguese

The Updated FIFA 13 Guide also includes additional resources. Customers have access to game footage of professional players in the biggest tournaments. As well as YouTube tutorials that show:
Custom Formations, How to make long shots, How to win possession of annoying Goal Kicks, and much, much more!

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0 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Guide – Version 2

  1. I must say I am somewhat disappointed with the content of the guide. Most of the info is quite basic, and are available on the online manual + 100s of other websites for free.

    There are many mistakes in the keys (mixed up between PS4 and Xbox1) (Eg.Early cross/ground cross Page 41,Right bumper instead of R1((I assume)) on page 63). For something I paid $20 for, I’d expect at least these details to be taken care of.

    Also, there are many vague statements, ie. drilled cross is X+Left analog up, Dipping cross is X+left analog “forward”. What is “forward” on an analog stick?

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