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    FIFA 13 Tips for Penalty Kicks

    Darren Cross from Match Magazine talks penalties: Be unpredictable in the box and use a combination of face up dribbling (hold LT + RT or L2 + R2) and skill moves and you may win more penalties as a result of defenders making rash challenges.

    When taking penalties, always choose a player on the pitch with the highest ‘PEN’ rating. Hold down RT or R2 to view and select the best player for the job. Begin powering up when the cursor is over the green area of the accuracy bar. Don’t over-power your shot or you will slip or hit the ball high and wide. Aim the ball with LS centrally into the roof of the net. People rarely hold ‘up’ when attempting to save a penalty and you should score even if the keeper does not dive to the left or the right.

    You can chip the ball into the net by holding LB or L1 or use finesse by holding RB or R1 when shooting. Stutter your run by tapping shoot whilst running onto the ball to make the keeper dive early and kick the ball into a gaping net. Practice penalties in skill games to see how your power and LS movement effects your accuracy.

    When trying to save a penalty, either go early and hope you dive the correct way or wait until the ball is kicked before you dive to save it. Hold RS up if deciding not to move and you will save the ball at whatever height it is hit if the penalty taker decides to kick the ball down the middle.

    FIFA 13 Dribbling Tips

    FIFA 13 Tips for Dribbling

    Football journalist and FIFA fan Darren Cross looks at five great dribbling moves that will get you past your marker in FIFA 13.

    At some stage in a game of FIFA you’re going to need to dribble past an opponent.

    Whether you prefer a slow passing game, fast counter-attacks or any other style of play, there will be a point when you’ll have to beat a player with a dribble to progress with the attack. You may have the ball on the wing and need to get by a defender to make space for a cross, you could have a final opponent to take on for a free run on goal, or you might need to go around the keeper from a one-on-one. There are loads of situations where being good with the ball at your feet can be the difference between scoring or not, so it’s important to be pretty decent at it and to have a few moves that could give you the edge.

    With that in mind, in this week’s Backpage we’re going to look at five dribbling techniques I use regularly when I need to get past a defender, starting with…

    Face-Up Dribble Delay
    The face-up dribble function gives you the freedom and control to move quickly and precisely with the ball at your feet, which makes it difficult for the defending player to predict what you will do next. There are loads of ways you can get past an opponent with it, but one of my favourite techniques is to use face-up dribbling to momentarily slow my player and delay him just enough to let an incoming opponent pass him by.

    Picture a situation where you’re running towards your opponent’s goal with the ball at your player’s feet and you have a defender sprinting into his path, anticipating your run and looking to intercept. If you hold LT/L2 and RT/R2 then push the left stick in the direction the defender is running from just before he makes contact, you will slow from a sprint to a more precise dribble and – hopefully – throw the defender’s timing out enough for him to move past you. Then you can sprint into the space you’ve created and get away before he can turn and come back at you.

    If you get the timing right it’s a move that works really well, especially against an opponent that likes to press the ball aggressively, and you can go for it in any situation where you’re being charged down as you effectively use the defender’s own momentum to get past him.

    Burst Away
    This is a great move for beating a defender when the play has already slowed down and you’re standing over the ball. I often get into positions like this out wide when I’ve advanced with a winger but don’t really have a target for the cross yet, so I’ll hold the play up until there’s a team-mate in the box to aim for then try to beat my marker with a burst away.

    A burst away is when you invite the defender to come towards you to try to win the ball back then – just before they get to you – burst diagonally left or right. There are a couple of ways to do it but I like to hold LB or L1 while standing then push the left stick back, left and right repeatedly, which makes my player take a number of small touches to move the ball around his feet. This is usually enough to get the defender to charge in, then I hit the right stick diagonally left or right past them to push the ball into space.

    As with the face-up delay, the burst away is all about timing because you’re using the opponent’s momentum against them, which highlights one of the most important things about defending – don’t go rushing in.

    Stop And Go
    This is one of my favourite dribbling moves because it’s really easy to do and opponents don’t usually expect it.

    It simply involves running with the ball at your feet then coming to a complete stop just before the defender gets to you – which you can do by holding LB or L1 on its own – before sprinting off almost instantly in the direction you were going in the first place. The reason this works so well is that, when you stop, your opponent will usually stop too. They will then expect you to turn back or pass the ball away, so when you take off again in the direction you were going there isn’t time for them to react and you should have plenty of space to move into.

    You can also use the right stick to push the ball away and quickly increase the distance between you and the defender.

    Double Turn
    This one works along the same lines as the stop and go, because it’s all about making the defender think you’re going to do one thing and getting them to move in anticipation of it, before actually doing something they weren’t expecting at all.

    It’s best used out wide when you have a defender tracking you from a parallel position and you need to shake him off so you can get a cross in or head for the box yourself. All you do is allow your player to slow slightly by letting go of sprint, push the left stick in the opposite direction to the one you’re facing then push it back the way you were going.

    Often the defending player reacts to the first turn and begins to edge around you as they anticipate your next move, but then gets left behind as you make the second turn. You only need a half-second to get enough space to make this one work, and it’s even more effective if you run across the path of the defender once you’ve got past him so that your body is between him and the ball.

    Face-Up Dribble Spin
    This dribbling move is perhaps the most complicated of the five we’re looking at here, but it’s fantastic for catching your opponent out and looks great when it works.

    I go for this when I have my back to goal and a defender moving towards me. To start with I’ll hold LT or L2 to begin a slow dribble, which gives me lots of control over the ball, then – just before the defender gets within touching distance – I hold RT/R2 to turn it into a face-up dribble that spins my player in a 180. Next I quickly hit the right stick diagonally to the right or left of the incoming defender and, if the timing’s right, I should sprint away into space.

    It can take a bit of practise but, because it’s so unexpected, it’s a really useful dribbling move to have in your locker because it pulls players out of position.

    FIFA 13 Tips for Crossing Technics
    Want to know how to score goals from crossing in FIFA 13? Here is the tutorial you are looking for:

    Darren Cross from Match Magazine tells Matt Cuttle about the best ways to cross the ball into the box and score a goal. To alter cross assistance, head into the Xbox 360 controller section in the Customise FIFA menu. You can set cross assistance to manual, semi or assisted.

    Press X when level to the opponent’s box to perform a cross. Double tap X to perform a low cross that comes into the box quicker which is useful for getting the ball to a striker quickly. Hold LB when pressing X to perform an early cross. Triple tap X to perform a ground cross, use if you have a man unmarked in the box, otherwise you risk it being intercepted by a defender.

    FIFA 13 Tips for Crossing Technics
    Want to know how to score goals from crossing in FIFA 13? Here is the tutorial you are looking for:

    Darren Cross from Match Magazine tells Matt Cuttle about the best ways to cross the ball into the box and score a goal. To alter cross assistance, head into the Xbox 360 controller section in the Customise FIFA menu. You can set cross assistance to manual, semi or assisted.

    Press X when level to the opponent’s box to perform a cross. Double tap X to perform a low cross that comes into the box quicker which is useful for getting the ball to a striker quickly. Hold LB when pressing X to perform an early cross. Triple tap X to perform a ground cross, use if you have a man unmarked in the box, otherwise you risk it being intercepted by a defender.

    FIFA 13 Tricks for Skill Moves

    Turn & Spin (Hold LT, RS Right then Up/Down)
    Use around the box when a defender is running parallel to you to turn, spin and get space for a cross or a shot. Spin onto your strong foot if attempting a shot on goal unless your player has a high weak foot star rating.

    Heel to Heel (Hold LT, RS Right then Left)
    Use to fool defenders and buy some space in congested areas.

    Heel Chop (Hold LT, RS Diagonally Left Twice)
    Use to shift the ball into space, to draw a foul or to beat the goalkeeper.

    Scoop Turn (Hold LT, B, A + Direction)
    Use when your back is to goal and a defender is close to you to turn them and take a shot on goal.

    Roulette (Hold LT, RS Left and ¾ Rotation)
    Use to get your body between the ball and the defender to get past them, draw a foul or even beat the goalkeeper.

    FIFA 13 Tips – Advanced Techniques for Tackling

    Dummy (RB)
    Hold when receiving the ball to let the ball run between your legs and then run onto it. Fools defenders into thinking you’re going to take a touch, leaving you to run into space and have a shot on goal. Use anywhere on the pitch if you’re under pressure but most effective on the edge of the box.

    Driven Pass (Hold RB, A or X)
    Use to pass the ball faster to a team mate. Very useful in the rain to make sure the ball gets to one of your players.

    Fake Pass (X, A)
    Use direction to control where you move during and after the fake pass. Use the same move when receiving the ball to perform a fake control, immediately turning and spinning into space instead of playing a one-two.

    Flick (Flick RS)
    Flick in the direction you want to go as the ball arrives at the player’s feet.

    Fake Shot Stop (B, A)
    Take your thumb off the left stick as well to stop the ball dead and then run into the space created by the approaching defender. Turn onto the player’s strong foot if attempting a shot on goal. Use these moves sparingly in combination with passing and moving to mix your game up and keep your opponent guessing.

    Tips by FIFA 13 Producer, Kantcho Doskov
    Kantcho Doskov: I think the best way to score goals in Fifa 13 is to vary your attacks so that your opponent is never quite sure what you’re going to do. For example, sometimes I’ll run down the wing and send in a cross to the far post, other times I’ll fake the cross and cut back to lay the ball off for a first time shot, or sometimes I’ll just whip in a dangerous pass across the face of the goal. In general, if you vary your attacks you’ll be less predictable and it’ll be more difficult for your opponents to read your game, which will give you more chances to score.

    When I’m out on the wing with a skillful player, I find it very useful to use the new Precision 2.0 dribbling by holding RB to come to a stop and then use the left stick to take quick touches from side to side. If the defender commits one way, you can get past him by sprinting in the other direction if your timing is right. The other new dribbling technique that works quite well is to hold the LT+RT triggers in order to face up to your opponent while dribbling, this can be very effective when taking on an opponent 1v1.

    FIFA 13 Tutorial: Best Custom Set Piece
    Want to know how to have the best custom set piece in FIFA 13? Watch this video:

    Direct link:
    FIFA 13 Running Celebrations Tutorial

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    FIFA 13 Penalty Kick tutorials and cheats
    How to do Penalty Kicks (Tips / Tutorial) … In this tutorial, you will see how to kick penalty kicks in FIFA 13 better and score all of them:

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    FIFA 13 Tactical Free-kick tutorials (German)
    How to score from a free kick in FIFA 13? Watch this video. However this tutorial video is in German, you can understand it by watching it:

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    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Tips: How to make coins
    Some basic tips for FUT to make some small amount of coins:

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    FIFA 13 Free Kick Tutorial and Tactical Free Kicks
    Want to know how to score a goal from free kick in FIFA 13? Watch this tutorial:

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    FIFA 13 Passing and Shooting Tutorials
    FIFA 13 Skills Tips: Shooting
    FIFA 13 Skills Tips: Crossing
    FIFA 13 Tips
    As the defending system has been improved in FIFA 13, you need to work more passing and individual skills to beat the defenders. Dribbling is the key, plus you should be good on timing to pass the ball. You need to work on one-touch skills more than before.

    With new free kick system you will need to count on free kicks you gain near to your opponent’s box more than before. in FIFA 13, you can cheat the defensive wall. Train more to get familiar with taking free kicks. And also learn how to prevent receiving a goal from free kick.

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    2. Always think about keeping the shape of your team and look to intercept passes more so than tackling. Pressure your opponent with the second defender press button. I found a decent tutorial that looks at the game a bit differently to most tutorials, more about how you think about play, don’t know if it’s of any use to you, have a look here.

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