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    Useful FIFA 12 Skill Moves Tutorial (Basic Skills)

    FIFA 12 Formation Tips: The Best Formations
    The best formation is: 4-1-2-1-2(2). Next to it you may set your team formation to 4-4-1-1(1) or 4-4-1-1(2). If you are looking for a very defensive formation in FIFA 12, I would suggest you to choose: 5-3-2 or 5-4-1(1). Make sure you place your players in the position depending on your selected formation. The defending players should show in YELLOW colors in the graph, midfielders GREEN, attackers BLUE. Otherwise the players who have wrong colors, won’t have their full performance and skills in the game.
    FIFA 12 Defending and Attacking Tips
    Sender: Anonymous
    Look around the pitch if there is more defenders than attackers try using double pressure by pressing square button.
    Attacking tip: use l1 + triangle for slotted through pass to the wings from inside your half then cut from the wings and pass the ball to an open attacker works every time and works best if you have a speedster as the winger
    FIFA 12 Hints and Strategies: Dipping Free Kick

    FIFA 12 Hints and Tips: Turn and Spin
    EA Sports
    Learn how to find the space to beat defenders with the Turn and Spin FIFA 12 skill move. Watch this tutorial video and improve your FIFA 12 skills:

    FIFA 12 Hints and Tips: Roulette
    EA Sports
    A great trick for beginners and an effective skill to win a one-on-one situation. Learn how to pull off the roulette move in FIFA 12 – a simple trick for beginners that can be brilliant in one-on-one situations with those over-eager defenders:

    FIFA 12 Hints: Attacking (Online mode)
    Author: chrism_fifa12
    1. Use the wings to carry the ball near to penalty box to cross and score. Dribbling on the wings is usually easier.
    2. Have more than one plan to score. Don’t stick with one method of scoring, strategize different ways to go to your opponent’s box.
    3. You don’t need to always sprint. Remember your (online) opponent is under pressure when your attackers have the ball inside his penalty box. So you don’t need to rush, just concentrate but make your decisions quickly before your opponent reacts.
    4. Practice on counter attacks. Counter is a good way to score.
    5. Score from the corner kicks. Learn how to score from corner. Try to win as many corner kicks as you can.
    FIFA 12 Hints and Tips: Defending
    EA Sports
    Take a look at the official EA Sports guide to defending in FIFA 12 if you want to see how to defend and prevent your team from receiving goals:
    FIFA 12 Dribbling Tips: Heel Chop
    Learn how to do the heel chop in FIFA 12 and improve your skills to dribble your opponent faster.
    FIFA 12 Dribbling Tips: Elastico
    Find out how to beat defenders using the Elastico (A dribbling technic) in FIFA 12.
    FIFA 12 Driven Free Kicks Guide
    Learn how to score from a freekick in FIFA 12.
    FIFA 12 Unlisted Skills
    Author: Yuan.
    A FIFA 12 tutorial by HamburgerYoungstars, Showing you how to do skills not listed on fifa 12 on Both PS3 And Xbox 360! Hope this helps you all out!
    FIFA 12 Arena Accomplishments Guide
    Author: FIFAYankee.
    This video shows how to complete FIFA 12 Arena accomplishment from 1 to 30
    FIFA 12 Tactical Defending Tips (Online play)
    Author: Anonee.
    – Don’t sprint at the player who’s on the ball, just do the and when you are on a right position, do a tackle.
    – Try to intercept opposition’s passes.
    Defending, Calling the Goalkeeper in One-on-One Situation (Online mode)
    Author: Pat M.
    Bringing the goalie off his line to face the attacker is a good defending technique in one-on-one situations but it could be risky as well. The attacker can easily dribble the keeper, pass the ball to a teammate who’s running parallel with him, or simply chip shot and send the ball to back of the net over the keeper’s head. As an attacker, this situation could be also stressful as they have to be quick otherwise the defenders reaching them from behind. This is the key, as a goalie, you need to make the attackers confused, so they would not be sure what they want to do (either chip shot of direct shot or pass the ball to a teammate). You should know when to bring your keeper forward and when to send him back (when to press the calling button and when to release it). It should be very tricky, you should read your opponent decision beforehand, for example bring forward your goalie halfway but once you feel the attacker wants to chip shot, you should release the button so the keeper stops going forward but going back to his line instead to prevent the goal. Timing and pushing/releasing the calling button (Q) are very important. Again, bring the goalie halfway and release the button to 1) buy time 2) make attacker confused 3) prevent his shots (esp: chip shots).
    FIFA 12 Tips: Defending (All)
    Author: Simone
    Do not overreact. Try to read the play and chase attacker carefully. As David Rutter also suggested, do not try to tackle with tackle button a lot, FIFA 12 is different than FIFA 11, the recovery from even short tackle kills time so your opponent will dribble you easily if your tackle isn’t successful. Timing is the key, as he said. You should tackle on the right time. The new jockey feature is very useful. Get familiar of using jockey in Arena before you go to play.
    Tips for playing online match (PS3)
    Author: Pat M.
    1) Defend first. Focus on defending rather than scoring.
    2) Passing is important. Try to keep the control of the ball.
    3) Don’t be stressed. Relax, even when you miss the ball and receive goals. That’s the key.
    4) Dribble more. In FIFA 12, the dribbling is much much improved, try to use this feature as much as you can.
    5) Attack with more players. Try to bring the ball to the opponents box through your midfielders. If you do so, your attackers will go to the better positions to receive the golden pass.
    6) Learn from defeats. Don’t be sad when you lose a match, try to see where were you mistakes.
    To be continued …

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