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  1. Keepers are ok, not the best, but they make better saves then FIFA 12,

    On FIFA 12, you can put the ball in the net over and over, just bugs me.

    Keepers on FIFA 12 needs a lot of work on, as for pro evo when one on one, the keepers are so bad.

    Fixed keepers in FIFA 12 and pro evo,
    Fixed players coming to the ball in FIFA 12 thanks

  2. i have played pes 2012 many times put there is a few problems : 1.add more leagues like Arabian leagues and African leagues in the hell can i play online .3 make street play in bal and start as 13 years old the to be more real.4in interviews give the user a chance to take or put sentences to use from.5 wright a true names in Arabian teams in Jordan team why baha (bahata) and basem fathi is(falhato) and odai is (ozemah) .6 in master League make the coach helper control the training its hard to control .7 all this changes make them like a new update please please please please please please please just in the hell try

    add referee mode in bal

  3. keepers are rubbish need more animations put in ,they dont dive they fall over so more time spent on keepers only downfall konami
    keepers are the worst need more annimations they fall over not dive

    Submitted on 2012/02/02 at 2:09 pm

    keeepers fixed for one on ones
    1)not going down early
    2)spreading them selfs
    3)taking a step before they dive
    4)just more annomations for them
    5)staying up longer
    6)watch a game for ideas konami
    &)fix this many pes fans will get less frustrated

    keepers fixed so they read the game better more annimations for them eg. diving taking a step first and hndling

    keepers fixed so there better at one on ones so they dont go down to early , and diving instead of falling over . maybe konami should watch real keepers and take ideas like staying up spreading yourself Also master league I would like to change team at the end of the season , many fans want this

    I agree keepers one on ones when they come out and fall over, maybe konami should watch a real game and watch movements of the keepers for instance staying up and spreading himself and also moving his feet before diving , these need adressed many pes fans feel the same im sure

    keepers need to be better at one on ones because they always go down to early !!!! also the diving is terrible they fall over ,they dont dive once thtas fixed I wont get frustrated , and more european teams licensed eg , BL

  4. Please add Indonesian country coz i want playing tournament versus other country with Indonesian.

    N Thanks for attention.

  5. Negoiations in master league are totally irritating. In real life there r some players that will never leave their clubs like messi, xavi, cassilas etc. But in pes 201, these players end up leaving for rediculous clubs. Another painful thing is the type of useless players Barcelona ends up buyinng after selling their best players. Secondly, most players don’t play like their real selves when cpu(computer) is controlling them. Messi gets bullied off d ball like he’s a kid, which is unlike Messi. Messi in real life is arguably d most difficult player to dispossses. Also, when cpu is controlling Ronaldo, he does no skills at all. As a mater of fact, all players in pes 2011 play the same way with cpu controlling them. Dis is totally WRONG!!!!

  6. Negotiations in masterleague and become a legend are totally irritating. In real life, there are some players that wil neva leave their clubs like messi, xavi,cassilas etc. But in pes11, these players end up going to rediculous clubs. And the painful thing is the type of players barcelona buys after selling their best players…they buy players with an overal of 40, 45, 60, this is rediculous. Secondly, most players don,t play like their real selves when cpu(computer) is controling them. Messi gets bullied off the bol like he’s a lil kid, which is unlike messi. Messi in real life is arguably the hardest player to disposses. Aslo, when cpu(com) is controling ronaldo, he does no skills atall… As a mater of fact, all players play the same way when cpu(com) is controling them, and this is totally WRONG!!!!

  7. make a master league and real players like fabrigas at barcelona and make it faster than that of fifa, thanks.

  8. Sistem for not your control your game…Game control computer…And you watch and joy…Like in FiFA Manager serial….

  9. Ability to change in master league.try make it like career mode so that you can use different teams. [2] you work on the stadiums .every team should use their own stadiums. [3]stripes.every team should wear their original stripes.

  10. There is only one flaw with the latest PES 2012 demo, which is hard to explain, but I’ll try my my best to.

    Passing – I’ve found that you cannot correct the direction of the pass once you’ve already pressed the PASS button, which is highly frustrating.

    ie. If you knock the ball far ahead of you while you are sprinting, then press PASS in the direction of the team mate you want to pass to, but then decide to pass to a different team mate before you reach the ball, you cannot direct the pass to the newly chosen team mate as it will only accept the direction you chose in the first place. Does this make sense?

    This is a pain, and it should be adjusted in time for the big release! Pes 2011 didn’t have this problem.

    I would extremely appreciate it if the developers receive this feedback, I think it is vital.


  11. please have some of managers like guardiola-mourinho etc.
    in pes 11 passing was slow and difficult try to correct this problem

  12. Seriously? PES 2011 was a great game. not anything frustrating. ( never played online i couldn’t don’t know why:P ) but Fifa 11 was better. FIfa 12 will be amazing, so will pes 2012 be amazing aswell

  13. as a pro evo fun I expect not another frustrating game like 2011 was! konami you can do better!!?

  14. pes 2011 is teh worst game i’ve ever played…… gameplay is frustrating …. transfers are like a joke ( messi is transferred to other clubs ,rooney is transferred to other clubs) before we complete our aim to play with them in become a legend mode…….. ronaldo to barca messi to madrid …. rooney to chelsea and drogba to united??? i don’t understand this….. to control the ball and to decide the direction towards is disgusting …… its not engineered for freedom its engineered for frustration …. Fifa 11 is more far better than Pes 2011… but only i say for Fifa i please buy license for UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and create become a pro in FIFA like in pes where we can join other clubs, earn money and play for the club … other club buy us and we earn more more money … become famous …. and become a legend..thanx..!!