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  1. I have played this game and it’s nice. out of 10 fifas that I have tried this is the best. now tell me – where can I download fifa 13 demo?

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  3. i’ve played already like 10games on the fifa 12demo, it’s really nice from you guys to make it more realistecer in the defending but its really annoying that we can’t push on the guy with the ball, like the cpu is letting me running after the ball like a chicken, let the gamers choose ingame how they want to defend like in 2011 with the L2 button ;s i was one of the first pre salers in belguim gonna get fifa 12 tshirt free from game mania, but after playing it on the demo i’m really not sure if i’m going to buy it

  4. HELP

    I’ve Downloaded this Game, but i’ve problems . when i start the game it says:”FIFA 12 Has stopped Working (I’ve Windows 7) , what can i do with it?

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