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Reported FIFA 12 Bugs

FIFA 12 Bug – Instant Replay Does not Show – During and After the match

Sender: Schahryar


FIFA 12 Bug – Compilation (Funny)

Sender: roger


FIFA 12 Bug – Player goes through the net (like a ghost)

Sender: Schahryar


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25 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Bugs & Glitch Reports

  1. When I play Career Mode as a Manager at Arsenal, the game keep exitting whenever I try to make a substitution in Team Management. Please note that it always happen when I go to Team Management from the Main Menu of the Career Mode, not right before the match, and it’s pretty annoying since I prefer Sim Match to Play Match, and that’s the only one way to make a substitution. And it seems like only Arsenal has that weird bug. I have Fifa 12 on PC.

  2. I have a bug were Im the goal keeper and I keep getting my score lower because I really cannot do anything when the game is based around the middle of the ground most of the time. It keeps happening every 2-3 games

  3. in my player mode at the end of the season my manager tells me my wage will be increased but nothing happens its still at 50 k and thats happened twice to me it really bugs me though and my player manage mode is brought lionel messi and i gave him 400000 per week and he accepted so thats ok you have to give the players a high wage

  4. I am playing Be a Pro in FIFA12. Now my career status got upgraded to captain but I am not even the captain at all during the matches. Very frustrating! I am a big fan of Arsenal but when I play Be a Pro as an Arsenal player, after 2 seasons they sell so many players, one of our midfielders Henri Lansbury becomes the goalkeeper(because they sold all the goalkeepers) and he played so many games like that and still the club doesn’t buy any goalkeepers to replace him. Ridiculous! It’s a major glitch so please fix this in FIFA13. There are other reports too. I’ll post them soon.

  5. Hey guys. I must say that the system you use for making the player’s rankings in UEFA 2012 (fifa 2012) totally SUCKS.

    I just played a Professional difficulty game with Man. City and my pro- player. Scored 5 goals and one assistance to Aguero, and he was named “man of the match” with 9.7 while I got 9.6 (scoring 5 goals + 1 assistance!!!). That’s so stupid =?

    Any player who scores more than 2 goals in a match not only should be named “man of the match” immediately, but also totally deserves 10.0!!

  6. I cannot apply contracts to my players I bought 3 of them in actions and stored them in my consumables pile, and now I cannot even see them in my consumables or apply them to my players and I’m out close to 1200 coins.

  7. Hello, i found a bug in my fifa 12 game: when i play with my pro in career mode (player only), my player got hurt. Now is my problem that if i try to start the next game it says: you don’t have any players who are fit enough, but the only player who is not fit is my pro, this also happens when my player has not enough energy (too much running). I hope someone can help.


    P.S. I am from the netherlands

  8. Basidally. On customise squads, If I try and update my squads, it freezes. If I update them on manager mode it works. If I press on formation on tournament mode, It freezes. If I click on pro clubs, play game it freezes, is that normal.

  9. When I go to team management from an email when asked to (for injury,suspension etc), my manager mode breaks and all of my players are keepers with hash tags for names. Anyone else get this.

  10. when i play euro 2012, the game starts to freez, and i cant do nothing at all, and this happen everytime i try to play a game in euro cup, its start to freez…help! fix it !

  11. anyone played fifa uefa euro 2012 yet? so many bugs..

    for example, everytime i go to play it on each seperate occasion, it says i need to purchase it first.. which i clearly have.
    also whilst playing the euro cup game mode.. i can’t get past group stages, due to it jamming up on a post game screen.

    come on EA, fix your s***!!!

  12. When I play a CF and a Striker at the same time and the opposition get a free kick they are always lying on the floor on top of eachother. ITS SO ANNOYING

  13. There are some great options in PES which aren’t in EA Fifa unfortunately. for example after you finish a exhibition match you expect you can change your favorite team for the next game without going back to “Arena”…& the other one: suppose you want to play again with the same sides,so you choose “Rematch” now Fifa doesn’t let you to change your formation or squads(!!!),so you should restart the previous game under EA’s dictatorship! 🙂
    Hope this disadvantages will be corrected as soon as next version..
    thank you

  14. I started playing Fifa 12 again after 3 weeks of neglecting it for my wii. I play as a Player Manager and lately I’ve noticed that whenever other clubs pass me their transfer offers for my players, it says that the transfer fee is £0. WTF!! I thought it must only be a glitch in the email so I went to the transfer negotiations. And when you answer yes, you’re supposed to see an increase in yor fee before confirming your answer. The obly thing that increases would be the Wage budget and not the trabsfer budget which would have an increase in value once a player is sold. Does anyone here have he same problem? gahhh I’m so annoyed! First I had to restart my whole game because it crashes and freezes in a certain date in the calendar. Now this?! BLOODY HELL FIFA! I’m not happy about this –__– I just hope Mass Effect 3 won’t have this problem once it’s released. Please please fix this….

  15. I always play with people using random teams, but the random teams regularly repeat themselves, which is rubbish. We’ve played as Russia, Monarcas, Notts Forest and Suwon Bluewings so many times it’s getting dull. Why can’t Fifa set it so it is actually random? We never get Premiership teams (which is fine, if it is random) but playing as the same lower division teams takes away from our enjoyment.

  16. I’ve found two glitches with career mode youth players.

    First, the limit for years you can sign them for is 3…and sometimes the chief executive suggests 4. You then can’t sign the player under any circumstances no matter how much the wages are raised.

    Signed youth players also can’t be transferred in some cases. You click yes under the transfer negotiation screen…and they pop up every single time when the screen pops up again. I haven’t found a solution.

    1. And the most important thing is the Academy players are horrible! They never became high quality players. I rememeber there was youth squad in 06 and 07 and the players coming out of it were capable of becoming big players

  17. you cant sign high talent youth products (85-91 potential) for any salary. i tried up to 70k/week and the contract wouldnt be accepted citing that wages were too low. other people have this bug

  18. If a player is strained it keeps strained with every week a message that he will be back a week later and every time with another strain… On iPad 2

  19. The save mode in career mode is just to bad on the ps3 platform. The auto save function saves the game in three different breakdown levels instead of saving onto you saved choice.

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