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Have you found a bug in FIFA 10? Why don’t you report it to us? We will list your bug reports here at FIFPlay, and will inform about it to FIFA developers at EA Sports in order to fix it.

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FIFA 10 Bug / PS3 / Referee > Penalty

Reported by: Calum Somerville

This video shows a bug in EA Sports FIFA 10 for PS3, in which referee gives a penalty for a foul which happens outside the penalty area:

FIFA 10 Bug / Short Goal Kick

Reported by: Daniel Daniel Ballinger

On fifa 10 sometimes I take a short goal kick with my keeper and my defender freezes. The ball goes straight to opposition attacker and they score just as my player recovers from frozen position. Also if I shortlist a player I can never get him and no reason is displayed.
Just thought I would let you guys know.

FIFA 10 Bug / Team Jersey

Reported by: Antun P.

This “bug” has been around for the past two FIFA’s (09-10) and I’ve been trying to get EA Sports to notice it. It’s basically the croatian away jersey, it has stripes at the sides instead of squares/checkers. Please fix this:

FIFA 10 Bug / Ultimate Team

Reported by: Gordon Gilchrist

There is a problem with the new ultimate team, I know other people are experiencing the same problems. I have played 27 games of ultimate team but now, as i go to start another game of ultimate team, whether its an online opponent or against the computer, the game just freezes. It freezes on the screen where you are looking at the opponents team and it says loading in the background. This relults in me having to quit the game and when i put it back on again, it states that i quite he game and that i will recieve less coins in future games.
Thanks for any help that you can give.

FIFA 10 Bug / Team

Reported by: Daniel Ball

I found this bug while playing as Man City on manager mode, basically it is surrounding the transfer section of the game, i noticed that if you put players on your shortlist and try and sign them, for whatever price they will not sign, e.g. i tried to sign a £8mill player for £154mill and it still didnt work, however i noticed that if you take them off your shortlist then they will sign for you, just something i think fifa should know about so they can fix.

FIFA 10 Bug / Team

Reported by: Rune Schack

Quite a big Bug as a Brøndby fan in the danish league. When you play with Brøndby you can hear the crowd chanting, however they are chanting the arch rivals chants instead of Brøndby chants. This bug has been there since Fifa 09.

FIFA 10 Bug / Manager Mode

Reported by: Gunnar Sikveland

I’ve played Birmingham 5 times in one season in my MM with Newcastle.
First I had an away game against them immediately followed by a home game, both in the league.
Then I had a new league game at home against them followed by a FA cup game the next week.
Then a few weeks later, I had another league game away against Birmingham for the 4th time in the league that single season!

FIFA 10 Bug / PC / Play Online

Reported by: Naohiro Ichinari

I’m playing FIFA10 Japanese version.

Unfortunately, I found a sad bug in the PK.
When I was getting goal in the PK, the game got disconnected suddenly!
It doesn’t get disconnected sometime, but I want stopping the game in the PK.

And, Opening movies make a stop and go.
EA Japan know this bug already, but I want to fix the bug quickly.

Well, the cheers often be interrupted in the game.

You know, I think only Japanese version has all these bugs.
Why does only Japanese version have any bugs every year?

Could you fix up these serious bugs as fast as you can, please? I’m waiting for the patch.

My English is Poor, so sorry.

FIFA 10 Bug / Kit Editing

Reported by: Lewis (Michelle Kenyon)

In FIFA 10, when you unlock the long sleeves, gloves, undershirt etc. you can’t put it so that:

– In the dry your VP wears short sleeves – In the wet he wears long sleeves or undershirt – When it is dry he doesn’t wear gloves but when it is he does where gloves

Basically, what EA have done with normal players, they haven’t enabled you to do with your VP regarding the kit they wear

FIFA 10 Bug / Xbox 360 / Manager Mode > Offside

Reported by: Tonni Tielens

I found a bug in Xbox 360 Fifa 10 manager mode. After finishing the second season with team VVV-Venlo from The Netherlands I got an offer from Inter saying that Inter has a club budget of 64 million pounds. After signing though it seems Inter has a NEGATIVE budget of more than two billion pounds.

Besides reporting the bug, is it a know issue? If so, do you guys happen to have any idea if there is a workaround, because this makes my invested them worthless and I won’t start a new manager mode anymore as long as this bug is in.

FIFA 10 Bug / PC / Referee > Offside

Reported by: Shahriar Norouzi Zadeh

I have a bug that it was in FIFA 09 too. The bug is the offside!
In I have pass all of the players and I’m one on one with the goal keeper. One of my team-mates come next to me. The keeper come forward and I pass the ball to my team-mate and I scored the goal but the referee said offside. Please correct this bug in fifa 11, or 2010 FIFA World Cup, or make a patch for it to download from XBL or PSN.

FIFA 10 Bug / PS3 / Several Bugs

Reported by: Fabian Sperl

Players disappear, Manager Mode – I bought 3 new players in the first transfer window. All 3 have been transferred to other clubs within the same season even though I never put them on the transfer list or received any offer from another clubs. They simply disappeared from my squad and I didn’t even get one cent added to my account!
Players had contracts for 3 years or more.

Loaned players get sold, Manager Mode – If you loan players, the receiving club will sell them to a 3rd club and you’ll never see them again.

Budget turns negative, Manager Mode – I had about 60 million in my account a the end of the season. This amount changed to -2.400.000.- with the beginning of the new season.

Those major bugs make the Manager Mode unplayable and I don’t know how EA can release a game as unfinished as this.

Very disappointed!

FIFA 10 Bug / PC / Referee > No Red Card

Reported by: Edo Pavelic

I found a bug where me and my brother played a game together offline with my friend and at the start of the game we started with 10 palyers with Real Madrid. We were missing Huntelaar.

FIFA 10 Bug / Xbox 360 / 2-Player Mode > No Red Card

Reported by: Daniel Brooks

When I try to play a 2-player offline match, the game freezes after 1 or 2 seconds (sometimes before I’ve even kicked off).

Often the computer switches the tactics to Ultra-Offensive instantly before the game freezes. I know it isn’t just my disc because it happened to my friend, he traded the game for a new copy and it happened with that copy as well!

I play on the Xbox 360 (and so does said friend).
Can anyone give any advice? And has anyone else had this problem?

FIFA 10 Bug / PC-Demo / Substitution

Reported by: Poloko Kedikilwe

TI started playing the demo today. I noticed three bugs which i thought should be taken care of before the full game is released. 1 is a screen capture and the others are 10 second game saves. The screen capture shows a Chelsea substitution where Zhirkov comes in on the 72th minute. On the 88th minute, he is substituted for Ballack. On the match facts, it registered that there were no injuries, and the player did not limp off.
One of the replays shows a player coming off the defensive wall during a free kick, before the taker kicks the ball. The player subsequently blocks the shot. I was the one defending mind you. It happened twice!


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