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Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 11.

Have you played FIFA 10? What was missing in the game? Do you have any ideas for its next version? Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 11. Share your ideas and suggestions and write down your FIFA 11 wish-list here at FIFPlay.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What are the unnecessary features? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in FIFA 11 be like?

What were the bugs in FIFA 10? Which version of FIFA Series was the best in your opinion? Tell us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 11 in the form given below.

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16,393 thoughts on “Your Wishlist for FIFA 11

  1. They should make you can go into replay of best goals or best saves of the seasons in manager mode at the end of the seasons so it look like a news report.

  2. in ultimate team i have under the maximum number of players so i cant play a match or anyting and i dont have enough money to buy players so what should i do?

  3. Put in INTERNATIONAL MANAGER!!!! As well as more national teams like Japan, Ghana, Serbia, Paraguay and others. League like the Turkish league (again), Czech league (again), ukrainian league, Romanian League, Greek League, Argentine League, ETC. Stadiums like the luzniki stadium, the parken, the Maracana, maybe the one which AEK Athens and Panathanikos share and more. Also maybe have a rest of the world cup like all of the non European counties can qualify for a tournament outside Europe so they all play each other
    Eg. Mexican champion and the australian runner up and stuff like that. I know it’s not real but what the hell neither is half the stuff that happens in the game.

  4. U should be able to make your own kits after every season and put a new sponsoron the top.
    e.g. when you play aseason with aston villa you can decide the styleof the kit tint the colour of the kit and i can change my sponsors to AON

  5. 1) Easy Bicycle Kicks
    2) Easy Overhead Kicks
    3) Easy Scorpion Kicks
    4) Easy Diving Headers
    5) Easy Advanced Volleys
    6) Acrobatic GK Saves
    7) More Tricks and Skills
    8) More Celebrations
    9) Make Players Faster
    10) More National Teams
    11) World Cup Mode
    12) Champions League Mode
    13) Make Players Look Better
    14) Tactical Defending and Attacking
    15) Full HD Graphics
    16) Fans, Flags and Fireworks
    17) Customize Stadiums and Make Them Bigger
    18) Make Players Fight
    19) Players Can Jump Very High
    20) Be A Referee
    21) Arabic, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Dutch, and German Commentators
    22) You Can Customize and Make Your Own Stadiums and You Can Put Huge Screens, VIP Areas, and Swimming Pools in Them
    23) More Balls
    24) The Ball Doesn’t Hit The Referee Like in FIFA 11
    25) You Can Upgrade Player’s Shoes
    26) Players Have Much More Agility, Power and Balance
    27) All Players Can Do Advanced Skills and Tricks
    28) Mini Games
    28) Mini Games, Such as Unrealistic Mode Where Players Can Jump Very High to Perform A Powerful Super Kick
    29) Different Grass Colors
    30) Many Difficulty Modes Higher Than Legendary and Lower Than Amateur and Something In Between
    31) You Can Interact With Fans, Players and Referees
    32) There Is A Hospital Crew
    33) Take Shirt Off Celebration (Even If You Will Be Booked) and You Can Write Stuff on Your Undershirt
    34) Fixed Glitches
    35) Press Conferences in Career Modes
    36) Please Make FIFA 12 Kinect
    37) Make The Players Drink Energy Drinks And Then, They Unleash The Power!
    38) You Can Sell Actual Energy Drinks That are Used In FIFA 12 Kinect
    39) You Can Make It In 3D
    40) You Can Score From Way Out
    41) Virtual Pro Colored Hair
    42) Chants
    43) Advanced Penalties
    44) Advanced Free Kicks
    45) Advanced Corners
    46) Make Us Feel Like We Are In The Pitch
    47) Realistic and Unrealistic Mode
    48) More Referees
    49) Backflip Kicks
    50) Pace Control
    51) Easier Free Kicks
    52) There Is A VIP Area In Each Stadium Where The King, Prince or President of The Country\Squad Can Sit In
    53) New English Pop, Rock and Hip Hop Songs
    54) Create Your Own Celebration
    55) Lots of More Stuff
    56) Surprise Us
    57) Make Those Stupid Referees Better In The Game
    58) All Players Can Do 5 Star Tricks and Skills Like Ronaldo, Messi, Villa, etc.
    59) 6 Star Skills
    60) Broadcast Camera Types
    61) Players Fight When A Bad Tackle Happens And You Can Controlls Them, Example: Press X to Punch, Press B To Kick, Press A To Slap, Press Y To Spit, etc.
    62) Show The Managers Like In FIFA World Cup South Africa 2011 (The Game)
    63) Show The Fans Like In FIFA World Cup South Africa 2011 (The Game)
    64) Fans Sing Chants And Songs
    65) You Can Do Foolish Stuff With Your Player/Virtual Pro Like Ride In The Hospital Car Around The Pitch Or Shoot The Ball Towards The Fans To Break The Fence, Or Dance, Or Make Fun of The Managers/Players

     Thank You Very Much 

  6. Very nice game to a percentage of FIFA 11 from a company I wish to give us a more realistic play and suggest that the center is the work of marketing through Alator Director and Assistant Director ..

    Accept the assurances of respect for your efforts for the success of the Games ..

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    1. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!heyy Creme team! tknhas for the AWWESOME mags this year. i look forward to more next year! 2011..LEGGOOO!!!!!lol ♥=]

  7. they need to sort out pro clubs the lag and the stupid a1 of the computer players.stop the cheating goals up and pass.and just cos your 5ft 2 does not mean your fast look at the height of the fastest man in the world.just get rid of if your player is small your fast,it will make better closer games.and also to call the ball of the computer have maybe two passes max for your player cos its anoying when you have a club with 4 or more playing and one greedy striker keeps calling it.get more points for winning bigger teams.such as ireland beating england by 5 goals?hehe.

  8. Fifa 12 needs to have good new songs because the ones they have are terrible, you need to be able to change peoples boots but they have to be in the manager mode when you change them. There should be more staduims like Man citys and Tottenhams this would make it better to do manager mode for the followiing clubs. Finally, on manager mode clubs need to make bids for better players bacsue they hardley do. I hope u FIFA makers are reading this becasue LOTS OF PEOPLE want these changes, ALL OF THEM!

  9. Where are the trophies? last seen in 2003.. please bring the trophies back into the championship win celebration and add more realism to the trophy celebration.

  10. i think player growth in manager mode should be better with young players able to grow from 75 to 85 if they play really well that season also young players should grow even if nit played. there should be scouts and academy in manager mode. also with more realistic situations and iternational call ups. plus strength is too important and players should dribble past each other without skill. also there should be more emotion on the pitch winning trophies etc.

  11. i have fifa 09 and i hate it, the piece of s*** wont let me adjust my created player ratings the way i want it only gives so many stupid s***ty exp points that leave my player’s rating at a f***ing 47 or 49! wtf EA. get your s*** together i think with this and the fact that the game is so slow makes fifa 09 the biggest piece of garbage i have ever played.

  12. Ultimate Team
    have your vitual pro on ultimate team
    get one gold player and silver player when you get your new team
    create your own kits
    create your own stadium
    when your are playing offline games you should be in a league aswell as being in tournaments
    when you are playing online you should be in a league with your mates
    in the practice arena you should be able to practice in stadiums
    before matches

    you should be able to warm ups on the pich

    you should have kids mascots walking out with the players
    and you should have all of the stadiums and the non league stadiums and leagues

  13. a youth system set up, where you can invest in the quality of your youth players by scouting or nurturing locally based players

  14. If you win a cup then you should be able to see the flashes from camaras in the crowd to make the fans look even more real.

  15. You should be able to have a reserve team that you can create ready to play in maybe cup games against lower teams so you don’t have to go and change your first team around, which takes ages.

  16. Advantage lasts far too long.
    Lack of player artificial intelligence; there run making is terrible, when running forward with a winger the centre forward leads out instead of staying in the box resulting in few players in the box. Marking is awful, defender stops if a through ball is played over the top.
    Referee doesn’t know what he is doing, gives frees for nothing.

  17. i want international manager mode so u can play international games.
    I also think it would b cool if u played career mode as a player then if youru player does well in a club he could be selected for teh national team, same but with a manger. Add also competions liek Euro cup or CAF etc

  18. When you’re playing on the “Pro” camera setting, there should be another mini camera in the top right-hand corner in “Tele” mode. This would give you perfect visuals.

  19. Book players for kicking ball away or fouling after whistle has gone. Also suspend players for 3 games after a straight red of 1 game for 2 bookings!

  20. GREEK LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have brilliant players here e.g djibril cisse,govou,leto,ninis,bousmong,melberg,pantelic,mirallas,scocco,dellas…….. Plus, how can you not have the Greek league when Greece has won the EURO 2004 and competing in world cups recently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. players to have proper run ups like in real life. ie. Drogba’s run up. Show managers out of their technical areas and the benches and Fourth official for substitutions.

  22. FIFA 11 is great and comparing it to pes it is amazing!!! it could be even better if the be a pro mode was improved by letting your player to be loaned and play for his national team like fifa10.New leagues like ukrainian,greek,cypriot….. :))))))

  23. have players like platini,romario,maradona,pele,lineker,boby charlton, gerd muller on the classic XI team. add the GREEK AND CYPRUS LEAGUE. THE only thing PES has that is better than fifa is the champions and europa league. Add it on fifa 12

  24. how about free kick/penalty stance cause i know people don’t like taking a free kick and penalty in the same boring way. Create ur own boots and more coloured boots, celebrations, new hair styles and commentary name where you can go in creation centre type in what you want the commentators to say when your pro or player get the ball. You should make it more realistic e.g. commentators talk about the players old club, the ammount of goals just like in real life. Champions league and europa league need to be put on there.

  25. Please bring back the after 4 years in be a pro a world cup and introduce more detail to be a pro i,e look at madden 11 the be a pro puts s*** on fifa.

  26. fifa never get the colour of chelseas kit correct its deep blue not light blue every year fifa get it wrong, players look great tho, but more need to be done – real madrid and man utd faces would be good,

  27. 15 players faces that need to be created fof fifa 12 – sergio ramos – marcelo – pepe – ronaldo – di maria – n vidic – p evra – a valencia – hernandes – smalling – bale – modric – a lennon – g barry – pato

  28. I think for FIFA 12 you should make it so you can dribble past players just by quick movement on joypad rather than OTT skills.Also defensive headers should really be getting a lot more distance.More international teams and more club teams(Shaktar/Berwick/etc)

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