FC 24 Soundtrack

EA Sports FC 24 Soundtrack

FC 24 Soundtrack’s full playlist revealed on September 20, 2023. EA Sports FC 24 soundtrack features over 100 songs by artists from different countries.

Here is the list of confirmed songs so far:

FC 24 Soundtrack Playlist

Channel Tres
Fist in the Sky
Jords and Jordan Mackampa
For Granted
Going Kokomo
Royel Otis
Haunt My Mind
IMANU and Tudor
The Blaze
Not Today
Matata and Liam Bailey
Zakes Bantwini and Kasango
Protein v2
Jeshi ft Obongjayar and Westside Boogie
Skrillex, Fred Again and Flowdan
The World's Biggest Paving Slab
English Teacher

Volta Football Soundtrack

Danger Mouse and Black Thought
Fils de joi
Pheelz ft. BNXN
Let Me Be Great
Sampa The Great ft. A Kidjo
Ojitos Lindos
Bad Bunny, Bomba Est'reo
Tonight feat. Ezra Koenig

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25 thoughts on “FC 24 Soundtrack

  1. Puppet – Kawasaki Boy

    Christine And The Queens – Marvin descending

    Slowdive – Kisses

    Caroline Polachek – The gate

  2. 1 Eladio Carrión-Mbappe
    2 Olivia Rodrigo- Bad idea Right
    3 Stromae-Papaoutai
    4 Surtfaces -Sheesh!
    5 Noman-Feeling Good
    6 Curtis Waters-Stunning
    7 Rkomi -Partite Da Te
    8 Nvdes-D.Y.T. Do your Thing feat.Remmi

  3. Let’s just have the best songs from all previous FIFA games. Celebrate what has been and the freedom ea have now?

  4. i got a song that would fit the game
    maybe could alter the song for fifa
    “Habit” by Rapha X it look up

  5. Hey there, I want to share these 5 songs for EA Sports to add them for FC 24:
    1. Eladio Carrión – Mbappé
    2. Taiu ft. Milo J – Rara Vez
    3. Gorillaz ft. Mavis Staples & Pusha T – Let Me Out
    4. Tyler, The Creator – See You Again ft. Kali Uchis
    5. Central Cee – LET GO

  6. Hi everyone, here’s my top 40 including European, Asian and South and North American vibes. You can find this playlist here ; https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7cgtBlsQ96Exfc9u2FOMOb?si=5198870505a04fb7

    1) Tom Grennan – How Does it Feel (https://youtu.be/ELw5Cs7LLZ8&ab_channel=TomGrennanVEVO)
    2) PLK ft. Kerchak – 7/7 (https://youtu.be/wS4xU_UcPLc&ab_channel=PLKTV)
    3) Pineapple StormTV – Barbarela (https://youtu.be/OGMSze327y0&ab_channel=PineappleStormTV)
    4) Kamakaze ft. Deuce Sparks – Time it Took (https://youtu.be/cs3jDFCR1Fk&ab_channel=KamakazeVEVO)
    5) AYYO ft. Kravz – фонари (https://youtu.be/JlTTGiJzVoo&ab_channel=AYYO)
    6) Bankrol Hayden ft. Lil Tecca – Come Through (https://youtu.be/dwGhLKufgYc&ab_channel=BankrolHayden)
    7) Kingsize – Alleenzaam (https://youtu.be/4HnVqnh4Nb0&ab_channel=Kingsize-Topic)
    8) RAYE – Flip A Switch (Sped Up) (https://youtu.be/ZMvcYrMvfmQ&ab_channel=RayeVEVO)
    9) Aitch – Louis Vitton (https://youtu.be/-KpDezhAreE&ab_channel=AitchVEVO)
    10) Private Zero – In Da Function (https://youtu.be/D05A246jAKI&ab_channel=PrivateZero-Topic)
    11) Ziak – Désolé (https://youtu.be/DVrHzh6ucro&ab_channel=Ziak-Topic)
    12) Mae Stephens – If We Ever Broke Up (https://youtu.be/f5hMtIBcntY&ab_channel=MaeStephens-Topic)
    13) ICEKIID ft. Outlandish – Guantanamo (https://youtu.be/eR3WTkwuCFo&ab_channel=ICEKIID-Topic)
    14) Marshmello ft. Manuel Turizo – El Merengue (https://youtu.be/25vNYV0qdgA&ab_channel=MarshmelloVEVO)
    15) Averagekidluke – No Good 4 U (https://youtu.be/ixbXr65L6G8&ab_channel=Averagekidluke-Topic)
    16) ASHE 22 ft. Central Cee – Anthracite (https://youtu.be/suorYuMH_mk&ab_channel=ASHE22)
    17) Averagekidluke – GONE (https://youtu.be/54K0zVbads8&ab_channel=averagekidluke)
    18) French The Kid – Waiting For You (https://youtu.be/9SsMecnZ_QE&ab_channel=FrenchTheKid)
    19) Camino ft. Wiz Khalifa – Steady (https://youtu.be/X5k5j-Ifqos&ab_channel=SnoopDoggTV)
    20) NF – HAPPY (https://youtu.be/vhumOLNSSJY&ab_channel=NFVEVO)
    21) Chill Bump – Sixteen (https://youtu.be/75axr2BVCAY&ab_channel=ChillBump)
    22) AHTI ft. Costi – Yksinkertasta (https://youtu.be/vy5eexsVR2E&ab_channel=AHTI)
    23) D’One – California (https://youtu.be/zUNhQSpoeJU&ab_channel=D%27One-Topic)
    24) futurebae – Fensterbank (https://youtu.be/nbCkApD518I&ab_channel=VariousArtists-Topic)
    25) Jalen Santoy – Tuff Luv (https://youtu.be/Rjzykk9ak-M&ab_channel=JalenSantoy-Topic)
    26) 1.Cuz – HIT (https://youtu.be/MdvHMuGeLlw&ab_channel=1Cuz)
    27) Kronan ft. Bakermat – Gatluak (https://youtu.be/enlEu3Bn6Pw&ab_channel=Bakermat)
    28) Xamã – Se Acaba (https://youtu.be/pBTSytr2QNg&ab_channel=Xam%C3%A3)
    29) Shea Michael – Break The Cycle (https://youtu.be/rpS5sDS1biY&ab_channel=SheaMichael)
    30) Natalia Paris ft. Zion & Lennox – MAMACITA (https://youtu.be/ExFUxbQiPEY&ab_channel=NataliaParis)
    31) Don Omar – Bandidos (https://youtu.be/ettcTNxzblg&ab_channel=DonOmarNation)
    32) Blinkie ft. Bugzy Malone – All Of Me (https://youtu.be/rWdc9tB1mm4&ab_channel=BLINKIEVEVO)
    33) Dave ft. Central Cee – Sprinter (https://youtu.be/pSY3i5XHHXo&ab_channel=CentralCee)
    34) Private Zero – Lady & The Tramp (https://youtu.be/cjPjV5tiSSA&ab_channel=PrivateZero-Topic)
    35) Ivandro – Chakras (https://youtu.be/B7IZMb7VOtU&ab_channel=Ivandro)
    36) D.A.M.A – Loucamente (https://youtu.be/FuOT8rEUIvE&ab_channel=DAMAMusicOficial)
    37) doVicente – Lullaby (https://youtu.be/d8K-kmi7dlY&ab_channel=ElectroPos%C3%A9)
    38) WIU – Coração de Gelo (https://youtu.be/p03BWB5SN4M&ab_channel=30PRAUM)
    39) OneRepublic – Sunshine (https://youtu.be/Jbch_x5132o&ab_channel=OneRepublicVEVO)
    40) DENNIS ft. MC Kevin o Chris – Tá OK (https://youtu.be/aHBW_Nd_z8k&ab_channel=DENNIS)

    Hope you’ll enjoy it, let me know so I can improve the playlist. Have a great day !!

    1. I Agree with all of these songs, especially How Does It Feel by Tom Grennan. An incredible song.
      Mae Stephens’ song If We Ever Broke Up is a great song too, but I’d also add Lost The Breakup by Maisie Peters which is another amazing song. Great list.

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