FC 24 Position Modifier Cards (Position Change)

FC 24 Position Change Cards

Position Modifier cards in FC 24 Ultimate Team are consumable items that can be applied to a player to change their preferred position.

Using a positioning card, you can change a player’s position to their alternative position in case you want to get a better outcome or chemistry rate from that player in your squad.

The Position Modifier consumable item in FC 24, will only allow you to switch players’ positions between their primary and secondary. This means there is only a single position modifier card and all types of specific position modifiers, such as CAM >> CM, are no longer available.

How to Apply Positioning Cards to a Player?

To apply position modifier items to a player card, go to your squad in FUT, select your player, and bring up the Player Actions screen (PS4: Square button/Xbox: X button), Apply Consumable, then select a position modifier card from the Positioning tab.

Then, choose your preferred position from the available alternative positions of the selected player. Take note that to switch back to your player’s primary position, you need to apply another Position Modifier card.

How to See a Player’s Alternative Positions?

To check a player’s alternative position, select the player in the squad or anywhere else where actions are available to player cards. Then, check their BIO by pressing R3 (press Right Stick). Go to their Player Details and look for their backup position(s). 

Where to Find Position Modifier Cards?

Player position modifier cards can be found in the FC 24 packs or be gained as rewards. You can purchase and trade position change items in the Transfer Market – Under the Consumables section.

Can I Change a Player’s Modified Position Back to its Original Position?

Yes. Any changed position can be changed back to its primary position. To do so, you need to apply a new position modifier card to the player and select their primary position.

Can I Change a Goalkeeper’s Position?

No, goalkeepers’ positions cannot be changed to anything else.


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