FC 24 Clubs Mode

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs Mode

Clubs mode (Previously know as Pro Clubs) is an online mode in FC 24 that allows you to create an avatar, known as a Virtual Pro Player, and play your position on the pitch with other online users and your friends in an 11 vs. 11 match. You can improve your Virtual Player by levelling up and gaining XP.

Your Virtual Pro’s qualities will increase based on your match rating as you play Clubs matches, and you will get skill points to spend on your player’s skill attributes. You can play drop-in matches or join or start a club and play for points. When you play for a club, you can progress from Division 10 to Division 1 and win trophies.


As a new feature in FC 24, Clubs mode supports the cross-play feature, which allows you to play Clubs with users on other platforms with the same platform generation as yours.

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  1. Fc beta pro clubs. I made a club try to get into clubs Squad to kick a player I cannot as it say – unable to retrieve content from ea servers at this time
    When I load up Volta it’s not letting me complete it as it says there’s an error.

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