FC 24 Online Settings

FC 24 Online Settings

Online Settings option in EA Sports FC 24 allows you to view your account, adjust your privacy settings and matchmaking options.

Online Settings are accessible from FC 24 Home > Settings menu.

Here is the list of options you’ll get on Online Settings feature:

  • EA Account, User Agreement, Privacy and Cookie Policy
  • Privacy Settings
  • Matchmaking Options

EA Account, User Agreement, Privacy and Cookie Policy

Here you can view your EA Account information, including your:

  • Public ID
  • Email Address
  • Membership Starting Date

To edit you information, you need to go to origin.com/profile

Privacy Settings

Using this option, you can adjust you privacy settings for the following options:


Settings regarding your Playtime.

Usage Sharing

Choose whether you want to share your usage data and information with EA.

In-Game Surveys

Opt in or out surveys that may be available whiten the game or game menus.

Matchmaking Options

Here you can change and modify the settings for your matchmaking when playing online:

Approximate Location Matchmaking

When this option is on, it will uses your IP address to find an opponent closer to you for online play in Head to Head modes. If you set this option to No, you may have opponent with higher ping rate.

Opt-in to Cross-Play

By enabling Cross-play, you will be able to play with opponents from other platforms. Cross-play allows you to connect and play with opponents regardless of what platform they play on.

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  1. My sons only played on his new eafc for one day and now it is stopping his playtime??? I haven’t paid for it so that he is limited to play on it. My email address has changed so I can’t even sort it!

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