FC 24 Matchmaking

EA Sports FC 24 Matchmaking

The EA Sports FC 24 online matchmaking system works based on three main factors: your geographic location, your current form, and your platform. The matchmaking mechanism matches you with someone in your division or with a similar form, preferably from the same location. Here are the details for these three factors:

Main Factors

  • Your Location – Based on your IP address and your account region.
  • Your Current Form – Your match or competition stage (e.g. Play-Offs or Finals) – This implies you’ll be matched with other players who have the same Form as you. Form does not transfer between competitions. When you first begin a Play-Offs or Finals, your Form is zero.
  • Your Platform – This is taken into account when cross-play option is enabled.

What exactly is Form? And how does it take shape?

Your Form in FUT Champions Play-Offs and Finals, respectively, represents a tally of all the games you’ve participated in during the current tournament. At the onset of every tournament, your Form is set to zero and fluctuates based on your performance.

Consider this example. Assume your first five games in a Play-Offs stretch resulted in W/L/L/W/W.

After these five games, your Form would be at +1. This is calculated by adding +1 for each victory and subtracting -1 for each defeat.

  • Prior to your first game, your Form is 0.
  • Your first game is a victory, thus gaining 1. Form now stands at +1.
  • The second game is a loss, so you forfeit 1. Form resets to 0.
  • The third game is another loss, leading to a deduction of 1. Form drops to -1.
  • The fourth game is a victory, so you gain 1. Form reverts to 0.
  • The fifth game is a win, so you add 1. Form goes back to +1.
  • Consequently, moving into your sixth game, your current Form is +1.

Is there a limit to how my Form can vary?

In FUT Champions Play-Offs, your Form could dip as low as -8 or rise as high as +8.

In the FUT Champions Finals, your Form could range from a minimum of -15 to a maximum of +15.

Can I play against players from different platforms?

If you have cross-play enabled, you are allowed to compete with players using different platforms than yours. However, you can only face opponents using the same generation of platform, regardless of your cross-play settings:

  • PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

What are the potential rewards for participating in the Champions Play-Offs and Finals?

The potential rewards for each tournament are specified in-game and can be viewed by checking your tournament progression in-game.

Matchmaking in Ultimate Team (FUT)

Matchmaking in the FC Ultimate Team game mode has been a controversial topic. The above-mentioned factors are applied to the online matches in FUT 24, but some players believe that skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is also considered in FUT online matches.

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  1. This matchmaking system is not working correctly. Last weekend league I asked 4 of my opponents their record/form before they played against me. EVERY single player had different form than me. For example When I was 6-11, my opponent was 4-6, that’s a huge difference and doesn’t make the competition equal.. No wonder the opponents felt too good to be at the same form as me and I ended up with the worst rank ever in my fut champs history

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