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FIFA 24 Leagues

Which football leagues need to be featured in EA SPORTS FC 24 (FIFA 24) game?

Vote now for the leagues you would like to see them added to the Football Club 24 Leagues list. Show EA which football leagues must be fully licensed for their forthcoming FC game.

Use the voting form to cast your vote and support your favourite league.

Your favourite league’s name isn’t listed here? No worries, you can ask us to add it to the list by either contacting us directly or commenting on our Instagram page.


Which Leagues Should be Licensed for EA Sports FC 24?

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390 thoughts on “Vote for FC 24 (FIFA 24) Leagues

  1. Greece’s male super clique is bad, seriously bad. I would even recommend removing the greek male teams from “rest of world”. Our women’s leagues are better, despite the worse financial conditions and sexist social stigma. I would recommend adding all three divisions of greek women’s football. Also please add an option of reactivating the away goal rule, at least in all offline modes, and make possible to play women vs men at least in kick-off and all custom tournaments. Another recommendation is to add at least three female divisions for every country that already has a male league in the game. Not simple, but should do something to remove the sexist social stigma from women’s football overall.

  2. Yo quiero que agregan la Liga Nacional de Guatemala y que también agregan la selección nacional de Guatemala

  3. +Uzbekistan league
    +Finnish league
    +Armenian league
    +Venezuelean league
    +Tunisian league
    +Philippines league
    +Algerian league
    +Bosnian league
    +Portuguese 2nd league
    +Netheralnds 2nd league
    +Lithuanian league
    +latvian league
    +Bielorusian league
    +Cubanese league
    +Moldovian 2nd league
    +New zeeland league
    +tajikistan league
    +french spanish italian 3nd leagues
    +Canadian league
    +Paraguayan league
    +Regionalliga (4nd german league)
    +Luxemburgese league
    +Andorra league
    +Walesh league
    +Tanzanian league
    +Albanian league
    +American 2nd league
    +Slovakian league
    +Slovenian league
    +Jordanian league

    1. Моля ви се добавете Efbet Liga!!!
      Ако я добавите ще бъда най радостният човек във фифата

  4. Kindly please Add

    The Egyptian League

    CAF Champions League

    El Ahly SC to ea sports fc 24

  5. Are we able to see the Japanese Women’s League and the Hollywood Bets Super League (South African Women’s League) and more of female National teams.
    Can u please add youth academies for player career mode and an option to be player manager

  6. 1-Add UAE league to FIFA 24
    2- bring back Brazilian league
    3- bring back football legends randomly in FIFA youth squad in career mode as it will be epic.

    1. That would be cool
      my Suggestions:
      -CAF Champions League
      -AFC Champions League
      – Algerian 1st Division

  7. For me it was good to see Greek Super league in EASPORTSFC24 . Because it is a league with big history and big teams .

    1. اسرائیلی هستی؟ من ایرانی هستم
      ایران لیگش بهتره تا اسرائیل البته قصدم طوهین نبود ولی کاشکی یه روزی هم لیگ ایران می آمد در فیفا هم لیگ اسرائیل. ما با شما دشمنی نداریم^_^

      1. بابا این حق میگه ، اتفاقا خیلی از ایرانیا عاشق سنت و فرهنگ اسرائیلن

  8. Please Vote for Egyptian League or even CAF champions league so we can all play with Al Ahly and other Egyptian teams for the first time in history

  9. Please add in South Africa National team and old are the national teams I think it was in FIFA 14 where all the national teams were in the game and you can choose which one to players in the World Cup and that’s on the main things I want

  10. الشعب العربي و المصري اتمنى اضفت كل الدوريات العربيه بما في ذلك الدوري المصري

  11. 1 English national league come on EA so long overdue u have Wrexham on rest of the world give the other teams some love us career mode people been Longing for the national league it make FA Cup and carabao cup so more interesting and road to glory

    2 south African league I feel Africa deserves at least 1 league u have 3 in rest of the world would love to see a full league

    3 Mexican league crazy it’s not there I know PES got the rights u should do what u can to get that league back with some stadiums also not enough leagues from the latin Americans countries

    4 Japan league with some stadiums from Asia whether it’s from Japanese or Chinese super league would be nice and make the game more global appeal

    5 south east Asia league not seen in the game but the Thai league or Indonesian league would be a welcome edition and also boost your audience in those regions

    6 Spanish 3rd division would be great and help match the leagues of English divisions and German 3 divisions

    1. Agreed.
      1. Can I also see the Egyptian Premier League and can FIFA put Simba SC (Tanzania) in Rest of World. Is FIFA also be able to add CAF Champions League and Confederations Cup.
      2. Can they add AFCON with teams like the mention African wishlist including Botswana, Namibia etc.

  12. please add Ukrainian league please to support Ukrainians or at least Dnipro-1 and zoryu to somehow support Ukrainians please

  13. Griechische liga, tschechische liga und österreichische 2.liga, realistische Qualifikation für champions League und europa league und Conference league,

      1. dutch 2nd division should be there since they are in top 5 next season and france is not while france has ligue 2 in the game

  14. my wishlist:
    Add afc champions league
    add afc cup
    add Syrian Premier league
    add Iranian league
    Add iraqi league
    Add UAE League
    Add Chinese Women’s league
    Add South korean Women’s League
    Add Syria cup
    Add Saudi Arabia Cup
    Add Iraq Cup
    Add Iran Cup
    Add france Women’s Cup
    Add Women’s FA Cup
    Add Women’s fa community shield
    Add Women’s france champions Cup
    Add Syria Men’s national team
    Add Syria Women’s national team

    1. Please vote for Greek league. Some great players will join some Greek clubs and the will get deleted… like Marcelo and Rodriguez.

    1. I think the Croatian league (HNL) would be a fun league! One of the younger leagues in the world and they have a lot of talent that comes out of the league.

      1. You should really add the greek super League. We the greeks have been waiting for too long. If not then just add the Cyprus league or another interesting league. But still you to add the greek league

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