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Futties is a fan-driven promo event in FIFA Ultimate Team where the FIFA community gets the opportunity to vote for their favourite player across the FUTTIE Nominees in specific categories. Each Futties winner player will get a special pink-colored player card with boosted stats.

Usually, Futties event starts in early July each year and takes about 6 weeks to be completed.


The FUTTIES event appeared for the first time in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

Nomination & Voting

FUTTIE nominees are chosen by EA. The community fans will be able to vote for their favourite nominated players and the winner will be announced later by EA.

In FIFA 17, the FUTTIES voting is available as a Squad Building Challenges. Fans can vote for their favourite nominees by completing the Nominee SBC for the players they want to vote for.

Player Cards

The FUTTIES cards are special boosted pink-colored player cards which are given to the FUTTIES Winners. The FUTTIES Players are available in the packs and as SBC awards during the FUTTIES event.

Other Offers & Events

The FUTTIES offer other awards and events other than FUTTIES player card. Here is a list of offers that are available during a FUTTIES event:

  • Special Packs
  • Special SBCs
  • Free Gifts

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