The FUTTIES are an annual celebration in FIFA Ultimate Team. The FUTTIES in FIFA 18 starts from Wednesday, July 8 through Wednesday, August 22, a 6 week celebration. FIFA 18 Ultimate Team has had a fantastic season, from Ones To Watch to FUTmas to the Festival of FUTball that recently wrapped up after the FIFA World Cup. This FUT event celebrates the best of everything in FUT 18 for a limited time by bringing back some of your favorite player items and SBCs from throughout the year, as well as brand-new content to help upgrade your FUT squad.

What are The FUTTIES?

The FUTTIES is a fan-driven event where the FIFA community gets the opportunity to vote for their favorite player across 10 categories. Each winner will get a special pink-colored item with boosted stats in FIFA 18. Learn more about the FUTTIES at

Best of Campaign Content FUT 18

There have been some incredible player items released in FUT events this year, including a few that probably got away from you when they were live. This means, you will have another opportunity to get some of those items again. During the FUTTIES 2018, selected Best Of Campaign Content player items can be found in FUT packs and through special SBCs.

The different Best Of Campaign Content items will be released at various times throughout the FUTTIES, and every item will be available in packs during the final week of the event.

FUTTIES Player Voting SBCs and Nominees

Over the course of the six weeks, 30 players will be nominated across 10 categories and you will have the opportunity to vote for your favourite by completing their specific FUTTIES Nomination SBC. By completing the FUTTIES Nomination SBC, you will also receive a pink FUTTIES Nominee item with base stats of the player you voted for.

The player with the most completed Nomination SBCs will win each category. Their FUTTIES Winner item will then be made available with boosted stats in a separate Winner SBC.

Completing the Winner SBC is the only way to get the Winner item, Nominee items DO NOT get an automatic upgrade.


Your votes will decide who wins the FUTTIES! When you log in on specific days during the event, you will receive the three FUTTIES Nominee items. Submit one Nominee item (out of the three) to that day’s special SBC to cast your vote for the player you’d like to see win a FUTTIES item. The most-submitted player from that day will get a FUTTIES Winner item with a ratings upgrade on the following day, only available by completing the Winner SBC.

Completing the Winner SBC is the only way to get the Winner item, Nominee items DO NOT get an automatic upgrade.

There are nine total categories for the FUTTIES: GK, LB, CB, RB, CM, RM, LM, ST, and Fantasy Positions. The Winner item for one category will only be available through completion of a Weekly Objective. Note that the Nominee items only have base ratings and will not receive any upgrades if the player also gets a Winner item.

End of Era SBC Items

One of the most popular FUT events is back for this year’s FUTTIES — with a twist. End of an Era SBCs are returning, but they aren’t just for recognizing great players that are retiring. Instead, this year’s End of an Era players are simply being honored for their legacies at the clubs that made their careers. Some players are retiring, but others are simply moving on — it’s literally the end of an era for these club legends.

Join us in celebrating these players as they receive End of an Era items with upgraded ratings, and add them to your FUT squad by completing their limited-time SBC. Every player will also get a loan item that can be obtained by completing an SBC with lower requirements, in case you’d like to try out one of players first.

Reward Packs

During the FUTTIES, players who log in to FUT will be rewarded with an untradeable pack based on their number of session days in FUT 18. You must log in to claim your pack at any time during the FUTTIES event.

Throughout the FUTTIES, players will also receive a weekly reward (untradeable) based on their activity during the event.


How do I vote for FUTTIE Awards?
Complete the Nominee SBC for the player you want to vote for.

Will the items that I get by completing a Nominee SBC have boosted stats?
No, the Nominee reward items will have the same stats but will be a special unique pink item.

Do FUTTIE Nominee items get automatically updated if the player wins?
No, the winner’s item with boosted stats will be available only through a separate FUTTIES Winner SBC.

Will transferred players only be available through Marquee Tranfers SBCs?
No, they will also be available in packs as per usual.

Are players featured in Marquee Transfer SBCs awarded as special items?
No, they are regular player items.


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