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  1. The game’s very good and needs a little improvements in gameplay
    And I thought if you can make a version for Playstation portable or psp
    I know it’s has bad graphics and no one plays on it,but most of people are playing on an emulator called ppsspp,And if you made a new version I think it will be so good because every one plays old pes on it but with bad gameplay,But thus one can have a big difference in gameplay and graphics,cameras,celebrations,etc…
    I hope you accept this request

  2. i just won the game and straight away it disconnected and i couldn’t log in and when it connected it tells me i lost.

  3. This is a request to the Game creator if we cn choose option for day n night match n sunny or rainny match will be much appreciated, and cn we change the ball design now please, the game is perfect if all this features are available it will be more perfect, overall the best game i hav played so far i have been playing snce 2016 or 2017 i dnt rember exactly till now im playing, just little bit match features update is der will be much appereciated thank you

  4. eFootball: A Game in Need of Improvements

    eFootball, the popular soccer video game, has garnered a massive following over the years. However, like any game, it is not without its flaws. In this review, we will address some key areas where eFootball needs significant improvement in order to enhance the gameplay experience.

    1. Passing Woes: The passing mechanics in eFootball require immediate attention. Currently, passes feel imprecise and lack the necessary combination of direction and power. It often seems as though the game deliberately intercepts passes, leading to frustration and hindering the flow of play. Additionally, through passes are especially problematic, with an overwhelming number of them being intercepted. Lob through passes are also inaccurately executed, frequently played near opponents rather than forward, further frustrating players.

    2. Player Switching Woes: Another major issue lies in the player switching mechanism. There are instances where the game becomes confused and switches control to the wrong player, resulting in missed opportunities and potential goals. This can significantly impact gameplay, and by the time the player regains control of the desired character, it is often too late. A more accurate and responsive player switching system is imperative for a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

    3. Inconsistent Attack/Defence Buttons: There is a noticeable problem with the attack/defense button transition. When losing possession, players often continue with the pass action instead of immediately engaging in defense. This delay in action can lead to frustrating situations where the opponent can take advantage and capitalize on the situation. Swift and intuitive switching between offensive and defensive actions should be a priority for future updates.

    4. Challenging Ball Recovery: Winning the ball back after a tackle is an area that requires significant improvement. Currently, when a tackle is executed successfully, the recovering player takes an unusually long time to regain optimal positioning, making it difficult to win back possession. This imbalance makes it relatively easy for opponents to outmaneuver the player, creating an unfair disadvantage. Quick recovery and the ability to compete physically should be given greater importance.

    5. Unbalanced Player Speed: The disparity in player speed is a glaring issue in eFootball. Even when a player successfully dribbles past an opponent, they can be easily caught up and chased down. This unrealistic portrayal of player speed undermines the skill and agility of faster players and allows slower defenders to catch up effortlessly. A more accurate representation of player speed and agility would greatly improve the overall gameplay dynamics.

    6. Defensive goalkeepers often exhibit a flaw by frequently staying on the goal line, even in one-on-one situations. In real-world soccer, goalkeepers would typically charge out to close down the angle and make it difficult for the opponent to score. This aspect should be improved to reflect more realistic goalkeeper behavior, adding depth to the game’s defensive strategies.
    7. Missing Auto Switching Move Assistance:
    Auto Switching Move Assistance can be a valuable addition to the game. It would allow players to maintain movement in a specific direction for a short period after the switch has occurred. This can be helpful if you’re already holding the analogue stick in a given direction when the switch takes place. By incorporating this feature, players would have more control over their movements.

    eFootball has captivated players worldwide with its immersive football experience, but there are notable areas that could benefit from improvement. Enhancing the passing mechanics, player switching, attack/defense transitions, ball-winning mechanics, player speed consistency, goalkeeper behavior, and introducing Auto Switching Move Assistance would contribute to a more realistic and enjoyable gaming experience. By addressing these aspects, eFootball can continue to evolve and maintain its position as a top football simulation game.

  5. Horrible game. Most unenjoyable game of all time, Superstar mode is made to torture all users. The players are 2x faster than your players in superstar mode. Impossible to complete through pass, almost all shots are blocked, unable to overtake players even Mbappe, Neymar, Messi, Viniscus are easily overtaken while sprinting. Terrible job konami, one more user lost. Don’t even try making another football game.

  6. You keep on changing the gameplay and make it worse so that people can always hang in the game..You intentionally make the gameplay bad..Digusting..

  7. I love this game with my heart and I can’t stop playing it but I wish that the game had more features and I wish they added more clubs in the offline matches from the premier league and champions league

    1. i just won the game and straight away it disconnected and i couldn’t log in and when it connected it tells me i lost.

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