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  1. Worst football game ever made ! Tons on shady crap in game , games are all pre fixed , errors are the worst I’ve seen in 30 years of gaming ! No wonder it’s free

  2. Cari signori di efootball, ma porco due! Non è possibile che a ogni contrasto falloso all’arbitro gli manca il fischietto!
    È insopportabile questa cosa, proprio oggi l’arbitro dovevo fischiarmi un rigore e non lo ha fatto.
    Non ne fischia uno!
    Per favore quindi, vi chiedo di sistemare questa cosa, sia su console che su smarpone.

  3. To be honest the ideal of Efootball 2023 is great and challengeable but unfortunately there is lots of game corrections which won’t let us to use our talents and experience and it makes it unfair and its stressful. I detected Efootball and hope one day Efootball 2023 will understand to don’t control the games and let players if deserve the win then they win.

  4. I dont know why people are talking trash about efootball 2023. When gameplay becomes more and more difficult, obviously its very interesting to play and we get many challenges to figure it out.
    One request to efootball mobile is to update 3-2-5 formation with 2 wingers, a center forward, 2 Attacking midfielders, 2 centre/defencive midfielders and 3 center backs.

  5. E football is trash. I don’t recommend anyone to play it. Some players trick the game for power short and many more. The referee give some bullshit penalty that doesn’t even exist in real life. I hate this game . I deleted it! And I don’t recommend anyone to download that trash.



      1. My goalkeeper scored 2 own goals when I was winning 3-0 lol . The person I was playing against was so shit I was 3-0 up in the first 28 mins . I Looked at his team and it was obvious he purchased most if not all his players . Game is shit and they let the payers win

  6. Hi.. So i really enjoyed the game, but can you please add reset player progression, its okay if you dont want to make it free, you can add reset player with cost 500K GP Coins, pls at least add reset player progression, im begging you KONAMI, if you do this, im sure ill never deleted this game.. Thank You KONAMI from Malaysia

  7. This game is very cool but we need some new features….. The most i want personally is reset player progression so that we can train our players in different ways i have manchest united ronaldo but i want to reset his training and now i cannot even get new mu ronaldo so pls add this feature it will help us a lot.. Thnk u

  8. This game controls all your winning n losing percentage , no matter how strong your team . Do not spent money buying players !!
    This is bul**** n hoax . It’s same system as a slot machine .

  9. You had the best football game and now its not even close!! People want to play matches with their friends not dream team being the 99% of thegame.. this used to be part of the extras.. how is it now the main feature.. you broke sommat that didnt need fixing!! …. well other than adding more teams! so instead you get rid of all of them.. ??
    go back to where you were with it and make everybody happy!!

  10. frustrating playing experience. players behavior is erratic, positioning and movement awful, controlling is unpredictable, IA may be artificial but not intelligent for sure. Defending is a lottery and top world class players fail passes (randomly) as if it was done by my own foot…

    team movements, both in attack and in defense have very little of common sense

  11. I’m the one who love to play pes and I spent a lot to buy player. BUT efootball is terrible game. The update should be better to play but it becomes worse. I really got angry and blood pressure while playing efootball. It command are very bad especially when defending, didn’t switch to the player who near the ball automatically like pes, player did not approach to the ball (running behind the opponent) while pressuring, didn’t switch to the nearest players to the ball while pressuring….

    I love pes but I do hate efootball. I stop playing this game and removed it.

    This version developers or updater should crazy to set these to be worse.

  12. Has the potential to be a very good game, but the controls don’t always respond to what you press. Hard to click on players you want at important times in the game (defending). Some games they respond well and other games they don’t.

  13. Efootball 22
    I really appreciate the entire developer for the work done to release this update, they really tried.
    To be candid this update broke my heart as in deeply because many of us has higher expectation which was not met. Currently EFOOTBALL Rating is now 2.3 on play store instead of 4.6 of the previous version that shows the previous is 2times better than the updated version.
    My plead is that BRING BACK PES 21 VERSION with this good graphics of EFootball 22 and well player signing.
    This will be a good game for us, hope this review is not something we only say with no action, please act on this before all the fans settle for alternative games

  14. Pes 22 is too bad control or no power shot and very slow….. Control.. I want pes would be like pes 2021, sir please please please please please please back update like pes 21

  15. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE update, I hope whoever had the idea to make this update losess their job,like why just wake up and decide to RUIN such a good game, should’ve just left it pes 20, literally everything is horrible in the update except for the graphics, everything else is TERRIBLE

  16. The only good thing about PES 22 is the ability to sign any player.Everything else is a disaster.Dont let people waste the data and time with such a horrible game.Please bring back PES mobile 21.I don’t see a way for a improvement other than that
    PES 21 was such a hit.The ability to sign any player was the only thing that needed updating.Please please bring back PES 21.PES should be the best.

  17. Good graphics great features not gonna lie about that.
    But the gameplay is awful like
    it’s like you guys didn’t test the game before releasing it.
    The players are heavy as In
    I’ve never conceded so many goals only before,
    Little strikers beat my defence like Campbell and puyol and nothing
    Instead of staying in front of the striker to intercept the ball they rather start a qui at the back of the striker
    Which is really annoying Nd
    I’ve not even seen a decent slide tackle since at all by destroyers
    Damn please so much to say but just bring back our gameplay of 2021 back
    Again !
    Please Bring the 2021 gameplay back !!

  18. as for patch 1.0.1 the gameplay have to improve in:
    1. Passing
    – pass always redirect to opponent path
    – pass to the wrong player
    2. Attacking
    – when player get the ball, AI teammate will always move forward which gives low pass option. Please give option to come short for pass
    – striker will always run forward like he wants to beat offside trap but as soon as we through pass he stop??
    3. Defence
    – Worst defend. wrong cursor change. Instead of waiting in front of opponent, they run and follow opponent from behind
    – Auto animation led to penalty or freekick
    – Need to improve the AI ball recovery
    4. Goalkeeper
    – So easy to get beaten. Curve and goal
    – 1-1 is useless af
    5. Freekick
    – So easy freekick once player know how to do
    – Even rating with 70 below can do decent freekick and goal
    6. Referee
    – Certain foul is definitely not yellow and red
    – Annoyed with no foul eventhough its clear foul??
    – You want to say its realisitic but its not. its clear some script is remove so that certain foul is not consider foul
    7. Physics
    – why the f player when get physical from opponent is easier to fall and so hard to get back up?
    -get bodied and cannot recover the ball
    – should add some animation when get bodied they can recover fast depending on their physical stat

    Things to thumbs up
    1. Penalty
    – great penalty no need to do fancy stuff like EA
    2. Stunning shot/pass/cross
    – great addition but stunning cross is OP and player can exploit from that
    3. Graphics
    – Great graphic and certain animation is great

  19. Defending in the game is terrible. When you are using the push and shove defending the cursor hardly changes and when using the legacy defending the players find it hard to approach the ball.
    The controls for the players are slow. They respond slowly to button press and the AI seems to be controlling the players with the cursor alongside the player.
    The game require more tactical setting to allow my players run the way I want them to rather than depend on what the AI does.
    The Keepers need to stop been deactivated till a player shoots a shot. The keepers need improvement when they come out the block a player with the ball.
    Overall, there has been about 1% improvement in terms of gameplay, offending and defending made over the past 6 months of waiting for update.
    FYI: Reason many people play this rather than FIFA is the s*** defending in FIFA which EFootball is now adopting.

  20. Thanks for giving us chance to provide feedback about Efootball.
    Game graphics is great but game play is awful.
    We really enjoyed PES 2020 &21 with all features, options, players control, simple graphics and gameplay and we thought Efootball will deliver even a more fun football game.
    But Efootball shoked us with difficulties in scoring, passing mechanisms and player ratings.
    I suggest Konami to use PES 2021 gameplay with Efootball graphics, that would be great.
    I really salut FIFA game with continuous minor improvements to give the players same feel with better control and features….

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