Bundesliga Tickets

German Bundesliga Tickets

The Bundesliga ticket sales phase for the season 2023–2024 starts in summer 2023. The BL tickets are being sold by Bundesliga and the clubs website.

Ticket Types

Below are the Bundesliga tickets sale types and categories:

  • Matchday Tickets
  • Season Tickets
  • Half-Season Tickets
  • VIP Tickets
  • Family Tickets
  • Children Tickets
  • Away Tickets
  • Standing Area Tickets
  • Fan Club Tickets
  • Group Tickets

Price Ranges

German Bundesliga ticket prices can vary from £15 to £800, depending on the seats and the match. Below is a rough price range for PL ticket types:

Type Price Range
Matchday Tickets €20 to €150
Season Tickets €300 to €1,500+
Half-Season Tickets €150 to €750+
VIP and Hospitality Tickets €150 to €1,000+
Family Tickets €50 to €100 (Adults)
Children Tickets Free or discounted
Away Tickets €20 to €150
Standing Area Tickets €15 to €50
Fan Club Tickets May vary based on fan clubs
Group Tickets May vary based on group size

Buying Tickets

If you want to buy Bundesliga tickets, you should always get them directly from Bundesliga.com, Bundesliga clubs or authorised websites. For more details, visit the official Bundesliga website from here.


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