AFC Asian Cup 2023 Predictions

Asian Cup 2023 Predictions

Predict the winners of the AFC Asian Cup 2023 matches and final match here. Guess which national will win the AFC Asian Cup 23 in Qatar.

Who will win the AFC Asian Cup 2023 title?

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12 thoughts on “AFC Asian Cup 2023 Predictions

  1. I think Korea will win with a landslide victory.
    japan? Well, it looks like it will be difficult until the finals…
    What if Korea and Japan meet in the finals?
    I think Korea will win too easily with 8:0 or more.

  2. hi everyone
    i think that japan is the best team in asia; however, iranian people are not predictable, so i suppose that iran win this tornoment

  3. South Korea to beat Japan in the final is my prediction.

    South Korea will put an end to their 63 year drought at the Asian Cup.

  4. Qatar and china are most likely are going through the knockout stages but the top 5 to mostly win. No.5 Qatar they did won the last one but didn’t do good in WC 22 but probably have a lucky chance they will at least go to the quarter-finals. No.4 Australia 2015 AFC champions and made it to the RO16 in the WC 22. No.3 Saudi Arabia with 3 titles there is a possibility they could win and beating Argentina and the World cup 2-1. No.2 Korea republic 2 time AFC Champions and also made it to the RO16 but who I think will win? No.1 Japan 4 time AFC Champions and defeated Spain and Germany in the World cup 2022 So 100% Japan is winning the AFC Qatar 2023

    1. ur prediciton not fair because football we cannot predict who will win. just now u say qatar not perfomed
      wc22 but tht team probably win over japan in final asian cup 2019 .hahaha

  5. I believe in certain different posabilites for this cup as some teams have impressed recently and other have not. I predict Oman will get eliminated before the quarter finals as they payed the refs in the gulf cup to reach the finals and they still lost. Please comment your country and I will make a prediction for them (I will not be biased)

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