FIFA 18 – The Journey

FIFA 18 The Journey

FIFA 18 will feature The Journey mode. The Journey second season which is called, The Journey – Hunter Returns.

After a breakthrough first year in the Premier League in FIFA 17, the whole world is talking about Alex Hunter. Now he’s back for a second season, and rumour has it, he’s on the move …

Alex Hunter is back along with a star-studded cast of characters and top football talent. The future is bright, and the world is talking about Hunter… but life in football isn’t always fair.

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  1. I liked the journey option last time the only down fall was it didn’t last long and to continue using him u had to use him on ultimate and I never play on that so to me it was a waste of time doing the journey please update this so u can either play him as a manager when he is older and play him in the England squad

  2. I think they shud add a Meme League Personally, Becayse then I cud make memes out of it for my meme page wan.sum.fkn.memes

  3. Please make iranian league and iran national team. Iran is the best team in Asia. Please make national team of Iran and iranian league thanks

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