PES 2018 Feedback

PES 2018 Feedback

FIFA 17 Feedback, User-Reviews and Comments

Have you had a chance to play PES 2018, its Beta or Demo version? How did you find it? Is there nny comment or feedback that you want to share with our community?

Write your PES 2018 feedback, reviews, and comments here and share them with our community here. Use the form below and submit your PES 18 user-reviews and feedback. You can also include your Youtube video in the form if you have any.

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5 thoughts on “PES 2018 Feedback

  1. I hate so say it but your game sucks on accuracy in shooting … they always kick high with players always highly unstable.They ve that annoying inaccurate passing where they give weak pass that don’t reach where you intend. The switching I can’t even say , you doing a sliding tackle the player who falls is way far from the marked player . Not only that, the whole marking thing is not all good with long periods of response wen yout player bumps into another .Overall … it’s like the oponent can do more than u can which makes the game highly unfair … but I echo more that you improve players accuracy on target in your programming coz as it is it is far ehind compared to previous versions of fifa as 2014…

  2. Online Division is terrible. One moment players are normal next you will lose five games in a row because players are not reacting, you can feel the servers acting against you. For instance you make a pass with little power applied the ball will travel like you used full power and vice versa. Also the same applies to the shooting. Manual runs are poor the players either don’t react or react so late there wasn’t a point in pressing the button. Certain games win or loss you can feel the plates have done what you ask via whatever combination of buttons pressed but other times the game is just poor in every department. Wing backs are always out of position no matter what setting you use forcing centreback wide simple things like settings don’t work. If you set semi assisted or assisted cursor changes it works sometimes even though by work it takes you to random players not necessarily to the closet player on defence. I have left it and not pressed the override button when it’s set to change only on attack and it will change players on defence causing you to have to manually change it when u had yourself set previously. I could complain about so many things it’s unreal it this bad in 2018.

  3. I had spent more than 1 million of GP why you not giving me black ball I could not see black ball near my screen there is only silver line Please give me a black ball…

  4. Stupid game! Did you watch soccer games?
    Even I can control the ball better than the professional player in the PES 2018 mobile!
    Their behave just like a kid, not professional player! I feel really Disappointed!

  5. More of the same… This locked number of Leagues blocks the chance of editing an immersive intercontinental ambient for Master League and Become a Legend (we don’t need licenses, give us the space and we will create all world leagues by ourselves).

    I was expecting stadium creator since 2016… nothing (it could be cool for immersion too, having stadium upgrades integrated to Master League). Take a look at Fifa Manager 14 stadium creator to see what a great thing EA left behind.

    Looks like the Become a Legend wasn’t worked by Konami – Mode of great potential, great expectations and for years relegated by developers (but playing a single player career is so good we still play it).

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