Video Games Featuring Women’s Football

Women's Football Video Games

Over the years, video games have become an integral part of our entertainment culture around the world. Among the most popular genres are sports games, with football being a favorite among fans worldwide. Football video games have always included men’s teams, but there has been an increasing desire for games featuring women’s teams and players in recent years.

Here we take a look at the most notable football games that include women’s football.

FIFA Series

The FIFA series, which is one of the most popular football video game franchises in the world, began featuring women’s football in FIFA 16. Since then, the game has continued to include women’s national teams in their franchises, and it latest installment, FIFA 23 has also included some Women’s European clubs the game. This move by EA Sports, the game’s developer, was a major step forward in terms of inclusion and diversity in sports gaming. The women’s teams and players in FIFA have been well-received by players, and the inclusion of women’s football has helped to broaden the appeal of the game to a wider audience.

Looking ahead, EA Sports has announced that the next version of the game, EA Sports FC 24, will feature even more women’s teams and players, as well as Icons from women’s football. Women’s football will also be featured in the game’s popular Ultimate Team mode, which is a significant development for the franchise.

Michael Owen’s WLS 2000

Michael Owen was a football video game released by WLS 2000 in 2000 for the PlayStation and PC platforms. Silicon Dreams created the game, which was published by THQ. Specifically, the North American release of this game, which known as Mia Hamm Soccer 64, included women’s teams, which was a progressive move for the time.

This inclusion helped to broaden the appeal of the game beyond just male players and fans, and allowed female gamers and football enthusiasts to experience the excitement and competitiveness of women’s football in a virtual environment. While Michael Owen’s WLS 2000 may not be as well-known as some of the more recent football video games that feature women’s teams, its role in breaking down gender barriers in the genre should not be overlooked.

WSM – Women’s Soccer Manager

Women’s Soccer Manager or WSM (aka. Women’s Football Manager) is a game created exclusively for female football fans. Women’s Soccer Manager, in contrast to other football video games, focuses entirely on the women’s sport. The game’s gameplay is similar to that of the popular Football Manager series, in which players can buy and trade players, determine tactics, and compete against other teams. The inclusion of elite women’s leagues such as the NAWSL, the Women’s Super League, and the European Champions League distinguishes Women’s Soccer Manager.

This attention to detail and dedication to the women’s game has made Women’s Soccer Manager a favourite among female football enthusiasts, particularly on mobile and iOS devices. The game’s popularity reflects the increased demand for football video games including female teams, and it is assisting in closing the gender gap in the virtual world of sports gaming.

Women's Football Game


Footballizer is a football video game that allows players to create their own male or female football player and embark on a career in the sport. Users can also choose to become a manager, overseeing a team of female players and competing against other teams. The game’s customizable features allow players to create a player with their own unique style and attributes, making the experience more personal and immersive.

One of Footballizer’s most notable aspects is its emphasis on women’s football, which provides a virtual stage for female players and managers to demonstrate their skills.

The inclusion of women’s football in digital games is a significant step forward for diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry. With the FIFA, in particular, leading the way, we can expect more games to follow suit and feature women’s teams and players as a core component of the game.

The production and development of games such as Women’s Football Manager and Footballizer, which are designed for female football enthusiasts, further demonstrates the growing demand for football games that cater to all genders and backgrounds. As time goes on, we can only hope that this trend continues and that football video games grow even more inclusive and diverse, mirroring the diversity of the real-life sport and its followers.


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