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PES 2022 Leagues Survey

Here you can vote for the leagues you would like to have in PES 2022 game. Cast your vote here and show Konami which soccer leagues should be licensed in the next Pro Evo Soccer.

Your favourite league does not exist here? Don’t worry, you can ask us here or on our Facebook page to add it to this list.

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Note : FIFPlay is not an official vote from Konami. We will only submit the survey result to Konami Entertainment.

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16 thoughts on “Vote for PES 2022 Leagues

  1. A few things I feel we need are a fully licensed EPL all stadiums Championship fully licensed Thai 2nd division, J-League & J-2 leagues K-League & the Bundes League and all national teams fully licensed!!.

  2. A few things we need are Ireland’s 3rd Kit & home stadium a fully licensed EPL all stadiums & the Championship & all stadiums Bundes Liga women’s national teams with Ireland being the main one!!.

  3. We need the Irish league Ireland’s home stadium & Irelands 3rd Kit a fully licensed Everton & fully licensed EPL with every Stadium and a fully licensed Championship all stadiums !!.

  4. What I’d like to see in PES 2022 is a fully licensed Ireland League with Ireland’s home stadium & Ireland’s 3rd Kit. And we need Everton & their home stadium and a fully licensed EPL & Championship and every league should have there stadiums !!. And seeing as how I live in America now a fully licensed USA team & fully licensed MLS!!.

  5. What I feel we need is a Fully licensed USA National team, MLS, EPL or just Manchester Coity fully licensed with stadium & the English Championship, Bundes Liga!!.
    We need the Dutch Eerste Divisie & the EPL or a fully licensed Spurs!!.

  6. We need more 2nd divisions the Swedish, Norwegian, Polish & Northern Irish premiership the Northern Ireland national team stadium fully licensed USA & MLS!!. Or at least the National team stadium of Northern Ireland and maybe the most successful team in the country!!.

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