PES 2017 Leagues Survey Report – Jul 28

PES 2017 Leagues

The latest result of FIFPlay’s PES 2017 Leagues Survey (July 28, 2016) is rolled out.

Pro Evo Soccer fans have submitted a total of 232,565 votes for 26 leagues from April 30, 2016 to July 28, 2016 (9.30am CET). Currently, the leagues of Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia are the top 3.

The vote is available now at

PES 2017 Leagues Survey Results – July 28, 2016

Pos.NameVote %No. of Votes
01Egyptian League19%44,918
02Turkish League19%43,857
03Indonesian League10%24,284
04German Bundesliga9%22,020
05Moroccan League7%17,413
06Israeli League6%14,701
07Iraqi League6%12,869
08Saudi Arabian League4%9,957
09Thai League3%7,676
10Hungarian League3%6,802
11Algerian League2%5,367
12Russian League2%4,738
13Ukrainian League2%3,567
14Chinese League1%2,987
15Malaysian League1%2,978
16Romanian League1%2,122
17Iranian League1%1,989
18Slovakian League1%1,866
19Czech League0%715
20Costa Rican League0%644
21UAE League0%534
22Croatian League0%237
23Greek League0%213
24Belarusian League0%59
25Welsh League0%33
26Kuwait League0%19

Total Votes: 232,565

How to Vote
To drop your vote for PES 2017 Leagues, go to

This survey is NOT an official poll from Konami Entertainment. FIFPlay is set up this poll to encourage Konami for Pro Evolution Soccer franchise leagues licensing. The results of these surveys will be sent to Konami’s PR.

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2 thoughts on “PES 2017 Leagues Survey Report – Jul 28

  1. LOL, going by that table above then, PES only sells in the middle and far east now. How on EARTH would the German Bundesliga be FOURTH in that list ? Behind the INDONESIAN league !?!?! Do Indonesia even have a NATIONAL team, let alone a professional league ? Why would people want that if they’re not from that part of the world…and Konami, geniuses that they are, will probably go oh – ok that MUST be what people want then – when it obviously ISN’T what people want, just Konami won’t front up the money for the leagues that people ACTUALLY want.

    LOL @ the top three suggestions in that list.

    It goes to show that PES only makes money in a certain part of the world now, has given up in the West and is just going to pander to countries that have leagues that Konami don’t have to pay much money for. What a bunch of cheapskates ! Indonesian league indeed !! …

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