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    1. Yes!
      I want to add in game handball and goal line technology (include to World Cup, World Challenge mode and English Premier League) with goal decision system.

  1. Make defense stronger and more skills with better face of player and better goalkeepers. Thanks

  2. i have a great idea for pes15 :
    first all of national teams with real face and powers , and real coaches …
    something like nba2k14 …
    and if we could get mrride in become a legend mode or have a girl friend and children and take pictures with them it was too great …
    and of course after every game your fans send you messages , like nba2k14 😉

  3. -More leagues (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia)
    -Stadium Creator
    -Real Managers
    -More Game Modes
    -Licenses for teams!
    -More Tournaments
    -Realistic price for players.
    -Create your own team or even league

  4. -FIFA should give the manager the chance to lead a national team and qualifie for the World Cup/Euro …
    -Real Managers (Carlo Ancellotti\Diego Simeone\Jose Mourinho…)
    -Egyptian league
    -Realistic ratings

  5. Please, put an option in Become a Legend that enables you to choose your shirt number, in the club and in the national team.

    Nothing is more disappointing than be the world’s best player and use a random number in the national team….

    And, of course, more boots!

  6. pes 2013 was great but had a problem , It was easy to goal just using trough in pass
    Please make defense stronger
    Pes 2014 is really hard to play
    I hope to pes 2015 is better

  7. -More Leagues like;(Ukranian-Turkish-Romanian-Russian also from other continents.
    -BAL have to be better like starting from childhood and starting at school team etc.
    -Realistic face for every player
    -Snow & Rain
    -Stadium creators and other Real Stadiums
    -More Cups like CONCACAF and Emirates Cup
    -Real Managers & Real Supporters
    -Sponsors in Manager Mode
    -Realistic price for players
    -Another places and countries for UEFA like, in PES 2013 there was only London for the final
    Thnx 😀


  8. I want to see in PES 2015 many things like ”hands” when a player hit the ball with a hand. The same many celebrations of goals.
    Many more phases of the game.
    After each match we should see many images of players and their joy and sadness for those which defeated the game. And shake hands with referee some players.
    Those children should be very fast when moving that logo on the field with their hands exactly as like in reality. Must to fret with more power like in reality, not so slow.
    Movement of players must be equal as FIFA 13. I have seen that players when running and moving have a robot style, there is not like in FIFA 13. I like very much PES 2013, but I hope in PES 2015 will have much more improvements.
    Must enter on the field two teams as previous versions of PES, but with the 5 referees, not just three like now in PES 2013. There must be 2 goal referee, ie assistent refrees for UEFA Competitions.
    Also before the match, the five referees must remain with those two players exactly like in reality, and he has to throw the coin into the air, and finally the two captains of the teams must change coat of arms of club and shake hands.
    We like to see white refrees for UEFA CHampions League and UEFA Europa League
    Another thing, would be excellent to choose what attendance to have on the stadium, from 0 spectators to maximum capacity of the stadium. We need to have that.
    We want to see Borussia Dormund, Arsenal, Chelsea in PES 2015. I hope will take the licence of these teams!
    I will come back in future with my suggestions regarding PES 2015.
    Another thing in PES 2015 would be nice to let us to set the time of the match for example: hour 19:00, 1:30, 20:00,20:30 etc. Winter, snow, rainy, clear.
    Must be the advantage law in the game.
    When a player is injured must enter the medical team with a special car that resembles with that of golf to take the player.
    Movement of the referees is robotic and they must move like a normal refree.
    The sidelines Referees must follow the line of defenders and to position correct in the right line of defender or defenders.

    I think I came with very good suggestions regarding future PES 2015.
    Please follow my suggestions to the development team and the same suggestions of people here. Thanks

    More images with players at the beginning of matches and at the beginning of UEFA Champions League matches with 2 3 players of both teams and during the match when the match is interrupted, and when a player has shot and he missed the target or at throw in.
    It would be nice to see in PES 2014 the player who was sent off when the refreed showed him the red card and when he leaves the pitch, which is disappointed.
    We want sometimes to see when a player to protest in the front of the refree after he fouled another player from opposing team.
    Referee ball when the game is interrupted or when a player falls on the ground. Would be nice to give us ball outside of the pitch) when someone is fall on the ground.
    We want to see in PES 2014 many things like ”hands” when a player hit the ball with a hand, but in rare cases and matches.
    coaches must have real faces of real coaches of teams not fake. (But here I think depends of licences the same regarding faces of the refrees)
    When the referee blows the final of the match, we should see the whistle in his mouth and how he blows.
    When it is goal, the net gate seems not to be true that in FIFA 13. It doesn’t shake like in reality. Because any video game should be as close to reality to be able to believe that it is more realistic
    Regarding the international matches between countries, before starting the match must sing both anthems of countries matches not just one. And the same things as I said before, they must shake hands between players and finally with referees. The same thing throw the coin into the air, select ball or terrain and finally the two captains of the teams must change coat of arms of club and shake hands between them and with all 5 refereeslike a real match of UEFA !
    Should be some new options in the menu for Stadium Creator, to exists many more stands and styles of stands and types.
    Should be the same a new option regarding Team Creator, to be able to crate our own team with coat of arms (logo) kits and players of the team.
    Many more balls like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebook etc.
    After the match of the final of UEFA CHampions league, UEFA Europa League, International Cup, European Cup etc, we want to see how players get medals of champions of both teams from a delegate on the podium or stage and the cup with and confetti when the pick up the cup over the head.. The same things in championships of countries like Spain, Italy, France, Portugal.
    When the the first half is finished and all match, the ball must be passed to the referee, not to remain on the field. Referee will take the ball in the hand and go to the Changing room.
    The same we should see some players when the fist half is finished with faces of players of both teams when they go to the changing rooms.
    We can see also in some matches 1, 2 players how exchanges their shirts.
    You must add in future PES 2014 in the menu for the Champions League, “Rainy” because does not exists. We can’t play UEFA Champions League matches
    We should have an option to select another the player which we want to execute the free kick or the corner or offside if we want to change the default player like in FIFA 14.
    Footballers which stands on the bench of both teams must have their real faces, so it’s normal.
    These were my suggestions regarding PES 2014

    1. you can change a player for free kick, corner and offsides but maybe you don’t know how.

  9. I used to play PES for 7 years than switched to FIFA, but I’d love a good PES game again.

    Here’s a wishlist:

    -Bundesliga(One of the most exciting Leagues)
    -A revamp of the Master League. Honestly, PES 2010 had the best ML. But I’ve been waiting for years to be able to offer money and a player
    -Better goalies

  10. 1. Players real faces
    2. Handball
    3. Make PES 15 AND Pes 16 for Wii
    4. UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Europa League for Wii
    5. Make the transfer market more realistic (Because i used Arsenal and after 3 years in the ML, i bought Cristiano Ronaldo)
    6. Let us sigh real life managers (Arsene Wenger,Carlo Ancelotti,Simeone,etc)
    7. Include the bundesliga
    8. Players worth the same amount there worth in real life depending on their performances in the game
    9. Player Trading in the Master League
    10. Let there be transfer new from all the teams like “Marseille looking at Serge Aurier to replace departing Rod Fanni” or something like that.
    11. Transfer player and loan back until the end of season and Long loan player
    12. Goal of the season award, Best player of the season award,and Best XI of the season

    I would like to see this on PES 15 and hopefully on future PES Games (16,17,18,etc)

  11. * National super cups(spanish super cup, FA community shield, Supercoppa TIM, DFL-Supercup, Trophee des champions, SuperTaca Candido de Oliveira, Johan Cruijff-schaal, more)
    * FIFA Confederation cup (1 year before fifa world cup)
    * more leagues from europa: russia, greece, turkey, more.
    * leagues from conmebol (colombia, uruguay, more)
    * copa sudamericana and recopa sudamericana
    * 2 division for some leagues (Not licensed)
    * more skills(rabona, fake rabona, ball roll flick and more)
    * more teams from Uefa like PES2010
    * league cups(Capital One Cup[england], Coupe de la ligue[france], Taca da liga[portugal])
    * snow and rain
    * more stadiums and editor

  12. Hi Konami, I wish that you put more national teams from CONCACAF, especially this team La Selecta (El Salvador). I know you have a few CONCACAF teams in PES2014 but every year I look forward to the game only to find out that my nation is never in it.
    El Salvador have had a great history in the past , but I believe that due to the fact that my country went though a civil war in the 80s and early 90s, we lose a generation or two of soccer talent. Many Salvadoran’s moved to different Countries like the USA, Australia, Canada and Sweden to name a few because of the unsafety situation of the country at that time. We are always competitive in CONCACAF and can match it with any of those countries that you put in the most recent games.
    My top ten teams from power in CONCACAF at this moment are; Costa Rica due to World Cup success, USA, Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica, Panama, EL SALVADOR, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti and Guatemala. The reason El Salvador got knocked out of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil was because of Mexico and Costa Rica in the third round of CONCACAF qualifying. So please Konami I already believe in your product PES 2015, so my wish again is that if you can put 10 teams from CONCACAF region and one of them being El Salvador to it’s likeness.

  13. 1.slower game play. game play is very fast and easy .
    2.commentary john is very bad commentary.
    3.license all national team and premier league and more faces and more stadium play very easy .level super star very easy.
    5. input world challenge in all pes games

  14. – Faster gameplay, PES 14 played way to slow.
    – I want stadium editor / customizer like pes predecessor.
    – I want a option to play in snow and heavy rain, again like pes predecessor.
    – Make shooting from distance fun again, pes 14 shots are weak, and there for no challange.
    – Make running and dribbling with the ball fun again, like pes predecessors where you could
    pass dribble your opponent with fast players, and where the speed differences was clear to see.
    Like in real life.
    – By “become a legend” you sit way too often on the bench, or you wont not be selected at all.
    I want to see that change, instead of endless skipping to the next match.
    – the coach on the sideline could be a bit more active, make him walk back and forward, and move his
    arms towards the players once in a while, and when you miss a great change, let us see his reaction
    on the bottom corner of the screen.
    – AND FIX THE AI make them more intelligent
    like when you order a team mate to go run deep, don’t let him run all way to the back line
    if you don’t pass immediately, let him hold back a little so he don’t stand offside.
    – and the last but not less importent, FIX THE COMMENTATORS !!
    they are often say things that not even make sence.

  15. I have a magnificent idea:If we add The fans of Pes 14 to the graphic of Pes 13 to the master league of pes 12 to the difficulty of Pes 11,We will get the best game ever

  16. I would like to see:
    -Ability to edit referees
    -Ability to choose where is a club from when editing them

  17. hello guys
    I played pes from 2006 and i played all of them until now (PES 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14).
    I have some suggestions for PES 2015 :

    1.For player camera , this is better to player can look around.
    2.In Become a legend the team that we go in it play in lower level always and this is not real.
    3. Face building is not easy , please make it simpler.
    4. Add Be a referee to your game , this is so cool.
    5. Add argue with referee and other players to game.
    6. For God’s sake once make a complete team’s uniforms and logos for all leagues.
    7. If in master league we have this ability to train our team , it is so good.


  18. Add romanian league(liga 1)
    Add turkish league
    Add hungarian league
    Add 3 teams: Shaktar Karagandy
    Maccabi Haifa
    Bate Borisov

  19. Is it an idea to include the option to create a personal competition. When playing a tournament at somebody’s house you only have to fill in the teams of those participating? Or am i blind and is this already an option?

  20. Hi pes 14 is very uncontrollable plz make it real
    pes 13 had some bug but had discipline and make defense more stronger
    15 just like comic

  21. dear komnami,i like pes very much.i wish to add something :
    add Chinese league
    in ml, got player with exchange our team’s player

  22. dear konami
    please put other leages in pes 2015 like iranian leages
    in my opinion pes 2009 is best pes and football games ^_^

  23. please add the master league to the exchanges, we can buy a player giving animate return to get him cheaper and add the super league and bundesliga

  24. Some of yall made some good suggestions alteady so I’m not going to repeat those and some of you made poor suggestionsrs like asking for a full BPL license. Do your research man! That will stay a fifa exclusive!

    My suggestions
    – Master League
    1) More storytelling (interviews and 1 on 1 with your MasterLeague players)
    2) Negotiations should go quicker … c’mon its 2015!
    3) You should be able to TRADE players + plus money ( For example Eriksen + 20 million for Ozil)
    4) job offers from other teams
    5) Loan out 5 players instead of 3
    6) Give the scout the order to get rid of unwanted players
    7) Sponsors pay more money if your teams gets better
    8) Train players individually like in pes 2011
    9) 40 years old should be the max’ a player can become (*realistic)
    10) Ceremonies for best players
    11) Press conferences (skippable)
    12) realistic transfer prizes
    13) better planning for international matches
    14) news articles – rumors (some true some not)
    15) add fake social media content (like gta did with Lifeinvader and Bleeter)
    16) Scout reports and willingness to make a transfer
    17) Better champion celebration (the bus tour through the city for example or a balcony scene)
    18) Action & goofy celebrations pictures – champagne etc etc

    – Overall:
    Better champion celebration (the bus tour for example or a balcony scene)
    Action & goofy celebrations pictures
    A multiple choice football quiz to complete earn game points
    Goal line camera (no goal – goal)
    Man of the match announcement
    Build in a third kit
    Make it easier to PESEdit : logos, team and league adding
    Heavy injured players should be carried away
    Commentary should variate more (nba2k for example)
    Give players personalities (for example Pepe a loose cannon, Ronaldo poshy etc)

    Just bring it alive! C’mon Konami …


  25. Make face of coachs

    Make goal line technologi

    Make a real international irans teams

  26. Pes must make transfer for coches and show arrival,and dressing room,if you can not get liecence get a south african league and the real faces and stadium and mexican league and egypt league and caf champions league it is an african league make that first eleven in brazil show that graphic it is going to help pes and show a player when he is injuryd and crowd clap hands when a player come out and real trophy celebration and show who is a the best player how mu ch he cost for all of us to buy pes put this in the game please

  27. hello guys i’m pes player and i love football very much so please i’m’ gonna leave some very important suggestions :

    –add the Goal-line technology on every goals and the player can skip it by pressing some of the game-pad button.

    –please make the logo of every league Especially the premier league.

    — add bundesliga and Süper Lig (Turkey.

    –make the faces of the coaches look real.

    –add this plan:

    transfer mode……….coaches

    –add the 4th reefer near the goalkeeper.

    –add selection of refeer on exhibition matche.

    –make players sweating on the last minutes to make the game more realistic.

    –on training mode please add some Especial exercises.

    –add match time like 90 minutes to make it realistic.

    –in master league add coach’s celebrations.

    –hhhhhhhhhhh this is very funny add Fan enters the ground field.

    –when somm team or club wins a cup make the celebration more realistic.

    –at the end of the master league add a award to the best goal in the season.

    at the end i’m very happy to share my ideas with you and i hope that they take Accepts it. thanks.

  28. Fifa must not make a sound of a crowd if someone did not set a crowd amd must show a dressing room must choose real graphics says:

    If you can not have a liesencie of bundersliga then have a south african league and get real kits and real soccer boots and real commentry and say where and have egypt leageu and stick to the other comment please and thats how you can be succes ful and dressing room

  29. 1. please add my national team. Afghanistan or other team of Asia, Afghanistan win of the saff league why you not add to Asia ocean team please add Afghanistan team and other famous team of Asia ocean like of India,Turkmenistan,Tajikistan,Afghanistan,(Afghanistan. tank you.
    2.hand ball is not in pes 2014 please add hand ball pes 2015
    3. master league in better
    4. the hire style and face of player is not of original player(pes 2014) please fix this in pes 2015
    5. and the fifa balloon dor is not like of Cristiano ronaldo win the ballon dor but the picture of roanaldo and fifa balloon dor is not look and too uefa best player eroupe award please fix this and the golden show and other award all award
    6. i am win premier league but i do not see cup of premier league like of srea a Bundesliga league 1 or other leagues pleuse fix the option
    and my important message is please fix my national team (afghanistan)create afghanisatn national team in pes 2015 vary impotent

    thank you i hope do it my opinions in pes 2015

  30. Konami should do a deal with sony to only make pes 2015 for ps4/3 and in return sony will acquire licences needed fifa premier league nike Adidas ect. Anything american is not good for pes microsoft ecy wish they would understand thi

  31. I’am back
    – first of all you should know that your in game music sucks part reason why you presentation gets hammered by critics and gamers alike i mean you can just compare with fifa,it not only is just an add on but it also increases the logetivity of the game itself for example if I suffer a heavy defeat in an important match ofcourse i’ll be angry but great music soothes you must work hard here

    – ofcourse next up is presentation it also is boring like in pes 2013 the menus were a mess and even pes 4 menus were better than that come on how long are you going to repeat the same mistakes after some time it truly begins troublesome and tiresome

    – I was a bit dissapointed that there was no rain etc in pes 2014 I know that fox engine is quite capable of reproducing the real deal so I am expecting dynamic time and weather like if a match starts in the evening slowly it will turn into night and different ways in which the different weather changes the pitch

    – it was good effort in the right direction in matchday presentation with pes 2014 but there all a lot improvement that can be made

    – coming to gamemodes they are just not enough for a long complete experience that’s why new comers just don’t dig deep enough because they are easily bored

    – I like a lot things about ML and for me in many ways its better than manager mode in fifa but ofcourse there are a lot of things that needs refreashing like the ways in which clubs react with each other during transfer windows like if you have a player looked by other team you can take part in an exchange or you can sell a player with a clause in his contract this will truly improve the authenticness of ML

    – likewise BaL also requires polishing but otherwise its good for me

    – you should add more offline modes like a mode can scanarios for example in this you can be given long or short scenarios like overcome a defeciet in ucl 2nd leg or a season long challenge like scoring a set numbers of goal etc

    – the numbers of domestic leagues is just plain laughable i know you don’t have that much money to spend but to increase the authenticity of career you can look for smaller leagues from whole world along with continental compititions they can ofcourse be fake i don’t care

    – increased editing flexibility is a must from day one we should be given an option to build our stadium completely litrarly and leagues from ground zero etc

    – in the the main thing is innovation which cannot be written on any wishlist its a proven fact. Who inovates takes the cake. On ps2 it was you but on ps3 it was ea

    I am truly expecting big things this time around pleease don’t disapoint

    I tried to summarise all in this wishlist but you can also check out my previous 6 or 7 wishlists for pes 2015 here only

    PES for life

  32. -More National Teams
    -Customization of kit i.e. Shirts and shorts independently
    -More licensed football clubs
    -60 FPS next gen/smooth play
    -Pitch deformation
    -Pitch deformation effecting player movement and ball physics
    -Kit getting dirty on muddy pitch
    -Improved master league online
    -More User friendly menu screen for both main and online games
    -Extra mode not been introduced in the PES games
    -Ability to replay matches instantly without having to re-implement tactics
    -More control of player movement and ability on the ball

  33. LEAGUE: If you cant get license to the Bundesliga, than make a “German League”. Like you’ve already done with the BPL. Than the option file will only change the kit’s. And therefore when you download the option file, there will be no players named “Dortmund” playing for Dortmund.
    BECOME A LEGEND: Make it possible to renew your contract with the same club. Bring the old calender back. Bring the “Agent” back. Because if you had opgraded him you could ask more than just one club. And when you get the Ballon d’or/World footballer of the year award, bring the small klip back! It was awsome. Aswell as when you sign with a new club. Bring the scala back where you could see how much game time you would get in each club.

  34. konami all pes gamers want (bundesliga-barclays premier league)(africaine cup of nation-golden cup-copa america-euro-afc cup and world cup)(all nationall teams licensed)

  35. Varying offside detection, so that the reff sometimes doesn’t call it if it’s really close. That would make the game more fluent, and without annoying offside calls all the time… more flexible criteria, not the pixel-precise detection

    Timelapse visible on the court, so that the shadow isn’t on the same place throughout whole match, or even day/night change during sigle match…

    Variable weather conditions, so that the rain could start or stop during match…

  36. gameplay like 2013 pro its not bad just played it works well for me i still play pro 6 becuase i like the faces,,,we need league mode where you can choose to have as many or as few as you like in league,,we need total editablity on all teams licened or not wats the point in only having a few you can edit weth its 60 or 20 it should all teams editable thats why i prefer pro titles and we need staduim editablty back in too,,,,,finaly a note to all pro players rather than saying we need all licened teams why not say lets have all licened teams with the abilty to edit team names for all teams for those like me that like the edit it mode i mean where else can you have an option in computer games for a team name like spandu ballet fc and total wanderers

  37. Add more stadiums, add more teams and add more leagues. Add Turkish league, Bundesliga, Portugese league and repair, Premier League and Serie A. And Players faces must be most original 🙂

  38. I want the return of PES mobile with the same graphics engine as PS2 as does EA with FIFA.
    More than 26 million mobile downloads for FIFA. And in my opinion PES will quickly catch the sales because on PS2 it was the boss on the market.

  39. My Wish list:

     Add New National Team (Don’t replace another national team)
     Scoreboard show name coach
     Board name referees in charge the match
     System outside
     Full Commentator of all player like FIFA even the player not famous
     Please add difference other club 3 slot example:
    UEFA Central-East Region
    UEFA Northern Region
    UEFA Southern-Mediterranean Region

     Recycle PES 12-13 face bin and hair bin can use back in PES 15
     Use back PES13 template kits in PES 15
     Add classic team Example: Spain, Portugal and etc.
     Real face of Classic Player
     Add AFC Other Club 2 slot: West and East Asia
     Have difference commentator in each league
     Add more slot ID Player
     Full commentator club
     Fixed the graphic, movements and action
     Easy pinpoint strategy and skill in game
     Dual position Example: Toni Kroos play in CMF and AMF in same time
     Add new league Example:
    Bundesliga (Germany)
    Bundesliga (Austria)
    Premier Liga (Ukraine)
    Premier Liga (Russia)
    Süper Lig (Turkey)
    Super League (Greece)
    Ekstraklasa (Poland)
    Tippeligaen (Norway)
    Super League (Switzerland)
    Jupiler Pro League (Belgium)
    Premiership (Scotland)
    MLS (USA)
     Add 2division and 3 division league
     Real Competition and real rules each league:
    FA-Cup, DFB-Pokal, Super Cup for all leagues


    ML – Loan system Example: can loan player for long period

    ML – Buy player and loan back Example: Kurt Zouma Chelsea buy and loan back in ST Etienne

    ML – System sell player and buy back player Example: Dani Carvajal sell to Leverkusen and buy back real

    ML – Press conference before and after match

    ML – Can coach another club or league/national team in future or season

    ML – Can choose club friendly with own hand

    ML – Real slot UEFA and EUROPA Champions League

    ML – Scout system Example: potential player we must buyer

    ML – extension contract coach

    ML – Real young player and renew Ronaldo or etc.

    ML – Reserve team or player








  41. add costumization of the coach in master league and animations with coach celebrations . it would be awesome and the 1º game doing it

  42. Dear Konami i have a fantastic idea for pes. 2015 should be rebranded iss pro evolution, emphasising on the international side of things. Ditching the whole clubing scean apart from the champions league iss will now have 3 international sides for each international team for example Argentina will have its latest team messi aguero ect then the previous erra with crespo veron ect then the classic maradona cannigia team

    So when you select an international team from exhibition there will be a side option for the other 2 verions of that team. When selecting world cup there will be 3 different erra’s to pick from 2014 2002 1994. All the players will have genuine faces and names as well as official world cup licences. This will revitalise the international element for pes 2015. Something that was more abundant in previous pes games

  43. All i want from pes is football simulation. Dont care about licensed leagues, although it is nicer and more appealing it isn’t essential. Maybe for younger audience.After all football is much more than Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi and their realistic faces. Older players will always choose gameplay rather than graphics. Just make players more responsive to commands and give us freedom. If i want to run in totally unlogical direction i should be able to do so. Wright now i dont have the feeling i have total control on my players, it’s like computer is controlling at least 40%. Slowing them down and making them run almost in already predicted line. The animations are good as long as they don’t make game slow, static. Football is all about running, pace and tempo. And I’m not talking about game speed, I’m talking about how fluid the game of football is. You rarely see a player who is on opposition half waiting in one spot for the ball to come to him. Most of the time he is receiving ball while running. And that’s why i think it is needed to have one button for receiving ball. If you don’t press it player shouldn’t touch it. R2 would be perfect for that.
    And one thing that is probably most important in football. Atmosphere! Fans should be much more involved in match. In real football fans are always wright behind a goal. In pes they are somehow always to far. No decorations during a match, no flags, no those little papers falling like snow on the pitch and staying there while the game goes on. It is a boring atmosphere. Actually more empty than boring.