Lords of Football

Lords of Football

Lords of Football developers unveil game training routines

Forthcoming football lifestyle game Lords of Football put the gamers in the middle of the action, right where everything really happens. Living among the footballers in the beautifully rendered 3D World, gamers face different tasks: coaching the team under the sunlight is just a portion of the challenge, as overseeing their behavior when lights go down and the vice start emerging is equally important to climb the ladder to glory!

Lords of Football offers unprecedented freedom in the world of football, bringing true lifestyle features to a simulation for the very first time. It’s the only game where what happens off the pitch is directly related to what happens on it, as it happens in reality. The gamer will be able to control everything, zooming at will from a god-like perspective to players’ level.

The new 3d training editor – seen for the very first time – hints at the incredibly deep physical, technical and tactical options available within the game. Push your footballers to the limits, witness their efforts in real time to discover how they’ll raise their game – But pay attention to how they decide to relax in the evening.

The footballer character sheet shows a glimpse of some of the stats used to form every individual footballer within Lords of Football. Psychology will prove to be as important as their playing skills as coaches cope with skill and egos – both on and off the pitch.

“Lords of Football really puts the sim into football simulation,” says Sean Griffiths, Development Director, Geniaware. “Never before has a game captured everything about the lifestyle of football – from the highs of taking a team to the top of the league, to the lows of the tabloid headlines. The new images we’ve released today hint at some of the depth to come – we’ll be showing more detail over the coming weeks.”

More information will be unveiled soon, but in the meantime keep an eye on www.lordsoffootball.com


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